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Swingers Stories

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A dark word from a forgotten tongue

I was in a drunken haze when I found the place. It was in the depths of the night, in an ancient city, on a street haunted by skeletally thin lost souls, lurking in doorways. The entrance was a large dark archway, once perhaps an entrance to a grand build...



A woman of appetites.

The plan had been a night out. Some folks sat around the table drinking beer and talking, waiting for a friend of a friend to show up, a girl who’d been working overseas. When the expected party arrived she’d brought another friend, a foreign girl; her tr...


Last night in Bali

A first time experience

Around October last year, myself and a group of my friends from uni ended up going to Bali for the week. With many memorable adventures, we decided to end our final night off before heading home at the hotspot Finns Beach club. If you have ever been there...


The Making of a Man

Naomi takes sympathy on a stranger

With her ‘little black dress’ clinging tightly to her slim body and my arm around her waist, Naomi and I walked out the foyer of our hotel into the bustling city street. Her sexy high heel shoes accentuating the length of her already long legs were clacki...


Noise Nextdoor

Too much courage juice can change a person.. True story

Jo 50yo 5.5 ft brunette with a crossfit body physique big tits ass & thighs, We spoke a couple of times my wife got to know her better, no kids, family lived in auckland single and very private, but in a good way, work drunk abit on the weekends, rarely g...