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Queenstown - A place to play games

"You sometimes meet the most interesting people"
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As we turned the corner and acknowledged the doorman I made sure that Skye went first as we made our way into the bar. My reasons were a mix of how I was raised to be polite and act like a gentlemen but on a purely selfish level to step back and enjoy the site of my wife’s high heels and hips sliding from a side to side in that tight blue dress that seemed to lift up as we slowly climbed the stairs to the roof top bar. This was the third bar we had visited tonight in Queenstown but this was definitely the liveliest, the music was modern, electronic with the volume at the perfect level where every movement made you feel part of a music video but not so loud that you could not be heard. The bar itself was packed with a mix of couples, small groups of tourists and a couple of large groups of young people, guys with beards and lumberjack shirts and girls who insist on wearing ill-fitting baggy clothes. We made our way to the bar and continued on our agreed ritual for this night to try every different brand of gin we could find. We made our way to the edge of the bar and looked down on the streets below, Queenstown is a beautiful spot but is was a little cold on the roof and the mix of the night air and a lot of gin was making Skye a little light headed so we decided we should sit. As I mentioned the bar was packed so seating was scarce but there was one bench with four seats and a single man sitting alone in the corner near an open gas fire. We made our way across the bar and I asked the guy if the seats were taken; having someone speak to him seemed to jump start him into life and he introduced himself as Ryan and proceeded to share far more details of why he was in Queenstown and why he was drinking alone than I really wanted to know but Skye was hooked and started making small talk. Ryan explained he had recently split with his girlfriend and he booked this trip alone to travel down from Auckland and get his head together and spend some serious time mountain biking. Skye then asked about why he split with this his girlfriend because she loves all that type of thing and Ryan explained that his girlfriend had moved away and the long distance thing was not working. Skye kept probing and Ryan continued to tell his story explaining that being apart had meant his sexual thoughts were turning more extreme and when they did manage to meet up their desires were not exactly synchronised. His girlfriend wanted intimacy and something vanilla whereas Ryan wanted something memorable and intense maybe even to experiment and this made their time together awkward and they began to drift apart. Skye sympathised with his situation made some bland statement about Ryan still being young and attractive and with many good years in front of him, she can be good like that but I knew she had to ask about what he meant by experiment. Ryan nervously blurted out watching other people, threesomes, group sex this and other things he had seen on the internet during his alone time and then sheepishly giggled. It was at this point Skye excused herself and went to the bathroom. I struggle with small talk and started to drift into my seat away from Ryan and watch the rugby on the large screen but at this point Ryan’s phone on the table started vibrating again and again. I tried to make a joke and asked Ryan if that was the girlfriend begging to take him back which in hindsight as a joke could have gone either way but he laughed and then said I should see this so I slid my chair over. I am not old but am not technical and to be honest have no interest in social media but was surprised when Ryan explained this was an app for people looking to ‘hook up’ as Ryan put it and the alerts were people nearby with whom he might want to meet. Ryan showed me a few of the photos and to be honest a lot of the pictures seemed photo-shopped and Ryan explained that it is common to see fake accounts etc. but he had recently had some success with the app and really had no other plans for the night so was keen to play the game. At this point Skye returned from the bathroom and sat down next to Ryan so she could see what we were both looking at so intently on Ryan’s phone. Skye looked and listened for a minute or two then took a large sip of her gin and the placed her left hand on Ryan’s thigh; he was slightly taken aback but this was her opening to grab his phone saying ‘leave it with me’. Skye slowly slid her hand of Ryan’s thigh while grinning at me then drew the phone back and started to scroll through the profiles. After a few seconds her hand returned to Ryan’s thigh, I was not sure about this but concluded maybe it was her way owning the moment. She passed the phone back to Ryan and said what about this girl, her name is Lana probably not her real name but she is attractive she is in Queenstown tonight and she is wearing no underwear. Ryan laughed, he ticked a box or something and said let’s see if she is interested. There was a large pause while we sat waiting but nothing happened but all this time Skye’s hand had not moved from Ryan’s thigh which I couldn’t really tell if it was turning me on or making me uncomfortable. Ryan then placed his hand on Skye’s bare leg, my confusion multiplied as he leaned towards me, looked me in the eye and said let me get you both some drinks. With Ryan gone I asked Skye what she thought of Ryan, she replied he is very nice, good looking and this whole dating game app thing was a huge turn on and she wanted to see what happens next. I have to say she was right being married means you do not get to experience these kinds of things and I was excited to see if he was going to have any luck. Ryan returned with a tray full of drinks, he sat down passed the glasses round and at this point his hand returned to Skye’s leg and she did the same, I figured I would let it go for now because Skye does have amazing legs and it was exciting seeing someone else’s hands touching her naked skin and he did get a number of shots for us to share. Ryan then pulled out his phone and explained that the girl Lana had just message back and was