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Fuck fest

"Lift your arse, I want to fuck it"

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My husband ( Steve ) and I belong to an adult site on the Internet. A couple of days ago he said we both have been invited to a sex night. He had been told they were always great fun. And there would be another three couples, two single guys and a single woman. And to dress in anything you would normally wear to a sex party. I could tell he was excited by it and the thought of it was also exciting me. It was to be held in five days time on Saturday night. Two days before it, we both groomed each other. Which really gets us both hot anyway. On the Saturday just before the party, Steve helped me dress by picking out the clothing I would wear. He likes to watch other guys fuck me. So the clothing he picked for me to wear was the clothing that would give him a hard on. He got all the clothing ready for me and he did a pretty good job. He had picked out a black leather corset, which has straps down to attach to my black stockings and finish’s just under my tits. Which are exposed, it cups them and pushes them up. French knickers, fuck me boots, a red skirt and a white see-through top. He told me to put on my French knickers last so guys could take them off and fuck me with all the rest of my gear on. He left the make up to me to decide what to put on.

The party was being held in a private house and we arrived on time. We rang the door bell and it was answered by an attractive woman ( Jill ). She took my coat and after hang it up in the entrance way she led us into the lounge. We thought we would be 1st to arrive but when we were lead into the lounge two other couples, two single guys and a single woman were already there. Introductions were made and we were given a glass of wine. Everyone seem to know each other except us. The lounge was very large with a bed right in the middle of us and surrounded by several couches. I looked around and saw a glass bowl full of beads and thought they must be for their childrens. I noticed all of the women have cheap string necklaces including Jill the woman hosting the party. Jill walked over to me and handed me one of these.

I asked what is this for.

And she said as soon as Mike and Karen arrive I will explain everything.

Just then the Venetian blinds lite up from a car’s headlights just outside. This will be them she said and left the room. I could hear the front doorbell ring and then a woman’s voice loudly from the other room say sorry about being late. The couple sprang into the room. And straight away I could see the woman was the flamboyant one. Jill introduced Karen and Mike to us and said we were new.

Karen looked Immaculate. With perfect make up and not a hair out of place. She took off her coat and was dressed in white lingerie, white stockings and white heels. I knew straightaway she was Steve’s type and he was going to have a ball fucking her tonight. Debbie, from another couples said to Karen you’re late.

She replied with I got horny earlier thinking about tonight and thought I would rub one out. I got Roger out of my dresser and started fucking myself but then the batteries went flat and I thought …….. FUCK IT …….. so I need to be screwed hard and a lot.

Jill stood up and said I know you all know how to play this game but

for Ellen and Steve’s benefit I’ll go over a few things.

You get a bead for every sexual act you perform and its colour defines the points that are accrued. If you make them cum or you cub you get extra points. And it can be with a woman or a man. So if you’re doing a D.P. You get a square bead for being fucked in the arse and a round bead for having your pussy fucked., If you make them both cum you get extra points by getting a black square bead and a black round bead and If you come yourself you get another beat. It will be an orange Oval one. There is a list of how many points each bead is worth taped next to the bowl. And at the end of the night we tally up and see who won. All the women like girl on girl and Karen and Gabby ( the single woman) both like having their arses fucked.

Now Ellen what are your limits ?

I said yes to girls and all holes.

Jill looked at me and said any other


I answered no.

She said the winner tonight gets a pro 2. Satisfier.

Straight away Debbie from another couple said ………mine.

Mike said. doubt it.

Debbie looked at Karen and said I’m gonna beat you tonigh.

With Karen having a larger repertoire I thought Debbie’s gonna have to be very busy to beat her.

I found out later that the prices were all supplied by our single guests.

As there were no further questions Jill said let’s fuck.

