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Erotica Stories


There’s a mat I stand on to wait in our sanctuary and today its waiting for me right under the heat pump mounted on the wall. I stand naked in the steady stream of warm air that pours down. It has been running for a while and the room is warm, making me d...

A Cup of Kitty Tea

A ritual of love and submission.

I glide into the kitchen on bare feet barely disturbing the silence, my mind adrift in rumours of impending delight, random predictions of lurid fantasy pricking at my anticipation. What will I be doing next? In half an hour, an hour from now? My, oh my!...


A young sorceress must make a choice - Pacific Stars

The Taoist shaman hunted, her bare body gleaming as her strong supple feminine form moved showing every part of her glory. Her eyes never left her quarry as she sought the opening which would allow her to strike. But he was as good as her, not a single mi...