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Cucks first meal

"An introduction to his new role, complete with a snack"

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My fingers delved to my clit, instantly relieving some of the pressure.

It was Sunday morning and I still could feel my fiancees loads dribbling from me from last night as he lay asleep beside me.

My phone vibrated again and I flicked the message open. "Does he know you want to meet up with me?"

"Does that matter?" I replied, nervous.

"It should" he replied. "If he knew what I planned to do to you, he would never let you come...."

"And what plan is that?"

"You know what..." he replied. "I've wanted you for 15 years. I'm going to take what I've wanted...."

"Oooh you are going to take me to the movies?" I said, knowing full well what he ment. I loved toying with him. And I loved knowing he had wanted me since high school. Our
trip to the UK next year would be the perfect time to catch up.

"Noooo" he said. I knew he had been out with his friends drinking and with the time difference would be just getting home.

"What then?" I asked.

"I'm going to take you back to my hotel room and fuck you. I'm going to make you scream my name as I bend you over and spank your ass and fuck you with my big dick until you cum hard and then fill you with my seed..."

"Oh wow....that just made me dribble babe" I replied. I wasn't lying either, the pace of my fingers increased as I delved in to my honey pot and used the fluid as lube for my clit. "Fuck I want you. Are you really big?"

"Do you want to see it?" He asked.

"Yes!" I replied, biting my lip. I glanced over, the love of my life still asleep.

"Say it..." he said

"Please...." I asked. Damn he knew how to turn me on, by making me ask "Please show me your cock...."

I gasped, shuddering as the image came through. It must have been at least 8 inches, fat and curved upward. I know that would tap right into my g spot.

I took an image of my tits, dark brown nipples hard with desire. "I wish you could come all over these right now" I said. I wasn't lying. There was something about his dominance that made me what to kneel before him

"Fuck they are huge!" He replied. "Damn they just made me cum everywhere"

I gasped, so aroused knowing a man halfway across the world had just blown a huge load over me.

As he said his goodbyes and drifted off to sleep, I woke my finacee.

"Baby I need you..." I whispered as he stirred. Grabbing him with my right hand

"What is it?" He asked, concerned, panicked. He rolled to his left side and turned to face me "Are you okay?"

Grabbing his hand I shoved it down my saturated underwear. "I need you!" I groaned desperately.

There was a flurry of activity as underwear was removed and he positioned himself on his side between my legs, my left foot over his thigh and my right knee his torso.

I gasped as he slid into me. He had a devilish grin.

"Wow you are wet.." he exclaimed.

"Well you did fuck me twice last night.." I retorted.

He eyed me suspiciously, a little foggy still from just waking up. "It seems more than just that..."

Before he could even follow the thought process through I spoke.

"I was talking to him...." I said, biting my bottom lip. He knew instantly who I meant.

He slowed his thrusts right down but his body gave away his excitement. His cock bulged inside me as blood rushed to it in excitement.

"Oh yeah?" He tried to say casually.

"Yeah" I said, driving my heels into his body and pushing my pussy onto him, now leading the dance. "Yeah he was telling me how badly he wanted to fuck me"

"Oh fuck..." he gasped. He tried to hide his face in shame but his body gave away his true desires.

"He was playing with himself" I continued, each sentence I spoke sending a spurt of blood to his now throbbing cock. There was no denying he was loving this.

He muffled some inaudible groan.

"I told him how I wished I was there. How I wished I could be on my knees in front of him jerking him off onto my tits"

He moaned and twisted as I tried to get him to continue fucking me but he remained frozen, his shaft throbbing inside me as I secured my legs against him so he couldn't retreat.

"Baby" I said, biting my bottom lip, suddenly aware that maybe I had crossed a line but not caring. "I sent him a photo of my tits"

"Urghhhh" he groaned, involuntarily, his face still hidden in the sheets.

"It made me feel like such a naughty little slut" I admitted. "And I loved it"

"Mmm" he moaned. I could feel my juices everywhere, saturating us both. I was so wet it was saturating my ass and the sheets below.

"He sent me a photo back" I said. He glanced up at me. "Of his.... cock"

He gasped, I felt him pulse inside me again. I drive my hips down into him, pulling him back against me with my feet. I couldn't stand it anymore I needed movement.

"Its so big" I moaned, looking him in the eye.

He looked so desperate. Even though he'd only been inside me for a couple of minutes I could tell he had been holding himself on the precipice the entire time.

It only added fuel to my passionate fire.

"Way bigger than you..." I smirked. "Not..... that that is.. ...difficult"

That pushed him over, his face contorting. "Of fuck!" He moaned as he grabbed, white knuckled, at the sheets

His lizard brain took over, his pupils dilating like dinner plates.

He drove his hips forward, with one powerful thrust as his dick exploded inside me.

It felt like a fire hydrant had been released against my cervix, his animal growls loud  and uncontrollable. His face continued to contort as he wrestled with the pleasure and shame of the situation. I'd never seen him cum so hard or so fast before, the embarrassment of it being so fast meaning he couldn't fully enjoy it, unable to fully relax and live in the moment.

"Urrrgggg" he groaned, shuddering a final thrust. He turned his face down to the bed, softening cock now sliding from my saturated hole like a slimy eel. "I'm sorry" he muttered into the bed.

"Don't be" I said, grinning. Knowing how hot he found it was such a turn on.

