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A night on the South Coast

"One amazing woman, one amazing night"
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I didn’t have the house to myself, so we’d headed out late autumn to the South Coast for a drive and a picnic. I’d prepared the back of the Land Rover, laying all the seats flat and laid out some thick blankets and a thin mattress. 

As we drove out we chatted, about everything and nothing. We both found it hard to concentrate, the distraction of the thought about what was coming next being quite powerful. 

We pulled up on a ridge above the road, I pointed the back of the car out to sea and opened the boot. The smell and sound of the sea surrounded us, but all I could focus on was her. 

We crawled in the back, half heartedly enjoyed some wine and started kissing. How love kissing her! Soft full lips, I could taste and feel her lip balm. The scent of her skin and hair filled me as I traced my tongue over her lips and mouth, enjoyed her breath mixing with mine. We stared into each other’s eyes as we slowly expired each other, reunited after so long. 

Her hands began searching my body, mine reciprocating, revelling in the feel of her against me. 

I traced kisses down her neck as I undressed her, removing her top and bra. I took off my shirt and closed the boot of the car, shutting out the sea, wind and the cold air. Now there was just the sound of our laughing and giggling, and the heady intoxication of two people about to fuck. 

Naked now, I enjoyed the soft warmth of her skin against mine. Stroking my hands over her back and legs, gripping her thigh to pull her close, and tight to me, and kissing, always kissing. My fingers and mouth caressing her breasts, gently nuzzling her, my tongue flicking a nipple, gently biting, and licking. My fingers touching her pussy, stroking the outside, waiting for her yoni to respond to me. Slowly tracing my fingers the length of her, touching, stroking, feeling. Sliding one finger inside as soon she was ready. Her body arched, pushing her lovely breasts towards my mouth, and me giving in to her. 

My mouth on her now, licking her hard with a wide flat tongue, then softly exploring with a soft thin tongue. Then slipping inside her as far as I could reach, paying attention to her moans, kissing the outside, gently running my mouth over her sex. Sucking her clit, flicking my tongue over her bud, revelling in the scent and taste of her lust and our sex. 

I lay down on my back, motioned for her to straddle my face. She loved it when we did this, her orgasms usually came fast and powerfully, and I wanted to give her that moment. I love the feel of her legs either side of my head, loved the feeling of her shaking, quivering body on top of mine, and loved feeling her come in my mouth. 

Her body shuddered, she cried out, and she collapsed spent on my body. I enjoyed the weight of her on me as we kissed, naked, writhing in her post orgasmic bliss. What a wonderful woman!

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