A couple of years ago Julia and I decided to go and find a picturesque winery, Jerez de la Frontera, in Andalusia, Spain, that we heard is a must see. We found it alright, and the meaning of Jerez de la Frontera has a more naughty context to us ever since.

It was a perfect day for a scenic drive, the air was still warm from the summer months with a cool breeze blowing gently through the trees and fields of the country side. Summer was nearing its end and along with it our eventual departure from the paradise that is Spain.

We hired an old pearl-white Cadillac with a convertible roof, tanned leather seats and ride so smooth you would think you were floating along the road upon a cloud. Julia wanted to drive that day and I had no objections, she looked stunning behind the wheel of the white Caddy and any opportunity to see her behind the wheel I took. The image of her in the Caddy was something out a traveling magazine.

Her fair skin glowed against the tanned leather seats. Her blonde hair looked like golden silk in the warm sun that blew in the most mesmerizing patterns as she drove slowly through the winding roads of the back country. Her lips were the deepest of reds and always encompassed a smile. Her deep blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of aviators which she sneakily borrowed from me, having forgotten hers at home, but I did not mind, she looked beautiful in them and in that moment picture-perfect.

As we slowly made our way towards where we thought this old brick winery would be in the mountains, we talked about nothing and everything all at once. Laughing and smiling, as a couple that is deeply in love would do, all the while my hand rested softly on her thigh as it usually does. Her bare thigh felt soft and warm under my fingertips, a small blessing given to me whenever she decides to wear her light floral skirt and white tank-top. I think she secretly knew that I found her irresistible when she wore that outfit and that day was no exception.

Cresting a hill after about half an hours slow driving I could no longer resist the urge to have a little fun and attempted to steer our conversation as subtly as a bull in china shop to a bit more kinkier topic.

With my hand still on her soft thigh I asked, ‘I think we are still a while away from this winery, if we can even find it my dear. Perhaps I should start my own search for Jerez?’ I gave her bare thigh a gentle squeeze, giving her a hint as to my double meaning. She quickly glanced at me, with a sly smile on her deep red lips. ‘Logan! We are in public! People can see when they drive by! Your mind is always in the gutter, sweetheart,’ she said with gentle laugh and a shake of her head.

Thinking nothing of it, I replied, ‘how can it not be in the gutter when you look so gorgeous,’ and again I softly squeezed her thigh while sliding it a bit up this time. She laughed again gently and shook her head slightly in bemusement while she softly placed her hand on my mine, stopping my advances in their tracks. We continued to drive, swaying along with Caddy as the turns come and go. The conversation turned back to small and idle things, my attempt to make things a bit sexy blown away on the wind that is blowing through our hair.

It was not too long after my failed attempt that she squeezed my captive hand on her bare thigh. She quickly glanced at me with a smile on her face that said ‘you know I am just teasing you,’ and said out loud in teasingly flirty tone, ‘the road is rather quiet would you not say so my sweetheart?’

I knew what she meant, she was in the mood but also in a teasing one. I immediately started feeling the blood in my body being slowly redirected. I was in the mood alright and two can play the teasing game.

I smiled at her, taking in again the picture-perfect image of her with her wind blown golden hair, deep red lips, and shimmering skin all framed by the beautiful Spanish countryside. ‘The road is very quiet my dear. I wonder if we are even on the right road? But where else could it be?’ I replied, squeezing her thigh with my still trapped hand as I emphasized the last part of my question.

‘I don’t know my sweetheart,’ she said laughingly. ‘Keep your eyes peeled for a sign’ She slightly moved my hand, which she had trapped on her bare thigh, up a bit more before gently releasing it and returning her hand to the steering wheel with its twin.

‘Will do my sweetheart,’ I replied, now sporting the makings of what will be a very hard cock if this continues. I slowly move my fingertips down towards her inner-thigh and feel how her legs star to part ever so slightly, making room for me. The conversation died down, her concentration divided between driving and my teasing. I remain quiet as I am also thoroughly enjoying the teasing I can do now.

My fingertips move slowly up and down her inner thigh, occasionally brushing the inside of the other thigh. She seems to like that, as her legs are slowly parting. I lean over and give her a soft kiss on the cheek and then a soft kiss on her neck, all the while my hand on her thigh is slowly inching its way up. Just before I reach the end of the road, I playfully kiss and bite her ear. She squirms from the sensation but my hand finally comes to a rest between her legs. She releases a soft moan and arches her neck so that I can kiss her neck again. My lips press softly against the soft white skin of her slender neck and I can feel her rapid pulse on my lips.

I can feel how wet she is through her thong as my fingers make their way over to her warm wet pussy lips. I gently spread my two fingers and slowly brush them against her lips. Another soft moan escapes her mouth. I can see she is struggling to keep her focus on the road. She is biting her lower lip to keep her moans at bay as my fingers continue to glide up and down her now very wet pussy lips. Her hips are starting to move slowly to the rhythm of my fingers. I pull aside her thong, exposing her clit and pussy to my fingers. She is wet with lust. I slide my middle finger down between her lips, parting them slightly. Another moan, louder this time.

I give her a deep long kiss on the neck as my middle finger lingers between the folds of her pussy. I relax the palm of my hand and it presses up against her clit. She utters something and moans while arching her back thrusting her clit into the palm of my hand. I slide my finger inside her, feeling her tight pussy surrounding my finger as it goes deeper and deeper.

She lets go of the steering wheel with one hand and grabs the hand between her legs, holding it there, pressing my palm into her clit and my finger deeper into her wet pussy. She starts moving her hips to the rhythm of my finger moving and stroking inside of her, pressing harder and harder wth each thrust her clit into my palm. She slams the breaks and grab my arm with both her hands as her back arches and she cums over and over again. A long, satisfied moan escaping her red lips.

Once she stopped cumming, she released my arm and slowly reached behind my head and pulled my lips onto hers, kissing me deeply and passionately.

She pulls away from my lips and whispers,’I love you my sweetheart.’ After a moment, I turn to her and say, ‘I love you my dear… I think we found Jerez,’ as I nod to a sign up ahead reading Jerez de la Frontera.

She gives an embarrassed laugh and replies, ‘I guess we have!’ She glances down to the now fully erect cock bulging under my pants. ‘Well he is definitely happy that we found it too! Now its my turn to do some exploring of my own.’ With that said, she gives me a deep kiss and while her fingers start undoing my pants.

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