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It’s my party and I’ll cum if I want to

"In the darkness of a grope tent anything is possible"
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Author's Notes

"To anyone who has ever been to one of our parties, you’ll know the layout of this story 😉😉"

It’s Saturday night of the party, you and Brian arrive a little later, not wanting that awkward first couple conversation. As you walk down the drive you can hear laughter.

Knocking on the door you give Brian a kiss, looking at each other knowing that whatever happens, tonight will be memorable and something you both will share.

I open the door and you can see I’m in my boxers and a black shirt. Seeing you both my smile becomes wider. I give Brian a big hug and then turn to you. I kiss you passionately and invite you both in.

It’s so great you could make it I say and I lead you upstairs.

You can see the party has started with a number of couples down to their underwear, some couples having started.

On the couch two women are giving a husband a blow job, on the other side one of the women is having her pussy eaten out, and there are numerous kissing couples starting to enjoy the evening.

I’ll give you the tour I announce as we walk to the kitchen. Here’s the socialising area, snacks on the table and drinks here. Down the hall the bathroom and toilet. Further down here is a changing area if you need. Outside mingling area and upstairs are the private rooms for those who wish to be more discreet with their play.

Here we have a viewing space I announce and you see two women enjoying being fucked by two different machines.

One is a mechanical cock which was pistoning furiously in and out of her pussy, the other the sybian in which another woman was grabbing the edges for dear life as the rubber cock inside her pussy continued to vibrate and send waves of pleasure through.

You grab my hand as I lead you back towards the lounge and downstairs. We make our way down the stairs to a bedroom with red lights.

Welcome to the dungeon I exclaimed. Here you could see a myriad of sex toys, whips, paddles and crops and on the bed a man was being restrained, his hard cock pronounced as his wife teased him with the leather tassels of a whip.

Next to him another couple were fucking doggy style and he was kissing the woman as her partner slid his cock in and out, her hands held behind her back as he pumped hard and fast into her.

Then I lead you into the garage, here a number of people are enjoying the spa. All naked and in various stages of playing and chatting I point out the sex swing and the grope tent. I lean in and whisper to you ‘that’s where I want to take you later’. You squeeze my hand and look at me. ‘Wow this is amazing’ you say.

Another knock at the door and I have to let you go to welcome other guests, but I know Brian has you safe and sound.

You and Brian wonder through the house and watch as couples and singles mingle. You head back downstairs and a woman is now tied to the bed, blindfolded. Her husband asks if you would like to try her, you shake your head no. He asks Brian who looks at you. You nod your head and watch as your husband moves between this strangers thighs and begins to lick her pussy. Watching him administer to her your pussy tingles and an urge of longing overcomes you.

You feel a hand reach around to hold you, you gasp in surprise and look back to see me behind you. You relax and move back more feeling me press against you, my hard cock at your lower back and my lips on your neck.

I slowly take your dress off, and move my hand to your pussy, rubbing you through the thin material.

‘Do you like watching your husband lick that woman’s pussy’ I whisper in your ear before I start to nibble. ‘Yes’ you whisper back as my hand moves under the waistband and down to feel the smoothness of you lips, running my finger over your wet slit, getting my finger wet and bringing it up to your clit.

You press your ass against me and start rotating your hips, my head cock straining to feel more of you.

Soon you start to shake as the waves of your first orgasm hits you. ‘Fuck’ you cry out as you turn and kiss me passionately.

I ask Brian if I can borrow you and he nods before resuming his oral skills on the now whimpering woman, completely lost in his ministrations.

I lead you to the garage and towards the grope tent. We enter the pitch black environment and kiss again. I feel you reach down to free my cock as you start to stroke it. I feel as you kneel before me, your hot breath teaching the head of my cock before I feel the soft kisses of your mouth on my shaft. Then that moment as your lips encase the head of my cock and I moan, reaching down and feeling your head moving back and forth along my hard cock.

You continue to suck my cock deeper into your mouth as I place my hand at the back of your head and start moving my hips, matching you.

I pull you up and kiss you hard. I can taste myself on your lips. I can wait no longer I pull your underwear down and turn you round. I slide the top of my cock along your wet pussy lips, hearing you moan. I need you, I need to be inside you as the tip of my cock sinks into you and you push back against me. Your hot wet pussy engulfs my hard cock and I hold myself inside you, savouring the feeling before you start moving against me.

At this I grab your hips and start to fuck you hard. My balls slap against you as you feel my hard cock filling you more and more. Deeper, harder, faster my cock moves in and out of you as you moan uncontrollably.

I can feel that familiar building up in my balls and I tell you I’m about to cum. Quickly you pull me out and grab my cock, stroking me faster. ‘Cum on me baby I need to feel you cum all over me’. At that the last of my resistance fails and I shoot my load all over you ‘fuck yes’ you cry out as you stroke my cock. 

I stand you up and kiss you passionately as we exit the tent. Brian is standing there with a big grin on his face, seeing my cum splattered all over you. Must be my turn he says, as the three of us enter the bedroom, getting ready to please you even more xxxxxx

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