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The Surprise

A husband surprises his unsuspecting wife

How I ended up in a hotel room scantily clad with three naked strangers and my husband, was somewhat of a surprise to me. My husband Jay and I had been entertaining the idea of a threesome for quite some time and occasionally he would push the boundaries...


The Underground

Dark underbelly.

I was in a drunken haze when I found the place. It was in the depths of the night, in an ancient city, on a street haunted by skeletal lost souls lurking in doorways. The entrance was a large dark archway, once perhaps an entrance to a grand building, cru...

Sexy Choices

What might have happened with another choice

This s a story based upon what might have happened. In real life I made sure the young Lady got home, but you always wonder..... My time was coming to an end in the Tron (Hamilton). I was 3 days away from graduation. I decided to go to the Hillie (Hillcre...

Getting Healthy in The Redwoods Forest

A fantasy story although based in a real life place.

If ever you get the chance to visit Rotorua, then spend some time in the mighty Redwoods Forest. The following stories are all fantasy but for some people may provide the opportunity to make it come true. Please feel free to comment and feedback as this h...


The Cemetary

A fantasy fulfilled

The hot sun was on my skin, the gentle wind through my hair, the peaceful silence & the tranquil setting around me. Maybe that’s why I found these places so appealing. The old moss covered marble, the messages of endearment, and bunches of flowers; old &...

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The Bet

A surprise visit

I woke up and started to stretch, but couldn’t move…”What the fuck”, my wrists were attached to something above my head. My headboard! …my legs too, attached by my ankles spread-eagled on my bed. I thought that my room was still dark, then felt the constr...

Bedtime story

Stories, within stories, within stories....

I wrote a story, which led to another story, which led to explosive orgasms, which…..leads to this story. Let me tell you the tale. Her profile was attractive, her body beautiful. I had looked at her profile and pictures a number of times but, as she was...