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Cuck cleanup

"Bound cuck awaits the return of his hotwife"
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You struggled against your bonds, each of your limbs isolated to the four corners of the bed.

Your cock ached against its chastity cage. It had been a week since you had been allowed to come but the last three days had really been torture locked like this.

You thought you might finally get release after arriving home to see her dressed to the nines in her little black fuck me dress and stockings. Instead she tied you to the bed and you knew she was out fucking another guy.

She was your fiancée, how could she do this to you? Well maybe if you hadn't of asked, no, make that begged for this, you wouldn't have been in this mess.

You stared at the roof and waited, unsure how long it had been, wondering just what she was doing.
Who she was with.
Your mind playing tricks on you.
It only made your balls swelled and ache further against the metal, choking your cock before it could fully harden. It was beautiful torture.

You finally hear the door click as she unlocked it, straining to hear if she was alone. Relief flowed through you as she was, and you watched her amazing silhouetted figure stride sensually down the hallway towards your bedroom, her heels clicking on the tiles.

She entered with a shy smile and placed her bag in the chair. "How was your evening dear?" You asked, casually.

"Fantastic" she smiled, leaning over and kissing you deeply. "Want to see what I got up to?"

She took out her phone as you nodded. Opening the images, she scrolled to the first picture. You looked on in amazement, a huge cock in her mouth as she looked up at the camera. Your own dick strained in agony against its restraints as you saw the two carrot diamond engagement ring wrapped around his veiny member.

"He was so big" she smiled. "And he fucked me so hard, i lost my panties somewhere at his house"

You groaned against your restraints and she stood up, unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor. You admired her gorgeous body, thin and toned with soft skin. She looked so sensual in thigh highs and heels, no panties and a black and green lace bra supporting her shapely c cup breasts.

"He was so nice" she said, moving back to kneel beside you on the bed and throwing one leg over you. Your cock strained and yearned for her. "He even gave you two gifts...."

"Gifts?" You said confused as she shimmied up your body, before glancing down and realizing just as she covered your lips with her pussy.

"Eat him from me" she said looking down on you, her voice no longer shy but assertive.  You must have looked so panicked, staring up past her peirced belly button and taned skin to her smile.

You immediately complied, tounge sliding into her as she let out a sexy little moan. You felt her familiar juices as they hit your tongue, but something was different.

It was a strange taste and texture and you instantly knew it was another man. You couldn't help but search for more. Your tounge pushed deeper into her and scooped some into your mouth.

You shuddered and your nipples hardened as your cock ached. You felt the slimy oyster of another man's load in your mouth. Her moans of satisfaction and feeling how aroused she was only added to your desperation.

Her fingers ran softly through your hair. "Swallow it" She commanded. You felt it slide to the back of your tongue and you opened your throat and swallowed. Your whole body shuddered and your mind exploded with the kink of the situation, goosebumps flowing over you in waves as she cooed in approval.

You didn't even wait for her to tell you do do more, embracing your inner bitch as you delved your tongue deep into her in search of more man seed. Scoop after scoop you spooned it into your throat like an obedient little sissy.

You dared to open your eyes and look up at her and what you saw made you so proud, her eyes rolling back in her head as you cleaned her pussy. One hand remained gently running her fingers through your hair while the other steadied herself on the headboard as she was lost in pleasureland.

You explored deeper and deeper, sucking and cleaning her as thoroughly as possible. You knew from the picture she showed you that his massive cock must have pumped deep inside her and you strained to your limits to clean her deeply as gravity aided your efforts.

You kept up your work as the flavors slowly changed back to her more familiar juices. You could tell she was enjoying herself and she flowed into your mouth and over your face and you struggled to breath at times.

She became more active, slowly grinding her clit into your face as her moans became more hurried. You kept your tongue deep inside her as she rocked on it like a face dildo. You suddenly became aware once again of the aching in your cock, the distraction of eating her bulls cum passing.

Her fingers gripped your hair firmly as you struggled for breath, bracing against your restraints as her juices sloshed In your nose and she smothered your mouth with her cunt. You would happily suffocate and die in that moment if it meant she would climax.

Her cries of pleaured rained out, muffled by her toned thighs against your ears. She gripped your hair tightly and shuddered, releasing juices all over your face before finally sliding off and letting you breathe.

"Oh my gosh" she smiled, snuggling into your chest. You could feel her tiny frame shaking beside you as she gripped on tight to you. "I don't think I've ever felt as truly sexually satisfied as I have in this moment" she said, kissing you.

She reached up and unclipped your right arm from its bond and then your right leg. You shook with anticipation and your balls now ached, filled with cum that craved released.  To your surprise she reached down, rolling your right leg to your left and securing them together.

You were puzzled as she undid her bra and then settled in between your legs as little spoon, reaching over and doing the same thing with your arm as if to wrap herself into you as a cocoon.

"Please baby" you begged. "Its sore.... baby please" you begged.

She snuggled her naked skin against yours and rested her head on your arm. "Maybe tomorrow" she said. "Though he did want me to visit him again tomorrow. He wanted to introduce me to some of his friends.... goodnight my love"

You felt her drift off to sleep in your arm.

Throb went your cock.

You were a cuck now. And loving each and every minute.


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