Well it was like a gun going off, Within seconds pussies were being licked, cocks were being sucked and people were fucking. I was sitting on one of the couches with Steve. And Mike came over and took me by the hand. He was totally naked except for his underwear. He turned and faced me, we embraced and he started snogging me. Then I could feel Dave, one of the single guys join us and I was being sandwiched between both Mike at the front and Dave at the back. I could tell Dave was fully naked because his cock was rubbing against my bare flesh between the tops of my stockings and my French knickers. Dave was nibbling on my earlobe and thrusting his cock at me. I thought if these two guys don’t hurry up and fuck me I’m gonna explode. I could no longer feel Dave behind me and Mike was forcing me backwards towards the bed. I looked over my shoulder and saw Dave naked on the bed squirting some lube onto one of his hands. I knew what that was for. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched Mike drop to his knees and remove my boots. I lifted my arse off the mattress so he could remove my knickers. Now all I had on was my black stockings and black corset. I turned and shuffled up the bed on my knees. Dave was stroking his cock and I could see the lube glistening thing off it. I lifted one leg over him straddled him. Sitting on his stomach and facing his feet. I looked over my right hand shoulder and he passed me the bottle of lube. I road off his stomach on my knees and squirted a little bit of lube into one of my hands. I then lubed up my arse ready for his cock. I reached down between my legs and grab his cock at the base, I slowly lowered my body down taking his cock into my arse . I leaned back taking my upper body weight on my arms behind me. That’s left my pussy exposed for Mike to fill. From where he was standing at the end of the bed he would be able to see Dave’s cock in my arse. he climbed onto the bed and put his cock into me. I could feel every inch of it until he was fully in. All the time Dave stayed completely still.. they both gave a couple of gentle strokes but when they realised how lubed I was it was all on and they were fucking me hard. They didn’t know it but when I come during a DP I squirt. It is the only thing that makes me squirt. We are going at it pretty hard, but we’re not the only ones over everything I can hear Karen’s voice, she is yelling……. Fuck me harder……….. fuck me harder............ Oh yeah, oh yeah............. fuck me harder. With all the noise she is making I can’t help but look. She is sitting on one of the couches with a guy kneeling on the floor between her legs, fucking her. Even though he has his back to me I instantly recognise him as my husband. I thought bloody turncoat fancy helping the enemy accrue points against me. Knowing she was his type I knew he would enjoy fucking her. I was enjoying my own situation too much to bother about watching them. DP feels so great and these two guys were really giving me a pounding. I saw Brian the other single guy get up from his seat and walk over to the bed beside us. He climbed onto the bed and stood at my side with his cock about my head height. I had never sucked a guy off while getting a DP. I thought my coordination is not that good and I was enjoying the two I already had. But having a cock in my arse and another one in my pussy I was too horny to give up the opportunity to not have another one in my mouth. Being D P alone felt incredible and having another cock in my mouth was the icing on the cake. Mike and Dave were both thrust And I was matching their thrash by bucking and sucking at the same pace. It felt so good having them both fucking me at the same time. And I knew I wouldn’t take long to cum. I just wondered how they would handle me squirting. Just the feeling of all those cocks in me and the sound of them moaning pushed me over the edge and I exploded into orgasm. When they felt me squirt it seem to drive them even Wilder and Dave exploded in to orgasm, filling my arse with his warm cum. I felt my pussy get all warm and knew that Mike had just filled it with his cum. Brian’s hand grab the back of my head and push my face hard into his stomach. He was pumping so hard I thought he was trying to get his balls in as well. Within seconds his cock was exploding in my mouth. I knew they would all be excited to see me swallow, so I did.

This had been hard work and we are all sweating profusely. I had been enjoying myself too much to notice anything happening around me. But now I noticed I had been joined on the bed by Jill. Her legs have been lifted up and she’s being fucked by Jack who had her legs lifted onto his shoulders.

The four of us climb off the bed and the three guys go enjoy another woman for other ventures. I walk over to the bowl of beads to start my collection. I have my back to the action and I am looking at the list trying to work out without a calculator which beads to take. When I hear Karen from behind me say “do you need any help”

I said “I’m trying to work this out “

Karen said “don’t stress too much, nobody’s really here for the points, we all just like to fuck a lot.

She asked “what did I do ? “

I told her. I had a guy fucking my arse. A guy fucking my pussy a guy in my mouth and we all came including me.

She said well you’ll get a square black bead with a guy cuming in your arse, around black bead for the guy cuming in your cunt, A red round bead for the guy unloading in your mouth And a round orange bead for cuming yourself….

You have been a busy girl or are you just greedy.

What about you I asked.

Just a square black one and a round orange one.

Well that told me that Steve had fucked her arse and made her come.

She said “ I saw you looking at your husband fucking me before “

Don’t you think if you saw me with him before he should see me with you now.

