We had been looking for new toys online, perusing the long and short of them, the thick and thin, strapped or strapless?

So many to choose from, shapes, sizes, colours, contours, we were like kids in a candy store, only these sweets treats wouldn’t add inches to the waist.

Finally deciding on a strapless, smooth, shiny black, 8” beauty that had us both grinning from ear to ear and made our panties damp just looking at it, we made our purchase and settled in to await delivery.

Arriving surprisingly fast and subtly packaged in plain paper, I quickly squirreled it away wanting to have it as a surprise for our weekend away.

We had been planning our trip for a few months and I had been looking forward to spending a whole weekend, just the two of us, in a nice motel with no distractions, this new toy would be a very enjoyable addition to what was sure to be a great weekend.

Time seemed to slow down as it does when you have something to look forward to but soon it was time to head off. Bags packed, toys secured amongst the other goodies I had been wanting to try, we loaded everything and everyone into the car.

A brief drive, a couple of stop offs and a drop off and we were finally at our Motel. It was very nice, not too flashy, clean and tidy and boasting the softest, silkiest pillows we had ever laid our heads on.

We agreed that if Angels had boobies, this is probably what they would feel like and that while the urge to stuff a couple in our bags was strong, we should probably resists. The bill for the pillows would probably double the cost of the room.

Tempting though, very tempting…….they were seriously delicious pillows. (Probably giving away the fact I have an intimate relationship with my own pillow here)

Once we were settled in and had prioritised a soak in the spa bath as the first order of business, it was only a matter of filling the tub (and as we were about to find out, using a few too many bubbles) and slipping into the warm water.

The jets were turned on (as I was starting to become, watching my beautiful girl laying naked in the warm water) then bubbles started to form and they grew….and grew…and grew, until we both disappeared under a mountain of foam, calling out to each other amid laughter and much splashing, while trying not to inhale the soapy mess.

We decided the best course of action would be to turn off the jets and just enjoy the warm water.

Once the foam had receded enough for us to see each other across the tub, we lay in the warm water grinning and allowing our hands to wander over wet and warm flesh.

I love touching her, her skin is like silk and the noises she makes as I run my work roughened hands over her are enough to get me creaming my panties.

My work means I’ve always had rough calloused hands, they make me self-conscious when I’m touching a lover. With men, their bodies tend to be hard so I feel softer in comparison but when she and I became lovers, taking our first tentative steps into learning each other’s bodies, that self-consciousness returned. She is so soft, it’s like petting silk, just the way a woman should feel. I worried my hands would feel like sandpaper to her. It didn’t stop me though, quickly becoming addicted to the feel of her I stopped thinking about it.

The way she feels, her smell and the sounds she makes combined to make me forget any concerns I had about myself. I could focus solely on her, I wanted to focus solely on her.

At that moment, I had her all to myself, naked, wet and starting to make those little chirruping noises I love so much.

Running my hands up the outside of her thighs I grab her hips and pull her onto my lap.

Wrapping my arms around her waist I pull her closer and bend my head to her breasts, closing my mouth around a nipple I suck it between my lips making it peak and harden.

Taking it between my teeth I start to bite down, gently at first then gradually harder till her moans turn into a sharp squeak.

I hum under my breath and smile to myself as I gently stroke the nipple with my tongue, easing the ache. I love the way she feels in my arms, soft, warm and wet…..

Mmmm…..wet…… with that thought, I run a hand down over her arse and slip it between her legs.

Oh god yes…. Just as I had anticipated, yummy, warm, sticky deliciousness. I slide my finger further forward to reach her clit and flick it with a nail. She sucks in a gasp and pulls back making me bite down on her nipple again to keep her in place.

At the pull on her nipple she bears down on my hand, just as I slide a finger inside her.

Releasing her nipple from my teeth I use my other hand to pull her head down so I can slide my tongue between her lips.

By now she is rocking against my hand, her arms wrapped round my neck to keep her balance, I release her mouth to claim the other nipple, sucking it into my mouth to nibble on it, not wanting to leave it neglected.

