We had been looking forward to this for months, chatting on KS, sending each other explicit pics and videos on a messaging app, and counting down the days until his work trip to Wellington.

I already knew exactly what his cock looked like and how well it worked. I’d seen how he jerked himself off. I knew about the delicious amount of chest hair and the strong arms. I had no secrets from him, either. And fuck, the enthusiasm in his messages about diving into my pussy was driving me a little crazy.

So when I went to meet him at a nearby pub, I was dressed as we had discussed. Short dress, heels... and crotchless fishnets. Easy access.

He was dressed well for me, too - very dapper hipster in a funky cap, dark jeans, and a waistcoat. His eyes were lively, face as handsome as I knew it would be, and his smile of appreciation as I walked towards him was very pleasing.

With all the online rapport before we met, we were very quickly comfortable around each other. His hand was soon resting on my thigh. I was sitting turned mostly towards him in our booth at the pub, with one knee drawn up on the seat.

As his hand started to slide slowly up and down my thigh, deliberately pushing my dress away and edging closer to my pussy, I leaned in towards him. “You’re keeping an eye out for the waiters...” He just grinned at me and flicked a cheeky finger over my labia. Bastard!

It got very difficult to focus on our conversation. His fingers were caressing me under my dress, and even pushing gently into me as I tried to sit up straight and clamp down on my pleasure responses. I was pretty fricken wet.

It got waaay too hot for both of us. When he drew his fingers up to his mouth to lick my juices from them, that was it. We got up, threw our coats on, and headed for privacy as fast as my high heels would allow.

We were in such a hurry to get home and fuck that I had to go back the next day to pay for our drinks. And cast my eye around that booth for a very belated check for the CCTV camera placement... I think the bar manager might have enjoyed the footage that night!

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