Oh, now your talking I said

Good because I want to taste your tits and lick your Cunt she said.

we moved onto the bed. And squeezed between all the naked bodies. By this time there were hands going everywhere and the air was full of the sound of people moaning in pleasure. I lay flat on my back looking up at the ceiling with my legs open. Karen climbed on top of me and was kissing me passionately. Her tongue was more in my mouth than it was in hers. She was grinding her hips and I could feel her tits against mine. Her lips left mine and she slowly slid down, taking one of my tits in her mouth. I could feel the warmth of it and the moaning going on around me and naked bodies riding up in a frenzy. And then with one of my tits in her mouth she begin finger fucking me. She had me so horny I thought I bet this isn’t the first time she’s done this. Then she left my tits and move down to do the thing I had wanted to have her do from the first moment I saw her. And that was for her to lick my pussy. I had my eyes closed just enjoying the feeling. Her tongue was gently licking my clit. As much as I was enjoying it, I wasn’t going to let this bitch make me cum and get extra points. Kevin ( Jill’s husband ) climbed onto the bed behind her and told her to lift her arse. When she did he began fucking her. And she was sandwiched between him fucking her and her licking my pussy. She started licking all around it, then she found my weak spot. Being licked between my arse and pussy drives me absolutely crazy. I tried to hide my pleasure but it was obvious she wasn’t foiled I was able to hold off from cuming until Debbie’s husband Jack appeared standing on the floor beside the bed with his cock only inches from my face. I couldn’t help myself I want a cock in my mouth. Suddenly the idea of not coming went right out the window. She knew exactly what she was doing and concentrated on licking my weak spot. I could feel Jack getting harder and he was pumping my mouth faster and I knew he was about to cum. I could already taste cum and pussy juice on his cock. I was looking forward to a mouthful of his cum. But to my surprise just before cuming he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started jerking it cuming all over my tits. Seeing his cock spraying my tits with his cum and feeling Karen licking between my pussy and arse was just too much and I have a second teeth clenching orgasm. Now I have got cum everywhere, in both of my holes and all over my tits. I get up off the bed and go over to the bowl to add more beads to my necklace.

There is a lot more I want to do but for now I need a chance to get my breath back. Standing there, I rest for a minute steering down into the bowl. I think am I really in demand or is it that everybody just wants to fuck the new girl. I turn and intend to walk back past the bed and take a seat on a couch over looking it and get my breath back. Everyone else seems to have the same idea the only one left on the bed is Debbie. I go to walk past but she grabs my hand and pulls me onto the bed I am lying flat on my back with Debbie lying aside me on her side. She leans forward a bit and begins kissing me, I can feel her hand on my tits. then it leaves my tits and I can feel something has been pushed into my pussy. I then feel them being withdrawn and she stops kissing me to look down at her fingers and then put two of them in her mouth tasting my witness. She shuffles up the bed gesturing me to go down on her. I know that everyone else in the room is watching us both. Knowing you’re being watched or doing the watching is an equal turn on for me. Knowing I’m being watched I probably shake my arse a little bit more than usual. The amount of moaning coming from Debbie tells me she’s loving it and she begins squeezing her tits as I lick her pussy. I hear a voice behind me which I think is Mike saying, lift your ass I’m gonna fuck it. I think he’s coming back for seconds but this time instead of fucking my pussy he’s gonna fuck my arse. I don’t turn around. I simply get up on my knees and keep licking Debbies pussy. The whole room is silent apart from Debbie moaning and a slapping noise coming from between Mike and minds bodies. Debbie cums and I keep on licking her pussy throughout her orgasm and observe as her body is thrashing about. After she has cum I look over my shoulder and to my surprise it’s not Mike And in fact it’s Brian in my arse. Either watching us or resting has given everybody a second wind and they’re all going at each other. I look around and see Karen on her knees with Dave standing and his cock in her mouth and she’s giving him a BJ. They are quickly joined by Kevin and she has both of them in front of her slightly apart. She’s giving them both a hand job and taking turns at sucking their cocks. I can tell Dave is about to cum. He pulls out of her mouth and she cups his balls and begins wanking him. He cums all over her tits. Then it’s Kevin‘s turn and he does exactly the same. Karen looks totally different to the way I first saw her. On her arrival her make up was perfect and she didn’t have a hair out of place. Now she’s a sweaty mess covered in cum with a red face and her flawless make up all over the place. Her hair is a mess and she looks like she has been dragged through a hedge…….. It must of been a good hedge because she is still smiling. I sit on the couch resting and watch the action on the bed in front of me. as people orgasm the bed becomes emptier. The women go to the glass bowl to get their beats and the guys join me on the couch to rest. The night is getting late and everybody seems to be fucked out. Quite a few either scantily clad or naked people are gathering on the couches in conversation and laughing and drinking wine. Kevin and Jack both stand and take me by the hand leading me onto the bed. Before long we are all engaging in a very active DP.

