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The Surprise

"A husband surprises his unsuspecting wife"
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Published 1 month ago

How I ended up in a hotel room scantily clad with three naked strangers and my husband, was somewhat of a surprise to me. My husband Jay and I had been entertaining the idea of a threesome for quite some time and occasionally he would push the boundaries and ask if I was up for more than two guys. It was usually while he was fucking me that he would ask and of course I would pretty much agree to anything while I was being fucked. I didn’t really think he would have the balls to actually arrange anything, but here we were.

Jay had promised me we would be having some fun tonight, I just hadn’t understood what that meant until we’d downed a bottle of champagne in our room and he admitted that we were having some visitors. I’d barely had time to digest the word ‘visitors’ when there was a knock on the door and three hot guys awkwardly entered. As the penny dropped, I looked at Jay, my heart pounding. He smiled nervously before embracing me and whispering in my ear “They’re all here to fuck you, I hope you don’t mind?” and he turned to introduce them as “Pete, Quinn and Josh”. My legs turned to jelly but when I felt Jay’s rock hard cock pressing into me I began to feel a tingle in my pussy. When Pete came up from behind and lifted up my dress to caress my buttocks I quickly started to forget all my reservations and as he started peeling off my g-string any final inhibitions I had were gone.

I turned to face Pete and as he started kissing me his hand reached up between my legs finding my clit which was now throbbing in anticipation. Behind me Quinn was pulling my dress up over my head and unfastening my bra to reveal my large breasts. He reached around and started stroking my nipples while kissing my neck. I was relishing being the centre of attention and I could see Jay and Josh were enjoying it too, their cocks standing to attention. As I wriggled out from between Pete and Quinn, I turned my attention to Jay and Josh, dropping to my knees in front of them and began stroking a cock in each hand. Soon the other two stood either side of me and as I moved my hands to their cocks I started licking and sucking Josh’s cock, hearing him groan before switching to Jay. As I moved from cock to cock I started moaning, the feeling of playing with four cocks was intoxicating and my pussy was aching to feel one of them inside me.

Jay knew instinctively what my moans meant and he pulled me up, lying me on my back on the edge of the bed, beckoning the guys to join him. As Josh parted my thighs I eagerly spread my pussy for him ready to be fucked by his large cock. He had other ideas though and got on his knees, his tongue finding my clit and two fingers going inside me. I arched my back in ecstasy and looked up at the other guys who were watching, stroking their cocks with one hand and touching my breasts with the other. As Josh moved his fingers rapidly in and out of my pussy, I could feel myself losing control – I’d always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but seeing four men looking at me at once sent me over the edge. I began to cum violently, Josh pulling back as I started squirting all over the bed.

By now I was desperate to be fucked by someone and as I got onto my hands and knees Pete came around behind me and pushed his cock deep inside me. I groaned and rocked my hips back and forth against him, smiling at Jay who had a look of pure lust on his face. He positioned himself so that I could take his cock in my mouth and I swallowed it greedily enjoying the full feeling of two guys inside me. As Pete started thrusting harder and faster, I came all over his cock crying out as I did so and collapsing face down onto the bed. I heard Pete moan quietly then felt his cum spraying all over my buttocks. Pete moved away and let Quinn roll me over onto my back, lifting up my legs and spreading them wide as he entered me. His cock felt different, shorter but thicker and I got excited again thinking about the number of cocks surrounding me. As Quinn started fucking me, slowly at first, Josh and Jay put their cocks near my mouth and I alternated between them sucking and stroking while Pete stood nearby filming everything on his phone. Quinn started picking up the pace and I could feel another orgasm ready to unleash. When he started flicking my clit at the same time as fucking me I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and as I came I begged him to cum all over my tits. He pulled out of me and obliged and I felt his warm cum dripping down my body.

I was panting heavily by now unsure if I could take anymore but Jay sat me up and gave me a glass of water. His cock was huge and throbbing and looking around the room I could see that Josh wasn’t finished yet either. Jay sat me on his knee, his fingers finding my dripping pussy and stroking my clit he asked “Are you ready for round 2”? I steadied my breathing and nodded, eager to once again be the centre of attention.

While Jay was sitting on the edge of the bed I got down on my hands and knees and took his balls in my mouth licking and sucking them with my legs parted and arse up in the air. While I took Jay’s cock fully into my mouth Josh spread my legs wide and started finger fucking me. It wasn’t long before I was fully back in the action, craving a cock in my pussy. I stood up and backed myself onto Jay’s cock swallowing it completely with my pussy. Jay groaned and Josh got down on the floor and started licking my clit as I bounced up and down on Jay. The combination of Jay’s cock and Josh’s tongue was exhilarating and once again I started to cum, waves of pleasure washing over me.

Jay lifted me off his cock and I could see on Josh’s face that he needed to fuck me. He stood up, bent me over the couch and began slowly moving his cock in and out of my very wet pussy. Jay stood next to us watching intently and whispered hoarsely in my ear “I love watching you get fucked. I want to see you spread your pussy wide and cum on Josh’s cock”. God, I loved it when Jay talked dirty to me and I just about came on the spot but I followed his instructions first and grabbed my butt cheeks, spreading myself wide open. Josh let out a moan and started fucking me hard and fast, his cock hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I started screaming and grabbed a couch cushion to muffle the sound, but the orgasm was too intense, I squirted all over Josh and let the cushion go at the same time, a long low pitched groan coming out of me. It was too much for Josh he grabbed my hips and with one last deep thrust he pulled out cumming all over my back. We collapsed onto the floor and Jay was soon on top of me, his cock ready to explode. He opened my legs and pushed his cock inside my gaping pussy, fucking me in a frenzied manner. “I love being fucked by 4 men” I croaked “I want to do it again”. “Anytime my beautiful wife” he panted and I lost my mind again cumming all over Jay’s cock as he exploded deep inside me.

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