Written by Lena


This site is away I can tell the world about myself without anyone knowing who I am and is a real turn on putting this in print. Everything here is absolute fact, I am just a normal married wife living in Christchurch, to most of my friends, however a few close friends know that I am bi but none know of my more dark side. I came out to my husband that I was bi in my late 20's and he loves me for how sexual I am as most husbands wood. I am so lucky that he lets me fulfill myself with other women, when the opportunity arises as long as I tell him about it. I have been bi since my first experience at age 15 and lead a life of total sexual fulfillment. Most who know me would not believe what I have been done or capable of being prepared to do. Without sounding full of myself I am regarded as attractive and have a curvy figure but not overweight. My husband and I have a few full swap foursomes so he is not adverse sharing me but do not normally do so without him present.

A few years ago my husband and I were in Hong Kong where he had to spend some time attending a conference. The hotel was very luxurious and one afternoon I treated myself to a facial and massage. I was surprised and initially disappointed that after booking in that the masseuse was not Asian but a Dutch girl named Helena, quite a coincidence as I was born in Holland too.. She asked if I wanted a Tantra massage which as I found out was a total full body experience. She was a lovely girl and I found myself very relaxed in her care, to the point when it was time for my clitoris to be massaged I opened for her without hesitation and had a very welcome orgasm. Telling her a little about myself she asked if I would like to meet her for a drink when she finished work later in the day in the hotel public bar. I later told my husband about the great massage and that I had arranged to meet with her early that evening. He had to attend a private dinner so was happy that I had something to do and new that I would probably misbehave. When we met at the bar we talked like old friends and knowing that I was sexually submissive from earlier she leaned close to me and asked me how I felt about sex with other people including her, my kiss to her cheek was the answer she wanted and said it all. We left and went together to her apartment by taxi. When we got there her partner was already there, Helena introduced me as her sexy new friend. We had drinks an relaxed talking about our lives, I told her I was bi and that I was very attracted to her. She soon leaned in to me and kissed me on my lips as a thank you which I responded to with enthusiasm. I was very wet and when she put her fingers between my legs I opened for her to enter me with ease. Soon her partner had joined in and a threesome had started. Partially clothed Helena stopped and asked if I would like to try something different. She went to a cupboard and took out a large black plastic sheet and lay it on the floor. We undressed and stood naked holding and kissing, he began to pour baby oil over us letting it run from our shoulders and chest sliding down between us. Baby oil and me is a recipe for filth and tonight was to be no different, I love the erotic feeling. We lay down and slid all over each other with fingers in each others pussies , when slid her finger in my bum hole I new this was going to get wild. By this time I noticed her man he was naked and taking photos of us, being the sort of dirty women I can be, I say women as I am 38, I started to open my legs wide for the camera, spreading myself while inserting a finger in my bum , we posed together in every position imaginable like a couple of porn stars. Helena asked if her man could join us which I thought was very polite, I still don't remember his name but I did expect him to be joining us. I enjoy anal most times and have more than my share of sex toys up my bum, however he lay on the ground also soaked in oil while Helena lowered me down over his cock. With the oil everywhere he went inside me with ease, Helena grabbed the camera and took more photos while I rode her man deep inside my bum with my oil smothered tits bouncing up and down. We swapped positions and I took photos of her too with his cock in her pussy. It didn't take long before he came in her. I made their day when I told her I wanted to taste his cum from her, I lay down for her to crouch over me while it oozed from her in to my mouth. Like every man should taste their own, they both kissed me and licked the remaining droplets. While he showered Helena and I cuddled on the mat and then also showered together washing the oil from each other. None of us were in a hurry to get dressed, but after a while it was time for me to leave, and fortunately got back to the hotel before my husband. The following day was a free day and we both went out together for the day, when we got back there was a small package at reception for me. Inside was a USB as well as about 10 developed photos of Helena and I in the dirtiest of poses. That morning at breakfast I had told him how naughty I had been the night before so when he sore the pics on his lap top he just hugged me and said I love everything about you. This is just one time in the dirty life of this very luck married girl from Christchurch.