Written by emma_1


We met at a friends party a few months ago and the drink was flowing and everyone having a good time, I went outside for some fresh air and another woman came out to join me so she sat down beside me and told me her name was Julie and that she couldn't take her eyes of me as soon as I cam in, she openly told me she was bi and that she fancied me I was quite turned on and started to feel so horny wanting her to touch me and show her how wet I was, I had a short black dress on with stocking and a g string I didn't wear a bra that night and my nipples we're showing through my dress she moved closer to me and we we're both sat down on a bench she opened my legs very slowly and I was shaking so much in excitement, her hand then slowly slipped in my g string and her fingers entered my wet pussy finger fucking my hot pussy and making me so wet, she stood up and lifted her dress up so I pull her panties to one side and started to lick her sweet pussy she was moaning so loud that she cum so much in my mouth and it taste so good, she started to suck on my nipples that we're hard already and the told me to lie down on the grass I took off my dress and was naked for her we then did a 69 on eachother she lick my wet pussy till I cum big time while I fingered her bum and licked her sweet pussy again she cum twice then and told me for my first experience with a woman I was so good, ever since then I alway enjoy been with a woman