We are sliding against each other wet and slippery, as she grinds down on my hand pushing it against my own pussy, it makes a delightful friction that has me moaning in time with her whimpers.

Water is starting to spill over the edge of the tub as we work up to what I know will be the first of many orgasms of the evening.

She makes that sound I love and starts to shake as I slide a second finger inside her, twisting my hand so that I increase the pressure on my own clit.

I whisper in her ear as she starts to cum, sharing the things I plan to do with her that night, telling her how beautiful she is, how much I love her body, how much I love her, before losing my train of thought as I follow close behind, cumming hard, gripping her waist to hold her against my hand as tremors run through my body.

Becoming aware of our breathing and the warmth of our bodies a few moments later, I wrap my arms round her and pull her close for a kiss.

Opening her eyes she looks at me and smiles, I know I have a mirror image grin on my face.

“I think we may have made a mess” She has a brief confused look on her face before she leans over the side of the tub and bursts out laughing.

“I think we have”

The floor is flooded and the mat soaked but neither of us is worried, it’s tiled and there’s a drain in the middle, it won’t take long to dry.

We reluctantly pull ourselves from the cooling water and take great pleasure in drying each other. Lingering over sensitive spots and pointing out bite and scratch marks we didn’t even realise we had made.

Once we’re dry and dressed, we make plans for dinner and what we might like to do with our evening. Picking a restaurant fairly close to the motel, we enjoy an evening of tasty cocktails, a delicious meal and a rejuvenating after dinner stroll.

I love her company, listening to her talk about her work, how passionate she is about what she does, she inspires me and makes me want to be a better person.

We people watch and make up stories for our fellow diners, perv at the hot guy sitting next to us and enjoy wandering back to our room in the cool evening air.

My focus is a little off though, as much as I am enjoying her company my mind keeps wandering to the goodies I have packed in my bag back at the motel. As we approach our room my anticipation goes up. She sees me grinning and asks what I’m smiling about, I take her face in my hands and kiss her….....“You are about to find out”

Laying on the floor, on her tummy, a towel spread under her naked body, skin glowing in the light from the candles it all looks very romantic. What I have planned is far from romantic through, I want to do things to her that you would never find in a Mills n Boon novel.

After taking the key card from her hand and leading her into our room, I sent her to the bathroom for a quick shower while I prepared an area for the fun I had panned.

She emerged from the bathroom, naked and warm from the shower, to find the room bathed in the soft glow of candles, the scent of massage oils in the air. I see her smile then her eyes reach the pile of toys spread across the bed.

Pausing by the bed, eyes widening slightly, she looks at me with a crooked grin. Walking over I wrap my arms round her, and hold her close.

Everything we had experienced together so far had been new to us both. We had minimal experience with female partners and next to none with using toys on another woman.

Looking at her, I felt the trust we were building between us, making happiness bubble up inside me. Taking her by the hand I lead her to a towel on the floor, pushing her down till she lay flat on her belly.

Now the scene was set, I felt the weight of responsibility. I'm no Domme, I don't even see myself as a Top but here was someone I cared for a great deal, putting herself in my hands, allowing me to play with her body and trusting me to bring her pleasure. I felt honoured and flattered and I wanted to please her and pleasure her.

Not wanting to second guess myself and freeze up, I went with what I wanted, what I had longed to do to her, the things I had wanted to do to her body. Listening to the sounds she made and the way her body reacted, using this as my guide.

Starting with a full body massage, using oils warmed in my hands, I explored her. From her sexy neck to the tip of her totally cute toes and all the curves and dips between.

She was relaxed under my hands and shining in the light from the oils when I move onto the candles, dripping and pouring them across her back, arse and legs. Playing with the height and length of the pour to gauge what was too much or not enough.

Unable to keep my hands off her, I let the wax cool slightly before massaging it into her skin, enjoying her moans and sighs before wiping my hands on a spare town and sliding one between her legs. She is deliciously warm and wet.

Grabbing a body wand from the bed I slip it between her legs, pressing it against her pussy, loving the sound it makes as it slides over her soaking wetness.

