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The next thing I felt was something cold touching my groin, there was a snap and sudden pressure, she’d clamped a large, heavy steel cock ring around my cock and balls! Oh oh…

“Once you are hard….I’ll make sure you stay that way” she laughed

Now I was bound tightly, spread-eagled, to my bed, blindfolded and a wide and heavy metal cock ring was constricting my balls and hardening cock.

I knew I was in trouble. I had been pretty merciless last time we met. Over the course of a long night she had been bought to the edge of orgasm time and time again, only for me to back off and start again, in the end she was begging me, calling for me to let her cum, but I kept teasing her.

When I finally made her cum she gushed over my hands and face, soaking the bed and screaming. For an hour after that the slightest touch would trigger involuntary muscle spasms in her. I felt on top on the world…powerful, in control, I had enjoyed bringing her so much pleasure, but now I was no longer in control.

I didn’t know how I felt, part of me was scared, I had never been unable to control things before, part of me excited that she had come back, another part determined that she should not win the bet, that I would have the stronger will.

Then my thoughts fled as a fingernail traced its way gently from my nipple to my hip…my cock became harder almost instantly. A warm mouth made me jump as it closed on my other nipple, sucking gently, insistently.

“Oh Fuck”, My cock became rock hard, the constriction of the cock ring intense, the head of my cock feeling like it would burst with the blood pressure.

The lips left my nipple as she chuckled. “Oh baby, I haven’t even started on you yet” came her whispered voice.

I tried to calm my thoughts, think of neutral things, anything to lessen the hardness of my cock, but again, fingernails, gently scraping up my inner thigh, towards my balls drove other thoughts away. The nails shopped, her hand resting on my thigh.

“So, maybe this isn’t such a good idea Sarah” I said, “I had plans for this morning…and …umm .. OHHH”

My body jerked as an unexpectedly cold sensation hit my nipple…a fucking ice cube! Where had that come from!

“Dammit Sarah…listen to me!”……I started to say when a warm mouth replaced the icy sensation…”Ohhh….” I gasped as the new sensation hit my nerve endings……

“Were you trying to say somethings Baby?” she asked teasingly.

Then, I heard her move….to the head of the bed. She straddled my chest, I could feel her warm thighs on either side of me. She was naked. I could feel her soft pussy lips on my sternum….feel the dampness of her excitement.

Her tips of her long nails began a slow journey on either side of my head, down behind my ears, gently scratching down the side of my neck.. Not being able to see what she was doing only heightened the sensation.

I reached to grab her, bring her down to me but the chains bought my arms up short. I growled in frustration. She laughed.

Her fingers scraped lower, across my collarbones, down my chest, it felt like a bolt of lightning when they scraped across my nipples!

Then I heard a wet sound and felt her slippery finger run under my nose, the smell of her pussy juices filling my nostrils…I tried to move my head and take her fingers in my mouth, but was denied. FUCK!

A warm drop of pre cum made its way down my throbbing cock. Oh my god. I couldn’t ever remember being this hard.

“C’mon…” I stopped myself, Dammit, I had just been about to ask her to fuck me..! No, She wasn’t going to win this bet so easily!

She moved back flowing down my body, her warmth covering me, her mouth next to my ear.

My cock was so close to her wetness…

My hips bucked…she moved a little higher.

“No Babe” she said “I haven’t won my bet yet.”

Her breasts were high up against my neck, but I couldn’t move my head far enough to lick them, suck on them, her weight rested heavily on me as her nails slowly ran from my wrists down to my under arm. It felt like my nerves were on fire.

If I could see where she was going to touch me I could brace myself, prepare…..but I could not. My senses were being overloaded. It was hard to think properly.

Then she shifted….picked something up from the Bedside table….I felt warm wet slipperiness all over my chest, my arms…she climbed off my chest….warm oil was being poured all over my upper torso. She climbed back onto my chest…this time facing away.

I ached to have my cock in her, for her to even touch it. I was so hard, my hips occasionally twitched involuntarily.

She began to slide up and down me with her entire body…..her breasts near my hips, her pussy so close to my mouth….slowly, sliding up…and down…

I could feel her hot breath on my cock when she slid down, smell and feel the heat of her pussy near my mouth when she moved up.

If I tried to move my hips…she slid her body up, if I tried to taste her pussy she moved down….all the while her warm slick body pressing on me and I COULD NOT MOVE. I wanted her, OMG I wanted her so badly….

“No! I thought to myself, Don’t think like that, she’ll win…. The only way for her not to win will be to….”

My thoughts cut off abruptly as she slid right up, and her wet pussy lips covered my mouth. She smelled like heaven, tasted better, Oh god, the sensation as I buried my nose and mouth, my tongue flicking across her clit, she ground down on me….

I wanted to hold her, but my arms strained uselessly against the chains as she used my tongue for her pleasure.

I heard her moan, her hands gripping me hard as her nails dug into my hips. I savoured her, delighted in her pleasure as she pressed hard on me, on my tongue. Faster and harder she ground onto my waiting mouth,

I could feel her tensing, her breath coming sharp and fast then suddenly she cried out and sat fully on my face, her muscles pulsing I felt her shudder. I could barely breathe as her orgasm come over her.

She slid off my body and to one side, panting. “Good boy, I’m going to use you to make myself cum enough to make up for all that you denied me. But you, well, you don’t get to cum until I have won my bet!”

My cock was so hard it hurt, my balls wanted release, her pussy juices ran down my cheeks and the smell of her filled me.

A moan escaped my lips…

End of Part 2.

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