I wrote a story, which led to another story, which led to explosive orgasms, which…..leads to this story.

Let me tell you the tale.

Her profile was attractive, her body beautiful. I had looked at her profile and pictures a number of times but, as she was in another city I did not contact her.

I saw her in chat a few times…but as a single woman, I did not contact her as I did not want to be one of the multitudes of single men who flock about the single women on the site.

Then…one day, I uploaded a story, it was a remote phone fantasy, based on a single image.

She read it, and Liked it….thinking that was nice, the next time I saw her in the chat room I sent a PM request and thanked her for the Like.

This led to a chat where she told me what she liked and that she had a phone sex fantasy, I was intrigued, and semi-jokingly offered to help her with her fantasy, distance being no impediment.

Secretly I was hopeful, it has long been one of my greatest arousal factors, being able to excite a woman, by touch, by voice, by written word.

After a gap in the conversation, I feared that she had gone….but unexpectedly, she returned telling me she was sleepy, but that something slow and sensual may help her get to sleep…..I offered to tell her a bed time story and was very pleased when she agreed.

We exchanged contact details, and while sorting out how we could speak to each other I looked at her profile again, wondering what I could build into this impromptu bed time tale.

Hmmm….Oral, Threesomes, Masturbation, Exhibitionism….an idea was forming… one which I thought might entice and arouse her.

We made contact by voice, it was strange speaking to a woman I had never met, yet who I was calling with the express intention of bringing to orgasm…just by telling a tale.

Her voice was nice, I could hear a little trepidation, a little excitement, curiosity in her tone.

I too was nervous, what if my story was poor, what if it bored her or failed to arouse…. Nevertheless…. we started.

She was in her bed, naked and comfortable, as it happened, so was I, in my home…far away in another city

This is the tale as it unfolded.


“Picture yourself in a lavish hotel room, looking out upon the office blocks through a huge picture window, an enormous Super King-sized bed behind you.

You have arranged to meet a man for the first time. A little nervous you have dressed to impress. A sheer silky negligee, Stockings and very high heels, you have spoken to him before and know that this will work, He will love it.

You have a wine in hand and the hotel door opens…There he is, Tall, muscular, handsome, your eyes open wide with surprise when you realise that he is not alone. A shorter man was walking in behind him!

“I’m sorry” he says, “This is my friend from out of town, He’s only here for the night and was hoping to stay with me, I hoped that maybe we could have a wine and if you are comfortable he could stay…Otherwise I will send him away, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable”

Unsure, you agree to have a drink with them.

The taller man pours them each a glass of wine, and the conversation begins to flow more easily.

You can see his eyes drinking in your body, your clothing, the way your nipples protrude through the sheer fabric of your negligee.

He moves toward where you are sitting on the bed and kneels in front of you placing his hand on your sheer stocking just on your knee, the touch light, yet sending a tingle up your spine.

He looks into your eyes.

“You look very beautiful tonight” he husks.

You can see his excitement, the bulge forming in his trousers as he tries to be calm and outwardly cool.

His hand moves further up your leg, all the while his eyes looking into yours, looking for signs that you might object. You give him no such sign.

Emboldened his hands pressure becomes greater as it moves up your leg…. you can feel your pussy tingle…. arousal beginning. His hand moving from your inner thigh to your shoulder, fingertips tracing over the silkiness of your negligee, flicking across your nipples, now erect and almost painfully hard.

You can see a small smile form as his confidence grows, his eyes still locked on yours.

His hand moves lower, brushing across your pubic mound….so close to your pussy, a small involuntary motion of your hips gives away just how excited you are. You can feel your pussy juices flowing, wetness forming around your lips.

Lost in the moment you startle as another pair of hands gently take you around the waist from behind, you had forgotten the other man.

His hands are firm, but gentle as they move from your waist up your back, then down your front, cupping your breasts, fingers gently squeezing your nipples. His warm breath on the back of your neck.

Your back arches as two fingers slide inside you, the tall man bringing your attention back to him.

One hand with fingers inside you the other hand now pushing your thighs apart, you can see a sheen of sweat form on his lip, his excitement now electric.

“I think I am overdressed here” he says. Stepping back to take off his shirt, revealing a toned body and strong arms. His trousers fall to the floor, his underwear. His engorged cock springs free, then he kneels in front of you again, his hands push your thighs wide, and he lowers his face towards your wet pussy.

He breathes in your fragrance, savors your womanly smell. He pushes your underwear to one side and lowers his mouth to your wet lower lips, his finger sliding back inside you.

He begins to move his fingers in, out, in out, in a slow and sensual rhythm, he does this as his tongue gently teases your pussy lips and then begins to slowly caress your throbbing clitoris.

The other man takes hold of the sheerness of your negligee and lifts it over your head, exposing your naked upper body. You see his eyes glinting with desire as he starts to take his clothes off. You do not care.

That tongue, those fingers the exquisite feelings pulsing from your engorged pussy.

