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SassyBrat 3 days ago

Decadent Weekend with Sir

An Unexpected Guest

Weeks of planning have built up to this moment. Excited and nervous in anticipation, I pause near the front door of the inner-city townhouse, waiting for Sir to arrive. Having checked the airline web site, I know he has landed in the city. And now all...

Flirtysiren 5 days ago

Round Two with a sexy couple

The continued exploration with a sexy couple after lockdown

As Hubby and I lay beside you, our fingers tracing over your body, our hands cupping your breasts and squeezing your nipples which brings a fresh round of moans from you, you state ‘I’m ready for round 2’ Needing no further encouragement we knee...

SassyBrat 2 weeks ago

Off Campus Slut

Undeniable Lust and Attraction

“Ms Barrington. Please stand up and share with the class what you are doing.” The lecturers stern voice bellows across the room. Everyone falls silent and I freeze, knowing I’ve been caught red handed. Oh, now I am in trouble, I think to myself. B...

SassyBrat 2 weeks ago

French Maid in Red Stilettos

Our First Chance Meeting

As I hear the apartment door open, I catch my breath. I knew I was running behind schedule, but it was just on 2.00pm. Surely the expected guest cannot have checked in already. Bent over the bed, I quickly pull at the bedsheets and a shadow catches my...

I love my Sunday mornings. Usually the one day of the week when I get to have a luxurious slow start…cup of tea, toast, book - I’m a creature of habit. But my mind goes back to another Sunday morning. A different place. We’d had a con...

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Deepthroati2 4 weeks ago

Take full control and blow my mind ~ fantasy

Blindfold me and let my other senses take over.

Im tied to the bed with my blindfold on, I’m not sure how this will all play out but I’m going to have fun regardless. I’ve been drip fed the bare minimum information. He wants to give me the best surprise ever so I leave him to do all the planning, he...

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Deepthroati2 1 month ago

Make my dreams come true

A fantasy that shall one day become a reality

Driving to the motel my minds racing at all the possibilities, I’m excited and hungry for all the cocks I’ll be pleasing. They don’t have a clue what I look like but I’m not worried about that I know that regardless of their physical expectations my mo...

hornyfarnorth 1 month ago

Ex girlfriend

Power cut well playing pool

This happened a few years ago when I was still with my ex, she was 4 foot 9, size 10, with E-cup tits and always horny. One night we were playing pool at the pub. She was wearing a low cut top which showed a lot of cleavage and a short mini skirt...

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liltedandbear 1 month ago

Date Night - Prologue

The anticipation of our threesome builds

The whole day I’ve found myself drifting off into my own world thinking about the night ahead. Tonight we catch up with Jack, finally. Each time I think about it my clit throbs and I ache to feel the touch of two men again. I’m eager to see...

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Flirtysiren 1 month ago

It’s my party and I’ll cum if I want to

In the darkness of a grope tent anything is possible

It’s Saturday night of the party, you and Brian arrive a little later, not wanting that awkward first couple conversation. As you walk down the drive you can hear laughter. Knocking on the door you give Brian a kiss, looking at each other knowing th...

Flirtysiren 1 month ago

Post Lockdown Play

That moment we finally get out of lockdown to play with a sexy couple

We’ve been chatting now for awhile, the sexual connection between us is unmistakeable. Many times I’ve thought of you cock in hand, wishing that it was your hand, or mouth, or pussy wrapped around my shaft. Cumming for you, that release and euphoria knowi...

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Harmonious 1 month ago

The Surprise

A husband surprises his unsuspecting wife

How I ended up in a hotel room scantily clad with three naked strangers and my husband, was somewhat of a surprise to me. My husband Jay and I had been entertaining the idea of a threesome for quite some time and occasionally he would push the boundari...