Something he had mentioned a few times crossed my mind and I figured it was time to see how far I could push him.

Reaching over, I grabbed his pillow and lifted my hips and scooted it underneath my butt, feeling a small dribble as I did so.

I spread my legs slightly, cooing "come here baby" as he swung around between my legs and began moving up towards my face, eyes locked on mine.

My hands found his hair, halting his progress around my sparkling sapphire belly button piercing. I ran both hands though his hair over and over and then gently but firmly began pushing him downwards.

His body language screamed confusion, at first resisting me and then some nervous energy at what I was doing. I needed to clarify.

"Since you came so quickly...." I began, surprising even myself with the authority in my voice, " can have the honour of begging to clean me up"

"Umm but you have said in the past..." he began, his voice shaky. I knew where he was going, and I'd previously said how I wasn't all that comfortable with him going down on me in the morning or after he'd cum, but this was different. I cut him off.

"Shut up" I commanded. "BEG"

"Please baby" he begged, his confusion leaving at my reassurance and direction. "Please let me clean you up"

The desperation and whine in his voice made me gush, unbridled power running through each cell of my body. "Please let me eat my cum like a little bitch"

A glow of satisfaction flowed through my upper body. I dug my heels into his back, tightening my grip on his hair as I guided him to the base of my slit.

"You may" I hissed.

My head flew back into the pillow as his tounge delved into me. The kink of the situation was overwhelming, electricity bursting from my nerve ending, my entire body pulsing.

I felt him extracting fluid with his tounge, delving sucking, slurping and retrieving before pausing while he swallowed, each itteration deeper inside me. It must have felt like and overwhelming and never ending task as my juices flowed adding to the mixture.

He slid it tounge from me, swirling and licking up and down the edges of me as I craved more. He kissed and slurped and sucked his way up to my clit and it took every effort to push him back down.

"Did I say you can do that?" I said, more of a statement than a question. "Cleaning only"

He uttered unknown words to himself as I clamped down on with my legs as he got back to work. I guided him with my firm girp of his hair.

"Get it all" I moaned. Pushing him lower. He took the hint as I spread my legs wider, flickering his tounge as it moved south over my taint.

My eyes rolled back and I moaned, loud. He was an expert with his mouth and it drove me insane every time, but this was amplified beyond a magnitude I'd ever felt. He had such amazing skills with his mouth, never failing to satisfy me.

He began the one thing he knew I couldn't resist. The one thing that drove me insane and turned me into a mess. As his tounge swirled slowly around my asshole, I shut my eyes and released one of my hands from his hair, my fingers rubbing my clit.

He swirls slowly in like a whirlpool before diving deep inside my sacred hole. Nothing felt more erotic, nerves popping with excitement as his wet, wiggling mouth snake explored my ass. He felt little resistance as my holed opened up for him, causing further flooding from my pussy.

The sensations and the kink where overwhelming, he was so deep inside me it was like he was scratching an inch I didn't even know existed, let alone could be reached. I could feel myself approaching the precipice of an overwhelming orgasm and could no longer hold it back. I just needed to make some adjustments to make it perfect, before it was too late.

I pulled him up to my pussy and shoved him deep into my folds, moaning as he complied. My fingers upped their pace and I edged closer to my target.

"Clean my dirty, slutty pussy" I moaned, "lick those three loads from me while I rub myself over another man's cock...."

I pushed him deep inside me, the truth is he wasn't going down on me as much as I was fucking his face. I no longer concieved any notion of if he was comfortable or enjoying himself. I was overcome with desire. The sloppy noises and hurried passion were too much and my mind suddenly exploded into darkness.

My back arching as my heels pressed him deeper, my screams cried out into the early morning air. My body exploded, each nerve shooting fireworks as I twisted and turned, flashes of light blinding me as I humped his face mercilessly. Wave after wave of oragsm flowed through me, delivering from each nerve ending with colorful, psychedelic fire.

My pussy exploded on him and I felt pump after pump of juice pressurize against his face, mirroring each wave of pleaure with equal intensity. Fireworks blinded me beneath my eyelids and my voice box ached as I muttered curses in tounges of old.

Slowly I began to regain consciousness, my senses reawakening like a far away light approaching and illuminating my surroundings. My legs ached and between twitches I slowly relaxed them, allowing my lover breath again. I felt the saturation of the sheets and pillow beneath me and relaxed my white knuckles from from bedsheets to reveal microtears in the fabric from the overwhelming sensation.

I became aware of she shaking between my legs and that it was not my own. I sat up, unsure of the damaged I had caused him in the chaos of it all. "Are you okay?" I asked.

He glanced up at me and then back to the sheets and I knew instantly from the look of regret on his face what had happened. "Show me" I instructed.

He adjusted, almost against his will and I looked down his body. Streaks of white cum were soaking into the sheets from in front of his now softening member. "Did you just cum yourself?" I asked. He didn't he look up, just nodded. "Pathetic"

I reached over and grabbed my phone, opening the camera. "Clean it" I instructed, videoing him as his tounge extended and licked his involuntary mess up.

When he finished I rolled over, repositioning myself with the pillow beneath my hips so my ass was elevated and fully exposed to him. I didn't even bother looking back at him.

"Eat my ass, you cuck bitch" I instructed without mercy. "Eat my ass while I tell our bull all about our little adventure....."

Written by Anonymous

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