on her way, we were both dumbstruck whereas Ryan went a little quiet presumably mentally preparing himself for the conversation to come. At this point I said we said we would move away and give Ryan some space to work his magic, Ryan nodded as his phone vibrated again; Lana had just messaged saying she was at the bar. All three of us turned to look and there she was in real life, her profile picture which was focussed on her face was really a missed opportunity to show off her ample breasts and curves, she was wearing a tight white see through silk blouse under which was clearly a black lace bra, a knee length pleated brown skirt and brown knee length boots, she had long hair blonde hair and was to sum it up in one word hot. Ryan motioned her over and they started chatting, we sat in silence at the other end of the table trying to listen in. After about five minutes of small talk, which mainly consisted of Ryan complimenting Lana on her looks he then turned to Skye and me introduced us both to Lana. This did seem strange but Skye was hyped and jumped straight in with a million questions about how on earth was Lana single, had she done this type of ‘app’ thing before and how many times in fact I swapped places with Lana so they could sit facing one another as they started chatting like they had known each other all their lives. I laughed, Ryan giggled and we both stood up and made our way to the bar to get more drinks. The drinking continued and the conversation was effortless I did I notice below the table that Lana leg was pressed hard again Ryan’s leg, clearly there was an attraction but what I did not expect was Lana grabbing my hand under the table and her then pulling my hand up onto the table. There we sat holding hands. At this point Lana then leaned forward and called Ryan forward and kissed him on the lips, she then called Skye forward and to my surprise kissed Skye on the lips. I was shocked, there was my wife kissing another women right in front of me in fact on front of the whole bar while holding my hand but I could feel the alcohol in my system and was becoming more and more turned on. Lana began to giggle as she felt my grip of her hand tighten but then she turned towards looked me in the eye and then leaned in and kissed me and then for a split second everything around me froze. Lana had somehow taken control of the whole evening in a few short seconds but then kind of panicked she smiled and then jumped up dragging Skye into the bathrooms, I sat dumbstruck even Ryan looked a little overwhelmed. We sat there me and Ryan not sure what to say but the two women shortly returned and said we are all going to the casino. Lana looked at me and said come on lets go and as I stood up she rummaged around in her coat pocket and stuffed something into my hand. I looked down to find her damp underwear in my palm, Skye then leaned forward and whispered in my ear that according to Lana women do not wear underwear to a casino she then grabbed both my hand and Ryan’s and dragged us both out of the bar. Ryan and Lana walked arm in arm in front of us, my curiosity was running wild so I had to ask what happened in the bathroom. Skye laughed paused for a moment stopped walking and pushed her body tightly against mine kissing me hard on the lips, lowered her head then lifted it up back up and said nothing happened in bathroom but Lana did say she wanted to sleep with both of us tonight. I am not going to lie but those words and my wife’s body pressed hard up against me made my cock was as hard as I have ever felt it but maybe this was a test and I had been drinking so maybe I better not say something silly so I smiled grabbed Skye’s hand and made some bad joke about feeling lucky and said we should run to the casino. Queenstown casino is hardly Las Vegas with only two roulette wheels, four blackjack tables and quite a few slot machines. We met up with the others, changed some money and proceeded to lose our money quite quickly. Ryan got drinks for us all, we regrouped and we said we try again but little by little the house was winning and with only a few chips left we figured we would go big one last time. As the ball spun round the roulette wheel, Skye held my hand and said aloud without making eye contact that if we win we should go back to Ryan’s hotel room; but we didn’t win. I stood up, pulled Skye to her feet who now had a slightly deflated look on her face and said if they are happy then we are going to Ryan’s hotel room right now because I think I might want us to have sex with them but I know at the very least I want to watch them having sex. In no time at all we were walking down the street in silence, a collective moment of our pre sex imaginations running wild about but then Lana’s phone rang and we all stood round as she answered with a string of answers ranging from "Yes" to "Ok", before ending the call by saying she would be there in a minute. She turned to us all and said she needed 10 minutes to rescue a friend and she would meet us all at the hotel room, and then without hesitation she was gone. Ryan paused, had the moment passed?, he looked at us both sheepishly and then he made a joke that I do not recall but was not that funny but did say he had wine and snacks, Skye chipped in that Lana said only 10 minutes so we agreed to keep going to the hotel room. Ryan’s hotel was located in the centre of town and the room was more of an apartment than a classic hotel room and was far more luxurious than our own accommodation. Skye went to bathroom and returned clearly having reset her makeup, brushed her hair and I am not going to lie but for all the drink she had drunk still looked amazing. I stood there in the middle of the room scrolling through the TV channels looking for a music channel while Ryan opened a bottle wine. Skye walked slowly towards me sliding her hips from side to side in time with music, as she got close she wrapped her arms around my waste and started to kiss me. I closed my eyes, like most people do when they kiss but my eyes flicked open just for a second which was enough to see that Ryan had made his way across the room with a glass of wine in his hand and was sat close enough that he could and did reach out and slid his hand up and down Skye’s back and