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The dog walk

"A night to remember (part 1)"
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It started like any other day in lockdown, going about our usual business in the morning, coffee, breakfast, computer screens etc. Finally a break & time to take our very disobedient dog for a walk at the local park, its not great fun for us but we know it has to be done. We are on the first lap when Mrs R notices a red station wagon come flying into the carpark & park outside the public toilets. "What a fuckin dickhead !" she says. As soon as he pulls up, a woman who is already parked on the other side of the road climbs out of her car, carefully scanning the area as she walks towards his car.......................we are to far away at this stage to see them clearly but we both look at each other & raise our eyebrows. "They're going be fucking" exclaims Mr R with a very sexy look in her eyes. I felt that initial stir in my pants.........just like that feeling you get when the wife says she's dripping wet and just needs to be fucked ! At that moment, I was thinking, MY GOD , I seriously hope they are meeting for sex................but in reality, she was more than likely just asking him for the time or the train schedule ! As we got closer, I couldn't help but notice Mrs R being transfixed on their much so, she had basically forgotten that we were walking the dog & nearly tripped over the lead !! "Are you ok" I said, "yeah I'm fine" she replied. At that moment, both suspects glanced around to make sure there was no prying eyes & disappeared from sight into the ladies toilets. Once again our eyes met & Mrs R said, I fuckin told you ! My cock twitched once again.................. not so much from what we were seeing but more so from how visibly turned on she was getting knowing that a couple was most likely fucking less than 100m away from us ! 20 minutes and 2 laps of the park later, the cars hadn't moved, my now flaccid cock started to grow hard one again. I glanced at my beautiful wife and knew instantly that she was thinking the same thing me..................or so I thought.............. 2 laps of of the park was usually as much as we can handle with our dog, but when she said with a glint in her eye "We have to go around again !" I was both intrigued & so incredibly aroused !! .................what was her end game here ?? My mind was so full of devilishly erotic thoughts ! By this stage my cock was so fucking hard it hurt ! I knew she was turned on by the thought of another couple fucking so close to us, I summoned up the courage and asked in a stammering voice "So what do you want to happen here babe ?" Her gorgeous face, totally flushed with desire, turned back to me & said, "No matter what happens, I need you to know that I love you" Although we have only had one other woman share an amazing experience with before, she still remains an enigma to me. My rock hard & now dripping cock was hoping Mrs R wanted to relive that incredible night with what was more than likely now a well used cum filled pussy................but what if she was wanting another hard cock inside her ? The thoughts running through my head were not helping my situation in the slightest !! I was so torn between the memory of two super sexy dripping wet women either side of me in bed or the thought of another man entering our inner most sanctum ! I swear, if we weren't in the middle of a public park, I would have taken her right then & there ! Although her words were comforting, I really needed to know what she was craving................. At this point in time, I NEEDED to know NOW before I explode !!!!! All will be revealed in (part 2) Lots of love & sexy dreams to you all randm45

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