I'm a very nice looking girl, slim brunette with nice C cup boobs, my name is Jenny.

I usually wearing sport clothes as I am a fitness freak, but this time as I was at a party invited by my friend Naomi, who had just moved in her own apartment after her years at school and uni. I wore a nice pink dress with a plunging neckline and open toe heels. We were both 22 at the time. Naomi was very cute and I had a girl crush on her but wasn't able to say it to her. It was unthinkable to me of making love to a woman, so I had dismissed this silly idea and had focused on male companions but I wasn't at all satisfied with those relationships.

Anyhow this evening, the very tight cocktail dress she wore and her heels accentuated the lines of her body were beginning to arouse me. I wondered what she would say if she was able to read my thoughts. We were each talking in a different groups of party guests but we exchanged glances at several times over the evening. I was not very attentive to the chat of my fellow guests at this time.

I don't know whether it was the drinks we had or the way she kept looking at me but I began to wonder what it was like with another woman and then I started to feel a little turned on by those thoughts, it was very hot indeed! I felt the juices start to flow between my legs, and I haven't even touched myself there. I couldn't yet imagine what it could be like to spend a night with my friend, but I had read stories about lesbians which had got me thinking. We had music in the background, very soft but still jazzy music I liked it very much and since then I associate those songs with my first lesbian experience.

As the night progressed my friend slid towards me and I felt so drawn to her that I was compelled to meet her at the very centre of the living-room. The others stopped chatting and followed our moves the sexual tension must have been in the air. I began to perspire lightly under my dress and I saw that Naomi had blushed a little although she still seemed very composed. What did she think about what was happening? What was about to happen. As our hands linked together, it was inevitable and although I had never contemplated being with another woman here I was, they were warm and gently pressing. We were smiling at each other and she blinked several times blushing even further, our lips touched and we were kissing gently. The silence was heavy in my head all sounds of the party where gone we were alone in our new world. This was so new to us, we were shaken by uncontrolled movements, we were kissing,. Slowly we moved towards her bedroom.

As we shut the door, she pushed me on her bed! I was completely shocked and didn't know what to do next. My friend was far less shy than me and obviously had so much more experience, had very soon unfastened my dress and exposed my breast and a nipple that was very hard. I hadn't had a bra on because the dress was designed with a plunging neckline that had accented my figure to the utmost, although I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this would be the outcome tonight.

The next thing I knew my dress was on the floor. My thong was still on but so wet that I was to ashamed to show it to my friend that I stopped her but Naomi was very gentle and loving to help make me feel comfortable. We began to gently fondle and to touch each other's body's Naomi had completely undressed by now but that was easy enough for her because she wore her dress very similar to mine and was nude underneath! By now I was very excited and we had totally forgotten Naomi's guests, we didn't care! Naomi began to touch my boobs and gently rub me through my thong . She then slowly started to explore more and more. She took a breast in each hand and flicked the nipples till they where so hard. Then as Naomi looked me in the eyes as she lowered her head to one nipple and slowly sucked it into her mouth. I was in heaven and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Naomi then slowly started kissing her way down my stomach and onto my mound wow the feelings where so intense as she kissed my lips through me sopping thong. it didn't take very long for me to be to be thrashing around and urging her on, I had never experienced anything like this before, Naomi gently pulled the last bit of material aside to fully expose me and her tongue went from clit to my bum and then back again. well that just set me off and I screamed. All sound from the next room just went silent then as the party sounds slowly picked up again Naomi looked me in the eye and asked how that had been. well we spent the rest of the night together and when we awoke, the guests were gone.

Since then, we spend a lot of time together and have even invited the odd boy into the bedroom with us but nothing beats my girlfriend Naomi