legs. Skye’s body twitched when she felt the second pair of hands on her body but she paid Ryan no further attention and continued to kiss me before starting to rub her body up and against mine, grinding her breast across my chest and sliding her hips against my cock. I had to be careful, she was getting me far too excited but then there was knock at the door. This was my opportunity to get away and compose myself so I headed down the corridor and opened the door to find Lana. Lana smiled, hugged me kissed me on the cheek and burst into the room and without being prompted dropped her coat and started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Clearly Lana was ready to play and I soon found out why because when I did return to the room there stood Skye in the middle of the room where I left her except now she was naked except for her black lace bra and high heels with her dress around her ankles and her body wrapped around Ryan. She looked at me for a split second smiled, licked Ryan on the cheek and then turned all her attention to Lana. Lana had since removed her top and looked amazing in just her skirt and black bra; the two women gravitated towards each other and began to kiss each other while almost wrestling to see who could press their body and breasts harder towards the other one. The two women continued to become more aggressive in the passion of their kissing; their hands gripped pulling and pushing at each other. Lana then pulled away slipped off her skirt off and lead Skye into the bedroom. I had always asked Skye if she would be interested in sex with another women and she had never said no but this was her first time and clearly it was going to happen. They both flopped onto the bed and then again kissing but now their hands were beginning to explore each other’s bodies. The underwear was quickly removed and Lana massaged Skye’s breast before moving down her waist. Skye was clearly wet and Lana fingers slid easily into her pussy and she begin to rhythmically finger fuck her. Skye has never been a selfish lover so in no time at all slid her finger over Lana’s mouth who licked it intently before removing them and placing them inside of Lana, both women continued to hammer at the other’s pussy and no time I could see Skye right there in from of me having an orgasm as the juices began to spread from her pussy. Lana lay back, clearly revelling in her achievement; her arm then extended to the edge of the bed reaching and grabbing the leg of my trousers. She look up at me and then Ryan and said “why so many clothes”. I looked over at Skye who smirked at me and said aloud “you should kiss Lana she is amazing”. I sat down on the edge of the bed, Lana then lifted herself up and pulled me towards her and kissed me, slowly to begin with then with increasing intent, my hand reached out and grabbed Skye’s thigh I did not want her to think I had forgotten her but I had always fantasised about being with two women and it was happening right now. Lana’s hand had begun to play with my cock, inadvertedly flicking past it at first before stroking it and then finally grabbing it firmly and pumping it up and down, my cock was so hard it was almost uncomfortable but I was not going to stop. Lana then pushed me onto my back and proceeded to place my cock in her mouth, sliding her hand up and down the shaft as she flicked the tip of my cock with her lips. I closed my eyes confused whether I should be watching to make sure this was really happening or just indulging purely in the moment. I looked over at Skye, who smiled back at me but then her face tightened as she rocked towards me, and the retreated and then the same again. I look past her to see Ryan was laying behind, I reached down for her pussy and felt the Ryan’s cock inside her. I pulled away I have never felt another man’s hard cock before and had no interest in continuing but it did not disrupt Ryan’s flow and continued to fuck Skye from behind right there next to me. I looked down at Lana’s head my cock still in her mouth and pulled at her shoulder to lift her away from my cock and up to my mouth but what I did not expect was her to climb across my hips and using her hand direct my cock inside her as she straddled my waist. Lana then lifted her body up and down rotating her hips, I grabbed her breast with one hand and grabbed Skye’s with my other hand, teasing and squeezing the nipple until they were both hard. Lana continue to bounce up and down on my cock, I pulled my hand down from her breast and began to stroke her clit, she gasped I was pleased I was doing something right and was then surprised when I felt her pussy start to quiver around my cock as she began to orgasm. Lana was clearly close and became more vocal, her groans getting louder and loader which prompted Skye to sit up on her knees, pulling away from Ryan and joining me in massaging Lana’s clit. With the two of us working together Lana screamed aloud as she climaxed a truly epic orgasm; I felt the juices from her pussy pour all over my cock. Lana for a second went limp, dizzy before regathering herself, she looked at us both smiled and said “thank you both” before starting to ride my cock with even greater intensity then before. She bent over and whispered in my ear “now I am going to make you come”. I grabbed Skye by the hand and pulled her near and we kissed but I could not fight it anymore and I came hard inside Lana with such intensity that I had to ask Lana to stop and give me a second to gather my breath. Lana then turned to Ryan and said “I want you, but I want a glass of wine now”, Ryan sprinted into the lounge he was turning out to be quite obedient. I looked at Skye and said I need some air, she smiled and we both kissed and hugged Lana as we left the room passing Ryan on the way back in. There we stood naked in the lounge lost for words, which turned into giggling, Skye started to get dressed we did no not need words is was time to go. We both got dressed, sneaked a swig of the wine and popped our heads around the corner long enough to see them fucking. We said our quick goodbyes because we both knew we needed to get away and try and process what just happened and decide whether we needed to do it again.

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