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Foursome Stories


Use me as your slut

Didn't win power-ball so ill do anything to and for you to please you...

Apologies in advance if this story sucks - it's my 1st time posting. A kinda stupid big half finished message. Sorry I won't come back until i can finish until I'm confident I can finish...... I just had to post it though.... fuck I'm a dick. Hope it's ok...


Craigslist Invitation Part One

He watched as she she took our cocks in her mouth.

I had just ended a long term relationship and moved into my own apartment near the city. I was so excited that a woman had responded to one of my Craigslist ads back when that was the norm for anonymous hookups. She had mentioned that her and her friend w...

bi foursome

first bi foursome in a long time

It had been a long time between drinks – in fact it felt like forever but finally we were back together and after a few days of rather tempestuous sessions, it was time to branch out! It had been a hard choice – did we go for a bi female, bi male -- but i...

Ataahua Island Pt 3

Kat and Jason join the party on the beach

Half an hour later, Jason and Kat had quickly showered, changed and were motoring their dinghy over to Tracy and Josh. As they climbed aboard, some chill house music was playing. “Oh I love this music!” said Kat. “Me too!” exclaimed Tracy. “I dance around...

Rendezvous for Four

We made a scene that had people stop in their tracks

Since their profile caught our eye, we were instantly hooked. A hot, like-minded couple in a neighbouring city who were keen to meet us as soon as possible. After a few weeks of hot, steamy chat between the four of us, with plans of what we desired to do...



Remember what I said about Sundays

When someone separates from their husband or wife, we always think about them missing that relationship. I don’t. What I miss most is getting into bed knowing there is someone else there. Not sure if it’s the warmth or comfort. I have found great happines...