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bi foursome

"first bi foursome in a long time"

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Author's Notes

"this will hopefully be our first night out together after a long absence"

It had been a long time between drinks – in fact it felt like forever but finally we were back together and after a few days of rather tempestuous sessions, it was time to branch out!   It had been a hard choice –  did we go for a bi female, bi male --  but in the end it was a bi couple as T wanted desperately to taste a woman again  but could not resist seeing K get it hard in the ass – so bi couple it was! -- 

The afternoon started well --   couple of quickies here and there – some oral loving , massage and of course a few snifters to relax and get into party mood -  T took the time to get dressed up – put on the glam --  and of course had something new to wear with the outfit – so  another little snifter or too – great music  before it was finally time to grab a cab and head to the club for the meet.


The atmosphere was great – live band  music and dancing – and the chosen couple also looked and smelled great  -- and before long there was all sorts of innuendo, touching dirty dancing and flirting to the max happening.  At one point between dances, I slip two fingers between your legs to find a dripping pussy sucking them deep inside, you push me out before you have to cum but I get a lovely taste which I slowly suck looking directly at our friends. 

She reaches across and does exactly the same – sliding her hand up your thighs before penetrating and expertly pressing inside  triggering a gush of warm liquid over her hands – you again push out before cumming but this time she feeds her partner a taste of you – before you decide to hit the dance floor  as next set of fingers you will definitely let go

The music continues and as the night winds on  we are all kissing each other  off and on --  you him   me him you her in fact just whoever we happen to be next to and its clear that all parties are very keen to get this on.  So at closing time – we decide to head back to their place and have another “drink”

As soon as we are in the door, you and her start kissing passionately whilst we fix drinks,  by the time we get that done , you are both fingering each other and ready to come hard.  We join you on the couch and start kissing and caressing you both. I look at you and then slide be head between her legs and start to suck and lick her pussy. As you watch he does the same to you and before long you are both reaching another orgasm cumming hard in our mouths.

We swap tastes and I reach down between his legs and start stroking his cock, before releasing it fully from his jeans. Meantime you are both undressing each other and she reaches down to rub me and take those tight jeans off --  meanwhile I have his hard cock in my mouth, hands under his balls cupping and squeezing as you watch on  with a hand between your legs  slowly fingering yourself.

You get down on your knees and join me – and we kiss with his hard cock between our lips as we kiss lick and suck him – she slides between your legs and you feel her tongue pushing hard on your clit and two fingers deep in your pussy.   We can feel his cock twitching  so we ease off but then you push me down  and turn me around so my ass is facing him -  you grab his cock  spit on my ass and slide a finger in to show him the way – all the time having your pussy fingered hard

He gets behind me and pushes his cock against my anus – slowly going in feeling the resistance  and your orgasm builds inside you – finally he bursts through and slides deep into my ass causing you to orgasm and squirt all over her hand and face.   As she comes up for air, you move around to my front so I can clean you up as you watch me taking his stiff cock  long slow strokes.

She gets up and winks, whispers in your ear and heads out of the room for a minute – you have a wicked smile on you and the reason for that comes clear when she returns with a bag of toys including two full strap on sets -  with some fairly large apparatus

She straps one set on herself and hands you the other, then she gets around behind her man and inserts herself into his ass --  soon she is fucking him fucking me and in the meantime you have also put your set on and now are holding the back of my head and forcing me down on you.   He cant carry on much longer as the strap on in his ass is getting him off -  and he needs to come – you tell him to pull out as he does so you can watch him come on my ass – which he does with a huge spray – as soon as he does you jump up and get behind me – pushing his hot cum deep into my ass with your strap on

You want it too and she slides behind you and starts to fuck your pussy from behind hard and fast slamming you deeper into me with each thrust.    You come hard and wet with this  and wrench out of me, you quickly get her to lie down and then make me sit on her and ride her big dildo deep in my ass --   I am bursting to come now and you reach around me from behind and wank me hard and fast until I spray my load all over her tits and belly.  You keep me pressed down on her as he comes and starts to lick my cum off her at the same time as sticking two fingers in your pussy and a thumb in your ass -    you have another huge orgasm and finally release me to get off her

We all roll over and breathe  grabbing our drinks and enjoying that moment, there is a lot of laughter and excitement in the air – as we all know this is only the beginning of the night and certainly not the end!

Written by paullesley

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