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The next few weeks were spent preparing for and doing my exams and thus I had no time to call or text her, though she invaded my mind at nite before bed. I would run my fingers across my cock thinking of her, sometimes I would stroke but I wont make mysel...

1 year ago

First time love

Falling in love and sex

Many years ago I was lucky enough to be in charge of a block of University students. Part of that role involved ensuring that they were all safe and cared for. Around about 2 weeks into this role, my friends decided to have a party in the flat in which I...

1 year ago

A Maid's dinner

Tonight’s rules are simple

Velvet had a shower, a long relaxing shower, with plenty of time for reflecting on the three most exciting mornings she has ever had. Velvet questioned why her? Does she look cheap and easy to buy? Does she look so average that a man would not care to hur...