Sarah move to the side of the bed….I heard her lift something from the side and then felt her weight as she straddled my oil slicked chest. She began to grind her pussy into my chest, her legs moving smoothly, frictionlessly across the oil. Her hands came down to my shoulders as she leaned over me, nails digging in.

“I’m going to make myself cum again.” she said to me….I felt her raise her body and something was placed on my chest. I felt her move again…was she squatting astride me?

Then I felt more pressure on my chest and, as her hand held something there, she lowered herself and I heard her moan. Holy fuck, she had stuck a dildo to my chest and was using me as a fucking platform.

From her movements I could tell she was squatting over me, moving up and down… she moaned again. I wanted to see, to watch as she slid up and down on it, her breasts swinging above me, but all I could do was listen and feel.

“Imagine if it was your cock” she said….”with me sliding up and down on it”.

I was imagining it. It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t see, couldn’t move. My cock trapped in a metal cock ring and this gorgeous woman was fucking herself on top of my chest!

The sound of her wetness as she slid up and down the dildo, the finger nails of one hand digging into my shoulder, her panting as she worked her way to orgasm was driving me crazy!

Dammit I wanted my cock inside her…I wanted to fuck her so badly! But I was NOT going to beg. No way was I losing this bet.

I tried to think something else, of anything else, but was being overwhelmed by sensation. Her panting got faster, her movements more frantic, my untouched cock harder.

She gave a shout of pleasure, “Fuuuuuck!, Yes, Yes, Yes!” then collapsed on top of me, her mouth near my ear sitting across my chest impaled on the dildo.

Dammit she had touched almost every part of me but my untouched cock was what was aching for her.

Sarah started to whisper in my ear…”Do you think you might be ready yet?....Just one little request and I can make the torture stop baby, otherwise…I can keep this up all day”.

When she uttered that last sentence my entire body spasmed as another pair of lips wrapped themselves around the end of my aching cock. “Oh My God…Who is that?” I groaned.

Sarah whispered in my ear. “I bought a witness, I wanted make sure you honoured the bet when you lose”.

The lips moved lower on my cock, the hot wet mouth sliding slowly down the entire length, taking it all OHMYGODOHMYGOD…I was going to cum…

“Sarahs voice cut across – “Stop that dear, we can have him cum yet can we!”.

The mouth lifted from my cock. “NO!” I shouted.

“Are you ready to beg yet babe?” said Sarah.

“No”….I mumbled through gritted teeth, but my conviction was slipping

“Well then, more fun time for Sarah” she said.

She pivoted around on my chest, facing the other way, I felt another body on the bed, pushed between my spread-eagled legs, they had smooth legs pushing up against my thighs.

Sarah leaned forward and I heard the soft wet squelch as she took the dildo out. Then the sound of wet kissing. I could feel fingers entering Sarahs wet pussy, pushing up between my body and Sarahs, the kissing continuing.

I wanted to see her, them, just to see what was happening! I could feel their bodies moving, the other person fingering Sarahs pussy, the wet kissing sounds.

“You’ve never had a threesome before have you?” gasped Sarah….”this is your chance, just ask, really, really nicely, and I’ll let you fuck us both before you cum.”

I was trying to hold back, A small semblance of control still there…. I resisted as I felt two bodies squirming atop me, I could hear the other person gasping between kisses…A woman…I had not been sure…

“Ask nicely…time to beg baby” said Sarah….her body slid back down the bed, her pussy hovering over my mouth again. “Beg baby, and you will go straight to fucking heaven”

“No!” I gritted…then…..

“Ahhhhhhh - OH MY FUCKING GOD” A lubricated finger slid slowly and smoothly up my ass just as a hand clamped around my cock. The finger withdrew, the hand slowly pumped me up and down, Sarah’s wet pussy was just inches from my face…..

It was too much Fuck it!

“Yes Sarah!” I yelled

“Yes what!?” she crooned

“Yes FUCK ME!” I yelled

“Oh, poor baby, that’s not the way you need to ask”

The finger slid up my ass again, lips sucked on the end of my cock. My body jerked and spasmed against the chains. The finger and mouth stopped!

“Please Sarah, Fucking Please, I want to cum, Please let me cum, please fuck me!” I begged. I couldn’t think of anything else but release, I needed to cum now, right now! …

“So I win the bet baby?” she asked.

“Yes, Yes, Yes…anything babe, just do it do it now Please !!!!”

“Good Boy”, she said.

I felt her get off my chest, she removed my blindfold. I looked down to see a woman I didn’t know between my legs, Sarah moved to join her I saw them both looking up at me.

The other woman moved, her wet, lubricated finger sliding up my ass, her eyes on mine, massaging inside me.

Sarah began sucking my cock, one hand moving up and down the shaft, Both of these gorgeous women were using their other hands to caress each other.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” I moaned as I could feel my cum begin to rise.

It took only seconds of watching them, and of Sarahs mouth on my cock, to make me cum.

My entire body jerked and spasmed as my cum shot into Sarahs mouth, trickling from the corner and down her chin. I had never cum this hard before. Oh my god the buildup had been huge! I kept cumming and cumming as Sarah sucked and licked me.

When I had stopped ejaculating I collapsed on the bed, spent, exhausted.

As my mind came a little more into focus I looked down as the women.

“OK, That was truly fucking amazing Sarah, Thank you. You’ve won your bet... can you let me go now?”

Sarah swallowed the last of my cum and looked down at me, then at her friend. They giggled.

“Silly boy. What we just did was to win a bet…..what we’re going to do with you now is just for pure fun!”

Oh shit….was I in trouble!


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