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A couple join us

"My Master is in charge"

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There is a knock on the door and my master goes to let Mike and Sara in while I busy myself in the kitchen making snacks. I am wearing a short dress with no panties underneath, aswell as some benwa balls inside me, stimulating me with every movement. As they come into the house, I admire Sara for her pretty dress, welcoming her with a kiss on the cheek. I also greet Mike standing back to take a look at his well groomed attire taking in his complete body, dress sense and aroma.

I then turn to my Master and ask him if he is happy with how I am dressed, pulling the top of my dress down to show him my choice in bra. He approves so I show him that I have obeyed his orders lifting my dress to reveal my naked smooth pussy.

Then I turn to Mike and Sara and return to the social etiquette that is expected with hospitality, asking them politely if they would like a drink. Jucy takes charge and pours these for them, and we exchange some pleasant conversation about our days interspersed with questions about their swinging experiences/fantasies. We then take our drinks and politely show Mike and Sara around the house. "This is the kitchen island where you can put your drinks but also where Jucy fucks me" I say.

Politely I lay on the island and open my legs to show them how this works. Jucy then places his lips over my pussy and inserts his tongue inside me licking me ravenously. And just like that he stops. He orders me "Luscious, you should show this couple where I really like to fuck you."

I’m Immediately up, civilised pulling my dress down again.

I say “Excuse me. Where are my manners?” And head to the couch, where I innocently ask “Is this where you mean Master?”

I again open my legs and start to touch myself. As I politely offer the couple some snacks with my other hand. My Master walks over to me and says "That is not where I meant. Now get on your knees and suck me."

I dutifully kneel down before him and pull his jeans down, revealing his hard cock. I take it fully into my mouth and slowly submerge it deep inside, rubbing my tongue over his cock as I take it in over and over.

Sara comes over and asks if she can join in. Jucy allows this and so she bends down beside me and takes my face into her hands kissing me passionately on the lips. She then takes Jucy’s cock into her mouth. As she does this, her husband Mike watches wishing it was him.

Sara and I kneel beside one another before Jucy, each taking turns to suck him, touching each other at times our mouths are not utilised, first rubbing over each other’s bodies, then removing bra’s, fondling one another’s breasts and sucking each other’s nipples.

Jucy invites Mike to join him. Mike stands beside Jucy and we alternate between their cocks. As we do this, I feel Sara’s fingers against my pussy rubbing the wetness and inserting her fingers inside me. I do the same to her as we pleasure our men and each other.

Then Jucy says to me “Turn around’. I turn to all fours with his cock against my pussy. Sara does the same, her pussy by my lips so I can lick her as she continues sucking Mike. Jucy fucks me hard and with meaning. Each pulse he does is deliberate and full of intention. After a while, Jucy instructs us all to turn around. Mike fucks Sara from behind as Sara licks me and I suck Jucy. We are one big chain.

We alternate a few times, until Jucy stops to get out 2 condoms. He gives one to Mike saying “Wear this and you can Fuck my Wife”.

As the Men fiddle with their condoms, Sara and I reach for one another kissing each other’s lips, necks and breasts. We touch and explore one another until I feel a hard cock against my pussy. I realise this is Mike now wearing his condom and he pushes deep inside me. Jucy is doing the same with Sara. So we are the centrepiece 2 girls fully embraced turned on and exploring one another, while we are fucked by one another’s husbands until we all erupt in one big orgasm.

When it is all over and Mike and Sara leave, My Master takes me to the bed and their he reclaims me over and over, just him and I and no one else.

That is my fantasy...

Written by JucyandLuscious

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