Turning it on low, I grab her ankles and move her legs together, holding it in place while I stand to remove my own clothes.

Once naked, I straddle her legs sitting just below her buttocks, this puts pressure on the wand but still gives me access to her gorgeous arse and back. Dragging my nails down the length of her back, I smile as she squeaks and arches up into my hands. Almost as if the pleasure/pain is too much but she wants more. My beautiful Lady makes the most delicious noises, I revel in the fact that I can illicit these from her.

Confidence growing, I stretch full length along her body, allowing my weight to press her into the floor, rocking my hips against her arse forcing the wand against her pussy.

Pulling her hair away from her neck I sink my teeth into the curve where it meets her shoulder, creaming myself at the sound of her groan. Grinding my pussy against her arse I can feel the vibrations from the wand.

It would be so easy to stay there, pressing against her soft silky body, allow the wand to send us both over the edge, into a lovely wet orgasmic mess on the floor but that's not how I want the night to go.... there's something I want to try.

Before she can cum, I pull myself into a sitting position, knees on either side of her legs and remove the wand, switching it off I place it back on the bed.

She sighs in disappointment, I tell her not to move, as she tries to look up. With her head once more on the floor and her eyes closed, I retrieve our new toy from its hiding spot under the bed. I place it next to me on the towel, looking at it longingly but resist temptation as I want to try a few things, before I become completely distracted.

Running my hands from her shoulders, along her back to her waist I grab her hips and draw her up onto her knees. Kneeling behind her, I put my hands between her thighs and make her widen her legs. She looks stunning in this position.

The curve of her back where her ribs dip into her waist and flare out at her hips, the heart shape of her arse, forced up in this downward position, the silky smoothness of her thighs..... everything about her body turns me on, making me want to touch and caress her.

This position with her head down, arse up, legs spread, leaves her perfect pink pussy fully displayed. It glistens in the candle light. Reaching out a finger, I run it through her wetness bringing it to my lips to suck it clean. I've never felt this way about a women, never wanted to touch or taste anyone but her. To me she is unique and delicious. Grinning to myself with the knowledge I have a whole evening ahead to indulge and enjoy her.

I get to my feet and stand over her enjoying the view, taking in the sudden tension in her shoulders and legs as she feels me above her. Always a good girl though, she keeps her head down and eyes closed.

Walking to the bed I survey the array of toys, what to start with? This is all still new to me. We had played with her Master, I'd watched him with her, even joined in a few times but this would be our first time playing solo.

Not wanting to go too hard or fast and impact not the focus for the evening, I select the leather flogger. Returning to my kneeling position behind her, I lay my body along her back, bringing my legs between hers.

Pressing my breasts into her back, I reach round, slide my hands under body to tweak her nipples at the same time nibbling and biting her neck. Hearing her sigh and feeling her body warm to mine, I take a moment to enjoy the sensations before pulling back, sitting on my heels to once more enjoy the view of her kneeling before me.

Raising up on my knees I drift the flogger across her back, letting her know where we are headed. She sighs and a little smile pulls at her lips, I grin in response to that smile and flick the flogger at her pert arse just to hear her squeak again.

For the next few minutes I alternate between soothing strokes and sharp flicks. Watching her skin turn pink, her moans and sighs turn sharper and higher.

With one last swatt at her upraised arse, I decide I'm happy with the shade of red its taken on and run my hands over the marks. The welts are raised and warm to the touch, I trace my fingers over them, revelling in the pretty patterns I have created on her creamy skin.

Between her legs, she is wet and glistening, placing the flogger on the bed I slide my hand over her arse to slip a finger inside her.

I'm really appreciating why men enjoy seeing their women in this position, spread before them. She is beautiful and in that moment she is mine. I take a moment to fully enjoy the feeling, knowing she trusts me and will allow me to play and touch her as I please.

Sliding my finger into her soaking pussy, I moan at the feeling of her warm wetness as she grips me, I can feel my own wetness between my thighs.

Kneeling behind her, one hand caressing the pretty patterns I have made on her soft skin, the other gently stroking her. I move in closer to lean over her.

