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I woke up and started to stretch, but couldn’t move…”What the fuck”, my wrists were attached to something above my head. My headboard! …my legs too, attached by my ankles spread-eagled on my bed.

I thought that my room was still dark, then felt the constriction around my eyes, I was blindfolded as well. Now I was starting to panic. I was regretting the drinks last night, dammit I must have slept like a log!

I pulled hard at the bindings, it was useless, I was held fast by some kind of soft manacle… I heard the metallic sound of chain links clinking as I jerked against the restraints. So little movement.. I could only move my arms and legs a few centimetres. I was naked, blindfolded and chained to my bed!

“What the fuck is going on” I thought. I broke out in a cold sweat. “Home invasion? burglars? What could I do? Break free? No, the chains were too strong. Scream for help… nope, no good”, The isolation and privacy of the lifestyle block which I had so prized meant that no one was in earshot.

I heard my bedroom door open, footsteps padding quietly across the carpet. Something hard was put down on my bedside table.

*Who’s there? What do you want?” my voice came out as a hoarse croak rather than the demand I had intended.

There was no reply. Instead I heard the footsteps move around the bottom of my bed. Something else was placed on the other bedside table. Did I hear liquid splashing inside a container?

“Take these off, you can go and I promise there won’t be any trouble!” I tried to inject authority and certainty into my voice, but could hear the note of pleading coming through.

Still no sound except for the muffled footsteps on the carpet. I listened carefully, the tread wasn’t heavy… could I smell a trace of perfume? Was it a woman.?

“Look, I don’t know who you are, or why you are here… but if you let me up I can get you money… I’ll tell you where, then you can go! “

The footsteps came around to the side of the bed….

A throaty feminine voice whispered in my ear….

“I’m here to win my bet” she said.

“Sarah? What the fuck!... Let me up now! “ I yelled at her.

I heard her chuckle. “Don’t you remember? “ she said. “don’t you remember the other night when you made me beg, made me scream out and beg you to let me cum? “

“Of course I remember!” I grunted… my cock gave an involuntary twitch as I remembered her taut sweaty body shuddering below me.

“What the fuck has that go to so with anything, let me out now! “

“I said next time I would make you beg to cum …. Do you remember what you said to me? “

I thought hard, then it came to me. “um… “ I said intelligently

“Oh, you do remember don’t you babe…you said, You’re welcome to try any time, anywhere but there is no way on fucking earth I’m gonna beg you for anything!... Isn’t that right baby… isn’t that what you said? “

The voice whispered in my ear “you said I bet you anything you like that my will is stronger than yours, it will never happen! “

A warm tongue flicked my inner ear.

“I never lose, I’m here to win that bet”

End of Part 1.

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