Written by Ballsy Bartender


It was the Lions Tour of New Zealand in 2016 and I was working in Hamilton as a bartender the night they played in town. Swarms of people thronged and packed out every available space in every open bar, a mix of kiwis and those travelling from the UK to support their team.

As I was working, an irish husband and wife sat at the bar sparking continual conversation with me, unlike their companions they were savouring the drinks ordered, choosing to slowly sip rather than engulf the entire glass. The wife was blonde with a beautifully shaped figure, make up and dress done to the nines with her very ample boobs almost exploding out, waiting to be freed. Her husband a reasonably fit gentleman who had great stories and liked a joke almost relished at the fact other men were checking his wife out but they knew she was taken.

She leaned into his ear, looking towards me as I poured them another shot of Jameson, I saw her hand drift up his thigh, resting on his crotch and give it a gentle squeeze. They chuckled and she stood up slowly, arching her back as she did so to show off her tight ass in that even tighter dress. As she walked away, She was hard not to stare at. I could feel his eyes on me as I watched her walk away, almost spilling the whiskey as I was so transfixed on the away of her hips.

He asked my name as I passed him his shot, he told me to pour my own. He cheersed each other and necked the shots.

“Do you like the look of my Annie aye?” he asked accusingly.

“I appreciate her fantastic features, you’re a lucky man”.

“She wants you to fuck her tonight. What do you say to that?”

I was very taken aback by his straightforward question. Most encounters I’ve had from couples have had the woman coercing her partner into letting me join rather than the man making the request. I eagerly agreed and we cheersed another shot.

When she returned, she asked if it was on which she already knew the answer from our giant smiles. I clocked out as it had died down in the bar and walked out with them, wrapping my arm around he waist and pulling her into me, receiving a soft kiss on the cheek in the process. Her body felt soft yet toned at the same time and her hand was already running up and down my body.

“Which hotel are we heading to then?” I asked.

“Sadly our kids are in our hotel room so we are going to have to improvise, do you know any quiet places around here? She replied, licking her tongue up my ear lobe.

We wandered down towards the river front where I knew other bartenders take girls they pick up when they can’t take them home. Nice and secluded with plenty of trees around with moonlight illuminating the path to see passers by. It was there I took her in to me, kissing her deeply, firmly yet softly. He pulled his cock out, stood back and started slowly stroking it, he lit a smoke and said to us to have our fun.

Pushing her up against a tree, I began running my fingers down her neck following close behind with my tongue, biting gently at intervals that I could feel were sending jolts through her spine. I freed those giant breasts from her dress and took each nipple into my mouth in turn, softly sucking and biting them, making them turn hard and which I ran my tongue around. My hand traced up her thigh as her fingers ran through my hair.

I began massaging her swollen clit through the fabric of her lace underwear, feeling how wet she was I could barely contain my excitement. I knelt down and buried my tongue into her, lapping up her juices hungrily and inserting 2 fingers in to her. I began to feel her knees giving way and her panting growing heavy. One hand was pressing her harder into her clit which I returned in kind with my tongue whilst her other hand pinched her nipples. Her first orgasm rocked her and she let out a loud moan she stifled quickly with her hand.

Her husband moved forward having finished her cigarette and asked me to spit some of her juices on to his cock. I took a long lick and sucked especially hard on her clit, getting a big mouthful of her juices and spat it onto his cock almost completely drenching it. He moved closer and she began stroking his cock for him right next to my face and instinctively I opened my mouth for him to begin face fucking me. I took it into the back of my throat immediately, gagging slightly as I held it there before withdrawing, spitting back on his cock and began sucking his balls while his wife stroked his shaft.

I stood up pulling out my achingly hard cock which was already dripping with precum in anticipation. They both dropped to their knees taking it in turns to go back and forth sucking my balls and then my shaft. I could see off in the distance a couple walking passed us but I didn’t care, I told them to keep their mouths full to stop from making too much noise. When they stood up I lifted the wife up, impaling her with my cock as she wrapped her legs right around me. She began slowly bouncing up and down with strong deliberate movements, her pussy already dripping down my cock. Her husband spat on his fingers and began inserting one finger than another into her was she went till eventually he came behind her, sandwiching her between us and inserting his cock slowly into her ass. She stayed firmly wrapped around me while her husband and I rhythmically began pumping in to her while she bit into my neck to stop from screaming in pleasure. Her beautiful tits bouncing in time with our thrusts with a sight to behold. I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock, I kissed her deeply wanting to feel the moment she came as intimately as possible. She began rocking trying desperately to have us both as deep in her as possible at the same time before she exploded, shaking uncontrollably. Behind her, her husband began grunting indicating he wasn’t far off at which point I pulled her into me as tight as I could fucking her so hard she was forced to take her hands from around me wrap them around her husband’s neck to stop from flying off. In unison her husband and I came, filling her pussy and her ass hole with cum, my cock twitching with how good it felt.

I pulled her off me, watching the cum spill out of her soaking her legs. She took her fingers, scraped up as much as she could and sucked them in the most seductive way I was almost hard enough to continue. She knelt down, sucked the juices off both our cock and then readjusted her dress. Bidding them a happy night walking home I sat on the edge of the river to catch my breath and reminisce on that fantastic time.

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