Now, feeling the hand I have between her legs rubbing against my own aching pussy, I lean forward to sink my teeth into her neck, pushing against my hand as I start to rub her faster and harder.

She is moaning, pushing back against me, I can feel her tighten around my fingers but I don't want her to cum, not yet, there is something I want more than this.

Pulling my fingers from her, I bring them to my lips and lick them clean. Bringing her lips to mine for a deep kiss, letting her taste herself on my tongue. "Don't move" I whisper in her ear before pulling back to kneel behind her once more.

Picking up our new toy I'm suddenly nervous, keeping it out of her line of sight, I look at it for a moment. I want this so much but what if it doesn't work, what if she doesn't like it? I must have sat there staring for too long as she starts to move, wanting to look back at what I'm doing. "I said don't move" a sharp smack on her already red arse has her quickly returning to her previous position.

Her immediate obedience has my confidence returning. The fact she trusts me enough to do as I say, without question, gives me the extra push I need to do what I have been wanting for so long.

Taking the toy in both hands I rub the smooth head over her wet, creamy outer lips before gently pushing it just inside her. Her sigh and then deep moan as she feels it sliding just inside her, brings a grin to my face. Holding it in one hand, I lean over her, pushing it deeper as I bury my face in her neck, breathing in her scent.

She starts to whimper and wriggle that pert little arse against me, trying to push it deeper. "Mmmmmm" I hum against her neck as I pull it out again, almost the whole way, leaving just the head inside. "Not yet" Holding it in position with one hand, the other on her arse to stop her from pushing back onto it. I look down at the other end of the toy. This is my end and I grin at that thought.

Not quite sure how this is going to work, I kneel behind her keeping my legs on the outside of her's, keeping the toy in place, sitting just inside her opening. I slide the other end into my own soaking pussy.

It's feels really good slipping up inside me and I take a second to regain control. My end is smaller but shaped to push against my clit. I grip it tightly once it is seated in the perfect position.

My eyes slip closed as I start to move against the ribbed pad lying just under my clit. The movement of my hips pushes the larger end of the toy back inside my beautiful girl and I hear her moan in appreciation. My eyes, having closed as I enjoyed the sensations, open at her moan. Looking down at where we were now joined, I groan and nearly lose my balance. Grabbing her hips in my hands I hold on and watch as the toy slides back inside her. OMFG! ok this is seriously hot, I now have a true appreciation for why our male partners enjoy this position so much.

Watching the long thick toy sliding inside her, feeling her skin under my hands as I grip her hips, knowing that I control the speed, depth and tempo of the thrusts....it is a heady power rush.

Now with the added sensation of the other end buried inside me, pushing back against me as I push into her, I'm heading towards an intense orgasm. Increasing the speed of my thrusts, sinking deeper each time, until I come up hard against her arse. Fuck it feels good, it looks even better. Moving quickly, I push her legs apart and kneel between them, moving my hands to her waist, I take a stronger grip. I'm so close to cumming and so, so disinclined to drawing it out.

She's moaning, crying out each time I reach the deepest point of my thrust, I look down as I pull out and see her cream coating the shiny shaft of the toy.

We're both so close, she's pushing back as I increase my pace, all concerns that I may be hurting her with the, not average, sized toy fly out the door as my orgasm builds.

I grab a fistful of her hair with one hand, pulling her head back, the other gripping her hip to hold her still as I rock against the toy, her arse and that delicious ribbed pad under my clit.

Its moments after my orgasm has subsided that I realise I'm not the only one who has cum, my beautiful girl is shaking and all but collapsed under me. I lower myself over her, laying along her back as we both sink to the floor in a warm wet puddle.

I hear her mumble something through the tangle of hair covering her face (hers and mine....an ongoing problem with our long hair).

Pushing it back, I smile at the flush in her cheeks and the shine in her eyes. "Whats that beautiful?"

"We have to do that again!"

The toy slides out of our bodies as we both break into fits of laughter.

"Oh yes, my love, yes we do".........

And we boy do we ever!....................