It’s funny having two woman sitting on a couch trading cooking recipes when their husbands are only feet away totally naked in a DP. Fucking the shit out of me. Jack is 1st to cum. Filling my arse with his cum. Then I cum, squirting all over them. Just before Kevin cums he pulls his cock out of my pussy and Jerks on it, spraying cum all over my mound. He then use the knob of his cock in a sweeping motion to rub his cum into my mound.

By this time too I’m a bit worn out. By my counting I’ve had all of the guys, two of the woman, been DP twice and had my arse fucked three times, given two BJs and had my pussy licked and licked pussy. So no wonder I’m feeling exhausted. Jack and Kevin return to the couch and I go over to the bowl to retrieve the last of my beads.

When I turn around to go back to the couch I find Mike standing right behind me fully naked holding a hard cock. He puts his hands on my shoulders and put downward pressure on them. I know what he wants. I drop to my knees in front of him. I thought, the night started with Mike so it’s only appropriate that it finishes with him. Even though I am exhausted I thought I’m gonna give him the best BJ of his life. But then I thought that’s running down Karen’s BJs and I have seen her do a couple tonight and none of the guys seem to be complaining. I have felt her warm mouth on my pussy and I know what she can do with her tongue. So I think if it came to a BJ contest she would probably win. So the best I can do is give Mike a BJ he will Not forget in a hurry. I hold the base of his cock with my right hand and I lower my left hand down to play with my own pussy. And my warm, wet mouth goes to work. I can feel one of his hands on the back of my head and his hips thrusting his cock further into my mouth. I hear Jill from the couch say…………..go girl.

Kevin start chanting and clapping….Mike…. Mike…. Mike…. Mike. Before very long everybody in the room is egging him on by chanting…. Mike…. Mike ….Mike ….Mike

The irony is not lost on me. I thought wouldn’t it be funny if Karen lost to me by only a BJ.

The tempo speeds up and I know he’s about to cum. He pulls out of my mouth and spray’s his cum all over my tits. Now I want to give him an image he won’t forget. I look up at him and don’t take my eyes off him. I’m still playing with my pussy but with the hand that was around his cock I now use to put two fingers down my cleavage retrieving some his cum And put them in my mouth sucking on them. I then take them out and say ………Mmmmm……. Taste’s great

The room breaks out in cheers and clapping for him. After this I know Mike has had the trifecta. Having his cock in all of my holes. We both retreat to the couches. Mike next to Karen and still struggling for breath.

Jill stands and says well if you are all finished let’s count up the beads and see who is our cum bucket for tonight.

I look at all the other woman’s necklaces. And it looks like it’ll be between myself and Karen. One by one the woman’s necklaces are collected. Jill and Kevin tally up the score. Well it looks like our resident cum bucket is gonna have some competition from the new girl. Congratulations Ellen but unfortunately this time Karen just beat you. So Karen gets a Pro 2 and you get a life sized chocolate cock.

Karen looks at Jill and says but I’ve already got one.

Karen turns to me and says wanna swap ? They are good !!!

I agree to the swap

Karen says every time you use it think of me. And winks.

Debbie asks Karen what are you going to do with that .

Karen replies with well next time if you are eating my pussy and it taste like chocolate you know where that came from. and winks.

It was obvious that Karen wasn’t playing for the point she just likes to fuck a lot.

Everyone collects their clothes that are struan around the floor. The only thing that I put back on are my boots. I know I’ll have my coat on so nothing will be on display. We thank Jill and Kevin for having us and tell them we have had a great time. The drive home was exceptionally quiet. I thought Steve must be as exhausted as me. But as soon as we got in the front door he turned to me and said don’t have a shower yet Hun. I want to lick and fuck your cum filled pussy. And I want to feel your cum covered tits on my chest.

I have always said he’s like a jockey because he rides me hard like I’m a racehorse. But tonight instead of finding a racehorse, he’s going to discover a rodeo buck and Bronco.

The. End.

Written by Minneme

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