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Black, knee high boots.

"Deep conversation, without uttering a word."

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Author's Notes

"I've never written one of these but I thought I would give it a shot. I have had many encounters on KS but i'm yet to meet someone as firey as this."

Two years ago, I sent a message out to a couple. The photo that drew me in was this woman, standing on a balcony facing away from the camera, long, curly, red hair glistening in the sun. She had long legs, a tight waist and a beatiful ass.

I reached out to them, introducing myself. I was met with a reply the next day. A picture of these long black, knee high heeled boots. Inviting me out to meet them for a drink.

I had arrived to the meeting. I leaned up against this pole outside the bar. I waited patiently, not knowing who I might encounter. I hear the tap of boots approaching from behind me. I turn around, and am met with a man and a woman, arm in arm. As she walks towards me, she moves her coat to the side, revealing the long black leather boots. I know they have arrived. He asks me, in a German accent "are you Kevin?". I smile and say yes. I invite them inside. We sit at a table in the middle of the bar. We order our drinks and start chatting.

He reveals that she only speaks German, and that he will translate for me. We talk about ourselves, laughing and enjoying each other's company. We realise that it's a trivia night and we're surrounded by teams. We get to the dirty topics, laughing because we're trying to stay under the radar. Saying our dirty fantasies when the trivia master drowns out our voices.

At the end of the night we set out to leave. Outside of the pub, we are saying our goodbyes and arranging a time to meet. She steps over, grabs my cock and kisses my neck once. I'm stunned. This is the moment I realise she's going to be a handful. He smiles and laughs, taking in the shock on my face. We say our goodbyes.

I arrive at the hotel days later. Room 308. I knock on the door. I hear the tap of boots approaching across a hard wooden floor. She peaks around the corner, ushering me inside. She's wearing nothing but the boots. She closes the door and pushes me onto the bed. I struggle to get my shoes off and the slow, sexy tap of the boots approaches. She gets on bed knees and wraps her lips around my cock. I barely had any time to undress. She suck my cock slowly, licking the bottom of my shaft. I look to my left as he comes out of the bathroom, with a big grin on his face. "she doesn't muck around does she", he says. I laugh in response. He gets naked and gets onto the bed. She gets up off of her knees and bends over the bed. I push her onto the bed, spread her legs and kiss the inside of her thighs. I lick her pussy from bottom to top, stopping at her clit. She moans and clasps the bed sheets. He sticks his cock inside of her mouth while I pleasure her. She gets up. Grabs a condom and puts it on my cock. She's bends over and without saying a word, pulls me closer. I slip my cock inside of her. I slowly push it all the way, as I hit the back she gasps, grabing the backs of my thighs. I speed up. She had his cock in her mouth while I take her from behind. She starts moving faster. We speed up until she climaxes, shaking, Barely holding herself up. He gets up. And she lies back on the bed facing me. I get on top of her, as he starts stoking his cock, swearing at her in German. Calling her a slut. She can't get enough. I rail her deep and fast. He cums in his hand as we're still going. We fuck on the bed, in the shower, on the chair. Finally, I finish, stunned at her vigor.

We all lie back on the bed and chat for hours. He translated. Her and I spoke a thousand words, without ever understanding a word that comes out of each other's mouth. It's late and I say my goodbyes. I get dressed and walk towards the door. The tap of the boots across the hard wood approaches. She nestles into my neck and starts kissing it slowly. I can smell the scent of her long red hair. She moves away and smiles at me. We kiss and she says "goodnight".

Safe to say, we met up multiple times after that. With equally vigorous encounters. I hope to meet more people to share similar experiences with.

Written by Kievin

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