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20 May 2021

From Palmy to Palm City: Part 3. At her service....

Treating her like a Princess


4 minute read

I could see her skin was beautifully smooth as she lay there motionless in the black blindfold, afternoon autumn sunlight streaming through the window onto her pale body. I stood there at the foot of the bed, feeling sexy in her silky lacy lingerie. This was erotic My mind sent back to the endless emails we had had, her fantasies and mine. My barefeet silently walked around the bed to the side of her. I slowly lowered my head until my lips ever so gently touched hers. A nervous wry smile appeared on the mouth as I momentarily withdrew, kissed her neck a few times, and then her ears like she had requested. Still there was just silence apart from our quiet relaxed breathing. Then I went back to the mouth for sensual seconds. When I released myself from the masked stranger's kiss, I picked up the moisturiser bottle on the bedside table and walked back to the foot of the bed. I squirted some cream in my palm, knelt, and set to work on massaging her left foot. The sudden urge to do something a little humorous led to her first real response of the afternoon. I suddenly decided to put her big toe in my mouth and sucked it inwards hard. She stifled a low key giggle. We had agreed to have no words. I massaged the base of her heel, the foot's centre, then her ankles, Then circles around the base of her toes. On starting the second foot there were a couple of low quiet noises of pleasurable comfort coming from the other end of the bed. I stood up and ever, ever so gently used my hands with a light touch across her torso to encourage her to roll onto her tummy. It was so tempting to rush this, but I didnt. It was only 3.45. A bird in the hand is as good as 2 in the bush... This bird was now putty in my hands as my hands glided up and down the full length of her legs. The contours of her calves and hamstrings felt good under my fingers. The higher up the legs I went, the closer I got to the sexy eye-candy that were her black lacy satin knickers. I knew it wouldn't be long before I could get my hands around that panty-clad arse but it wasnt going to be yet. Her head was facing to the right, laid on the pillow, mouth in a relaxed state. I decided to stand up and make those lips a little more alert again. I kissed them gently, then her neck and shoulders... and followed across to her ear for a nibble. My hands drifted across to her back, where I deftly unclasped her bra. The skin was delectable. I kissed it where the strap had once been. Then again. And again. I must have kissed that back all over. Every inch. 50 times or more. The stranger pursed a smile. Then, being a playful bastard, I got the moisturiser bottle and squirted some of the cold contents directly onto her back, inviting a reactionary squeal. I straddled her, just below her arse. My cock, in her panties, made contact in the cleavage of her black knicker-clad bum. My hands did long sweeps up her spine and then sideways to the shoulders as I reached her neck. I was enjoying this and I think she was too. I repeated this for 5 to 10 minutes, only pausing for a split second to recharge the amount of cream on her back, as I felt this woman relaxing and melting under the spell of my finger touch. I began fantasising that I was using my cum on her back and rubbing it in... I got off her thighs. I could see a spot of damp pre-cum darkening the panties of hers I was wearing. She wasn't the only one enjoying this. Your pleasure is mine, my dear stranger... I stood by the side of the bed and wiped my hands on one of those typical stark-white motel-towels. I gently rolled her back onto her back, her breasts a little less controlled now the bra straps had been unclasped.. Beneath the mask her mouth smiled again, which I saw as an invite to kiss it. I held the right side of her hair with my right hand as I did so. With this kiss I was far more selfish. With my loose left hand I slid my hand inside the bra cup and held her breast in my palm. More than a handful it was. the fingers found the nipple and gently squeezed, which encouraged her shoulder blades to contract in reaction and a slight noise of air expelling from her mouth. I swiftly moved the hand across the shoulder and down the arm with her shoulder strap, exposing the breast so that my mouth could zone in and suck the exposed nipple... another gasp of air was heard. Still no words had been spoken... And then I could wait no longer. This was the moment her black panties had to come down.

Tags: bbw, crossdressing, motel, stranger, fact

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