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Making new friends with benefits

"A last minute holiday getaway leaves us craving more."
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Author's Notes

"By Mrs SlushPuppy"

We had been chatting online for several weeks, and when they asked for our availability during the holiday break, I instantly got butterflies in my stomach.  From the initial online interaction, we could tell these were the sort of people we wanted to have some fun with. 

It didn’t take long to make some plans to meet at a discrete destination convenient for us all.  In the days leading up to our meeting, there were several messages, images and videos exchanged that got us feeling hot and horny in anticipation.  Packing our bags, we wanted to equip ourselves for every possibility of fun, and had no doubt we were going to be in for a wild ride with our new friends.

The day of meeting, we arrived at the motel with nervous sexual energy building.  We made ourselves comfortable and got ourselves ready for our hot date, reassuring each other that we were up for anything.

They arrived at our room as the sun began to go down, so we sat on the balcony with a drink and toasted to what was the beginning of a very fun night ahead.  They were both absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn’t wait for hubby and I to get our hands on them.

It became apparent after a while that we had done enough talking and needed to get ourselves behind closed doors.

We headed to their room, knocked on the door and entered to see them sitting on the couch patiently awaiting our arrival.  She was wearing beautiful lingerie that accentuated her stunning figure, so I dropped a layer down to mine so our skin could be touching when I took a seat next to her.  Stroking her thigh softly, we leaned in for our first soft kiss, and had the men closely snuggled in to get front row viewing and touching.  It took my breath away, and I realised I needed to taste her, all of her.  I was in my happy place, but I couldn’t be selfish, so invited my husband to take her in his mouth.  

I asked innocently for permission to kiss her husband who had a hungry and intense look in his eyes.  He could taste her pussy on my lips and I could feel his cock harden against me.

For the hot hours that followed I was in utter ecstasy, as we all devoured each other amongst heavy panting; not one inch of skin left untouched or not tasted.  He requested I do things to his beautiful wife that I was more than happy to oblige. We couldn’t get enough of each other. 

I loved seeing my husband and her pleasure each other.  Like an out of body experience, it was surreal, but such a turn on that had me writhing stronger with her sensual husband who kept me in absolute bliss.

We were hot, we were wet, we were playful, mischievous and respectful of all our desires.

I didn’t want it to end, but there’s always next time…..

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