Rather than fiction, I thought I'd write a true story this time. Just to see how it goes.

I was chatting on KS and got a proposition. A couple would be visiting Wellington, had a Motel and was seeing if anyone was keen on joining them. I shyly said yes and numbers were exchanged.

I was nervous, this was my first hook up through KS. There was a lot of internal umming and ahhing but they seemed very nice in chat, and their photos were dead sexy. Also, they were very complimentary about my photos and appreciated my camming for them.

A few more photos were exchanged through text messaging and a time and place was arranged.

I got more and more nervous as the day got closer. On the day itself, I was almost shaking with nerves and excitement.

After a couple of drinks after work to try and calm my nerves, I caught a bus to their Motel. Matty was on the Motel balcony as I approached, he invited me in with a big friendly smile and introduced me to Anna. They were so laid back and down to earth, they put me at ease at once.

We opened a couple of beers and chatted for a bit. Even though I was now a bit bit more relaxed, I was still a bit nervous and didn't quite know how to approach the next stage. I kept looking at Anna who was in a T-shirt and shorts, but obviously not wearing a bra with her gorgeous breasts straining against the thin cotton. I suggested that I have a quick shower, they agreed and I quickly undressed in the Motel bathroom.

The shower was very quick. I got out and dried myself and wondered what I should do next. I wrapped the towel around me and cautiously went back to the main room.

The sight before me made me gasp. Both Anna and Matt were naked lying on the bed. Matt was already hard and Anna was stroking his fat cock. My towel dropped to the floor and my cock sprung to full length in a nano-second.

Anna beckoned me to the bed. I lay on one side with Matt on the other. Anna's hand went straight for my cock and her mouth met mine and she kissed me passionately while her other hand continued to stroke Matt's cock. My hands gently moved over her breasts, down across her torso, first brushing her thighs then back to her breasts, feeling her wonderful hard nipples.

Matt moved towards the foot of the bed and put himself between Anna's legs. He positioned his cock up against Anna's pussy and gently pushed it in. It was the first time I got a really good look at it, it was quite a bit bigger than mine, about the same length but much fatter. It looked really good going into Anna's cunt. I didn't have much time to contemplate his size as Anna had pulled me up so was was kneeling by her head, and her mouth was greedily moving all over my cock.

Anna really seemed to be enjoying herself with Matt's fat cock in her pussy and mine in her mouth.

Matt pulled out of Anna's pussy and moved up the bed. His cock was wet with Anna's juices and very hard. I had never touched another man's hard cock before, but his looked so big and inviting, I reached out and gave it a few strokes.

He moved up so he was kneeling on the other side of Anna, so her mouth could reach his cock as well. She grabbed both our cocks and pushed them together so she could try to fit them both in her mouth. Both together she couldn't quite manage it but she rubbed them against each other and licked them and took them in her mouth one at a time. I was in heaven. I was too much in heaven, I didn't want to cum too early so I pulled out of Anna's greedy mouth and moved between her legs. Her shaven pussy looked delightful. I parted her pussy lips and started to explore her cunt with my mouth and tongue.

I licked from top to bottom, pausing to kiss her thighs and stomach before moving my mouth back to her delicious cunt. While Matt was fucking her mouth with his fat cock I was sucking her clit.

We all moved positions so sometimes Anna was sucking both our cocks, or she was riding Matt while I played with her clit or I was rubbing my cock against her beautiful breasts.

At one point, Anna was on her back and Matt was fucking her. I was back to kneeling by her head with my cock in her mouth. Matt lent forward and started to kiss Anna while still fucking her. My cock got trapped between their lips, moving from Anna's mouth to Matt's and then back to Anna's. It was so sexy. I was suprised I didn't blow my load across the room at that point.

I almost came again a few moments later. I was on my back and Anna was fucking me, riding me nicely, while I sucked on her nipples. Matt moved around behind her and tried to force his cock in at the same time. Again, both our cocks together were too big and it couldn't really be done but feeling his cock pushing up aganist mine while it was in Anna's tight pussy nearly pushed me over the edge.

I pulled out and Anna rolled onto her back and Matt started fucking her again, but harder now. By this stage we had been going for ages and all three of us were glistening with sweat. I leaned over to watch, I couldn't get enough of watching his fat cock going in and out of Anna's pussy. I watched for a while getting really close, and then started licking Matt's balls while he pounded Anna's cunt. This was enough to push him over the edge and he blew his load into Anna.

I was right on the edge and asked Anna where she wanted my load. She put her mouth over my cock and started sucking and licking again. She took my cock out of her mouth briefly just to say, 'You can cum in my mouth if you'd like'. Those words were enough, I just exploded. It felt like I was pumping for ages, just streams of cum done her throat. She gobbled up the whole lot.

All three of us lay glistening with sex and sweat. It was a great evening, group sex is so good I just now want more of it,