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Unexpected edging

"Cuck nearly blows his load during cleanup"

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Unexpected explosion

I knelt on the carpet by the door as I heard the car pull up the driveway.

I heard the muffled voices outside the front door as I knelt on the carpet behind the lobby door, butt naked, hands behind my back.

The room was flicking with soft candlelight as I toyed with my wedding ring and swallowed nervously, trying to breathe deeply and keep my heart from exploding from my chest.

The door clicked and key turned, a light squeak before it shut behind her. I heard the clicking of her heels on the tiles as the car started in the driveway and crept off into the night.

My cock stood to attention, glistening with precum. My balls hung freely, aching and full, having not been emptied for two weeks. Some cucks were restricted in cages, but her simple orders were all I needed to remain chastised.

I heard the softness of her fingers on the door handle before it turned, swinging between us into the lobby as she entered, shutting it once again behind her.

She looked impeccable, her long brown hair cascading down between her ample bosom, immaculate presented in a long sleeved short black dress. There was a glint in her deep hazel eyes and her lips were full, white teeth peering behind her beautiful, knowing smile.

Her long, toned legs were clad in black stockings, the top lace barely teasing my vision. I licked my lips as the vision.

“How was your evening, my queen?” I asked.

“Shhhh” she said calmly, her heels clicking ominously as she strode towards me. “We both know what it is that you truely want…”

She gripped and lifted the hem of her snug dress up the front of her legs to reveal her pussy, a dark strip of trimmed pubic hair lining her heavenly hole, the remainder waxed smooth.

As she reached me she parted her legs, placing a foot either side of my trembling thighs. She brought a hand to the back of my head and guided my face towards her sex.

I instinctively parted my lips, as I had countless times before. As my mouth made contact, her hips driving forwards and grinding herself into my face.

“Mmmm” groaned as I appreciated her sweet scent. “He did such a good job tonight baby… he pumped three loads of black, alpha cum inside me for you to clean up…”

My tongue delved inside her and I shuddered at the taste of her goey mess. The taste of his oyster dripped to the back of my throat as i clambered for deep breaths through my nose, inhaling their combined scent which only seemed to engorge my cock even further.

“Oh fuck he was on fire tonight” she groaned, recalling the evening. “He’s just so big and delicious… he really knows how to fuck me like a proper man”

She kicked off her heels, adjusting her weight into one leg and leaning against the bench beside us, wrapping her other leg around my shoulder so I could access deeper inside her. I began licking with newfound vigour as she pushed me deeper and deeper with her heel.

His flavours were getting less and less prominent and she was now leaking her own clear juices, clearly turned on by the whole situation.

“He told me he liked my knew ring” she said. “But I told him it had never looked as brilliant as it did in that moment, wrapped around his big, black, beautiful cock…”

I shuddered. Our recent wedding day had been the one time her bull had spoken directly to me, messaging me the morning of and congratulating us, but also expressing his displeasure at not being invited as he would have liked to watch my face as he fucked my now wife while she was still in her wedding dress.

“He also said…” she continued, “that since I have a new ring, he deserves one too…”

She angled her hips up and pushed my face down lower.  It had been something she had always vehemently rejected, anal play, yet here I knelt, eating her ass.

“How does it feel..” she groaned between gasps, “knowing next time I see my lover, that he’s going to take my anal virginity?”

She didn’t even give me a chance to respond, though she may have noticed my involuntary whimper. Not that I wanted to speak, enjoying exploring this new orifice at her request. She was clearly enjoying to too, fluids leaking from her as prolifically as the unbridled groans from her throat.

She released my head momentarily and I gasped for breath, watching as she spun 180 degrees and bent over at the hips, bracing herself on the bench and reaching back to part her cheeks. I gratefully got to work worshipping her inner sanctum.

She adjusted her weight slightly and accidentally brushed my cock with her stocking clad foot, forcing a muffled cry into her ass. I was so sensitive after two weeks with no release and all of tonight’s adventures, it felt agonisingly torturous.

“Oh you like that?” She teased, her foot going back to my shaft. She gently ran the arch of her foot up the underside and I groaned out, my heart pounding in my chest and my head spinning.

She repeated several, slow stokes before resting her foot on the underside of me, wiggling her toes on my extremely swollen balls.

It was all too much.

My head rushed and I panicked.

“Pineapples, pineapples, pineapples!” I cried out in dismay.

She immediately broke, spinning and hugging me, kneeling and kissing my face.

“It’s okay baby!” She reassured me. “It’s okay. We are done I’ve stopped! I’m here it’s us! We are okay. It’s okay! I didn’t mean to push you too far”

I’d only ever had to use the safe word once before, when handcuffs had slipped and cut off the circulation to my wrists. I burnt with shame.

We broke off and I ran her a bath, cleaning and bathing her down before cleaning myself off. As much as I adored the intensity, it was difficult. We cuddled into bed in soft sheets and she wrapped me from behind.

“I’m sorry i overstepped the mark…” she whispered. I paused, tensing slightly.

“It….. it wasn’t too far…” I said, nervously. “I loved it… too much….”

I felt her shift behind me, confused.

“It was that I loved it too much” I continued. “I didn’t have permission to cum… and what you were doing felt too good. And with everything else…. I panicked. I was going to cum without permission if you didn’t stop and …i…..I panicked”

“From my foot?” She giggled. “In like 10 seconds”

I couldn’t even respond, just nodded.

I felt her energy change and I got a little scared.

Her voice was low and direct. An instruction, it wasn’t up for question

“Go get your cuck cock cage from the top drawer….” she growled.

“…This evening is far from done”

Written by Nzwifehunter

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