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Sun, Sea & Sex

"Easter adventures at the beach"

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Travelling North to Bream Bay at Easter was an annual event. The sea is still warm and generally, although not always, the weather good. The beach to the south of Uretiti campground has become renowned for nude bathers. Although predominantly male, there are single females and couples sunning themselves on the beach and venturing into the water to cool off.

A few years ago I travelled with my partner at the time, Kate, to Uretiti campground to relax and get out of Auckland for a few days. We always enjoyed the water and even when the camp was full there always seemed to be plenty of space on the beach. Particularly if you were prepared to walk 10 minutes, North or South, from the main access point. Until now we’d always walked North towards Ruakaka, placed our towels etc. lay on the beach reading and regularly entered the water. 

We would often kiss and hold each other whilst in the sea and, when the waves allowed, embrace whilst touching each other intimately. I found this extremely arousing, particularly with it being in public. I’d have to wait for my cock to soften before returning to the shore, not wanting everyone to see my obvious tumescence in my shorts.

Every morning, before breakfast, we would go for a swim. I found it invigorating and set me up for the day. We would drop our towels near the access point and just head straight into the sea for a short dip.

On this particular morning, taking Kate’s hand we started to walk South, away from the few people that had also decided to take a morning swim. She looked at me quizzically, and I just smiled back. After about 5 minutes I felt we were far enough away from the access point. Given that that the sun had not long risen, there were no nudists occupying their usual spot. 

I dropped my towel and started to run into the water. The water was cold and as I dove in it took my breath away. I turned to see Kate following me. She looked so gorgeous in this light. The sun shining on her bronzed legs and body. She dove in too and was quickly beside me. We swam a little way out so that she could barely touch the bottom. I was a good 8 inches taller than Kate so could comfortably stand. The sea was calm and the waves gently lifted and then dropped us back to the sea floor. 

I pulled Kate towards me and pressed my lips against hers. She put her arms around my neck and  I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her legs around my waist. I was already getting hard as my tongue explored her mouth. She pulled herself against me, feeling my cock swell and pressing against her inner thigh. I pulled the cord on my shorts and pushed them down my thighs, my cock springing out and free. I loved the feeling of my nakedness and felt free. I pulled Kate’s bikini bottoms to the side and caressed her shaven lips with my middle finger. I found her clit and rubbed back and forth along her pussy lips, stopping at her clit each time to give it a little extra rub. I could feel how wet and aroused she was. I raised her up slightly, hovering above my now rigid cock, gently lowered her on to it. The warmth of her pussy was in stark contrast to the surrounding water. She moved up and down on my cock using my shoulders as leverage. It felt so good. She felt so good. We kissed more deeply and I could taste the saltiness of the sea on her lips. Kate started moving a little faster and tiled her hips towards me to better envelope my cock and rub her clit against my groin. With her legs so spread and open I pushed as deep as her pussy would allow. She didn’t last long and she bit my shoulder as she came. 

For the first time since Kate joined me in the water, I looked back to shore. I could see a man, around 40 watching us, from the top of the dunes. He clearly knew what was happening. I slowly turned around so Kate was now facing the shoreline and told her that we were being watched. She said she couldn’t see anyone watching us. I turned 90 degrees so I could look again. Sure enough the man had disappeared. The thought of someone watching Kate and I had aroused me further. I wanted to cum too. 

I lifted Kate off my cock, pulled my shorts up and said I wanted to go in. I was still hard but no-one was nearby and would see the prominent protrusion in my shorts. In any case I used my left hand to press it against my body. Kate had adjusted her bikini bottoms and was beside me as we made the short walk from the water to where our towels lay. 

I collected both towels and, hand in hand, we proceeded to climb the dunes above the beach. As we crested the dunes I could see there were lots of depressions in the ground and walking in to one, we were completely hidden from view. I dropped the towels, turned to Kate and kissed her passionately once more. I pressed my cock against her so she was under no illusion as to what I wanted. Her! She pulled away and caressed my cock through my shorts. She dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts to my ankles. My cock sprung out and almost hit her in the eye. We both laughed. She placed the tip of my cock against her lips and flicked her tongue back and forth across the eye. A bead of pre-cum appeared and she licked it off before licking her lips. She now took the head of my in her mouth and swirled her tongue around before gently starting to suck. She cupped my balls as she increasingly took more and more of my manhood into her soft warm mouth. I put my hands on her head and pushed my fingers through her soft wet hair. I resisted the desire to grab her hair and start fucking her mouth, but I so wanted to! I allowed her to dictate the pace and depth. She slowly pulled my cock from her mouth and ran her tongue all around the head. She turned and spread the towels out, side by side. She pulled me down and I lay on my back. She quickly removed her bikini bottoms and turned her ass towards me. She lowered her pussy towards my face and once again took me in her mouth. I reached up and pulled her down towards me. I ran my tongue along her lips and could taste a mixture of sea and womanly musk. I have always loved the taste of a woman and the mutual enjoyment we were having was making my cock almost unbearably hard. I sucked gently on her clit, taking it between my teeth and flicking my tongue backwards and forwards, every now and then stopping to lick all around her clitoral hood. She was starting to make a bit of noise. Well, only a little bit because she had most of my cock in her mouth!

I had now reached a point where animal lust had overtaken me. I told her climb off so I could take her from behind. I didn’t’t want to make love to her, I wanted to fuck her as hard as I could. I slid my cock into her, pulling her hips back towards me. I changed my angle slightly so I could penetrate as deep as possible. I thrust harder and harder. I placed the thumb of my left hand on her asshole and pushed gently. As I pressed down, I could feel the sphincter pushing on the head of my cock as moved in and out. I moved my thumb to my cock as it was withdrawing so I could use our juices to lubricate it. Having done so, I returned it to her asshole and gently pushed. It was tight, but I eased it in slowly. I curled my thumb towards her spine so I could now feel my cock rubbing against the last knuckle through the wall of her vagina. I fucked her harder and faster, my balls slapping against her, until I came. I pulled my thumb out and grabbed her hips and began to thrust again and again. I stopped when I started trembling. At this point, I realised we were once again, being observed.


Written by MasterBen

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