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Black, knee high boots.

Deep conversation, without uttering a word.

Two years ago, I sent a message out to a couple. The photo that drew me in was this woman, standing on a balcony facing away from the camera, long, curly, red hair glistening in the sun. She had long legs, a tight waist and a beatiful ass. I reached out t...


A Masters story Pt3

Back to our room

Suddenly the headphones and blindfold are removed, she blinks with the assault of light and is trying to take it all in. what she can see is not what she expected. I am kissing the blond, she has lost her dress and bra, she is down to her stockings and he...


She is excited as and arrive in the center of bars and restaurants in town. She has been quizzing me on what we are doing but I know she will love the surprise. We park up and she pulls her dress down as we get out of the car. I take her hand as we walk t...