You feel hands on your shoulders and turn your head to see a large cock inches from your mouth. You grab its shaft firmly by the base and pull him forward, sucking on the end of his cock, taking control of it as the pleasure mounts from the fingers and mouth probing your now soaked pussy lips and clit.

The tall man starts to press harder inside you, exerting more pressure his gentle licks on your clit also increasing in pressure. Your hips are grinding onto is hand and tongue.

FUCK, you want to come, NOW. But he is moving so slowly.

Your frustration manifests as you suck harder, faster on the cock inside your mouth. The shaft gripped so tight that the head of the cock is purple and the veins stand out along the entire wet length of it.

The smaller man looks startled at your ferocity …but cannot pull away, you can feel the head of his cock, rock hard in your mouth and you taste his precum on your tongue as your mouth works his glans and shaft.

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK you want to cum…. RIGHT FUCKING NOW…… The tall man stops…..

“Now” he asks

“YES” you almost scream around the cock in your mouth

The taller man suddenly rams his fingers deep inside, hard, at the same time he sucks hard on your clit, hand and mouth working in unison, hard sharp thrusts, In..Out, In..Out, In, Out, In.. the Orgasm smashes into you. Your pussy clamping down on his fingers, your hips grinding into his mouth as wave after pulsing wave of orgasm rushes through you.

Your hand clamps down even harder on the base of the shorter mans cock as you suck harder to avoid screaming… he is sweating and grunting in his efforts to hold back is own ejaculation….

The taller man takes is mouth from your clit and says, “You are not done yet”.. he kneels in front of you and suddenly plunges his hot throbbing cock balls deep into your still pulsing cunt.. This time you do scream.

FUCK .. the sensation.. you were already cumming and now this!

You, somewhat unbelievingly, feel a second orgasm begin, stronger then the one before, OH MY GOD, your body starts to shake uncontrollably, your mouth sucking hard at the purple veined cock in your hand,

Almost peripherally you see the pained look in the smaller mans eyes from your fist clamped around his cock….and you realise that he cannot release….. He has already cum and you are still sucking him but his hot cum is trapped, you release your grip and hot cum squirts down your throat, across your lips and down your cheek, the shorter mans knees buckle as you release him.

The taller man is still fucking, thrusting into you , Your orgasm peaks and your pussy clamps down on his hardness, your head thrown back toward the ceiling, hot cum sliding down your cheek, your eyes shut in ecstasy as you feel the cock inside you harden even more, then begin to pulse and jerk as his hot cum spurts inside you…

You shudder, shake …and slowly, slowly begin to relax as the orgamic tide begins to wash away…


This was the story I told… but what I heard throughout, while lying in my bed, was so exciting….

Over the voice connection, as the tale unfolded, I could hear her excitement, the story WAS working, her breathing became deeper, faster, occasionally a small moan would escape her lips.

When the man in the story stopped I could hear her frustration…”More…More” she murmured… When the man in the story thrust hard I heard her relief as my voice teased her toward her own orgasm….

I could hear it building, her moans, her breath coming in short gasps and, as my voice described the cum spurting, ….. it pushed her over the edge….

”Oh Fuck” I thought I heard her whisper as I heard her cumming, if the sound of her gasps was any indication the orgasm was incredibly intense , the sounds of her excitement left me feeling myself under my blankets, rock hard with excitement that my voice and imagination could have such a wonderful effect on her.

I didn’t mind….her excitement was what I came for, not my own.

When her breathing calmed down and became normal again, I was smiling to myself… “Oh wow” she said “That was SO much better than the writing”, but really …I felt like it wax I who had received so much pleasure from the experience.

She asked If I was excited…. I tried to be nonchalant and said “Yes, a bit”…..

“How would YOU like a story?” she asked. I was a little surprised …that wasn’t my intent ….but …”Yes” I kind of croaked.

She asked me to think about her kneeling in front of me and described, to my growing excitement just how she would suck my cock, Sucking the head, Cupping my balls, Hands moving over my body. Tongue flicking and probing around the head of my cock.

My eyes were shut as I stroked my throbbing cock in unison with the story she told…Oh FUCK…it felt so good, her description was exquisite….my imagination working feverishly as I pounded hard on my rigid cock…..Fuck…I was going to cum….I didn’t want to but I could hold back no more….Hot cum spurted over my hand and lower stomach as her graphic description of cock sucking came to a conclusion.

I must have been gasping into the receiver because she knew I had cum, and cum hard…..

I could hear the satisfaction and contentment in her voice as she asked if I was better now. I shakily admitted that I was. Then inanely, braincells scattered I muttered “Cleanup in aisle four!”

This got us both chuckling as I attempted to clean myself up a bit. We chatted a bit more, and reluctantly said goodbye as we were both tired from the lateness and our shared fantasy experience…...

She is coming to Wellington in December……Maybe we will enact it for real, maybe we won’t but we did share a golden moment on a quiet Friday night.

There you have it, a written story, about a bed time story, sparked by a forum story…..the power of words….and the sensuality of the mind astounds me sometime.

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