Written by tizme123


Every time I see her walk in to the room I want to walk over to her and kiss her but I'm too shy so I keep my distance she knows I want her but she has never made a move on me but tonight see can see me from across the room and she walked over to me with two glasses of wine and hands me one, we talked and laughed over a few glasses of when she moved closer to me and put her hand on my lower back and pulled me close and she whispered to me so softly that I thought I had imagined it she said " you can have me tonight" I was shocked by what she had just said that I was lost for words and she gave me this big sexy smile took my hand and we went up the stairs to find a bedroom. When we found one I walked in first and she shut the door behind us when she turned to look at me I pushed her up against the door so fast she didn't have time to think be for I kissed her she was in shock so she didn't kiss me back right away but when she did start kissing me it was deep and passionate then I bit her lip and she moaned in delight I slowly moved my kisses down her neck biting lightly a long the was our breathing had become fast and deep while I was kissing her neck I grabbed her big but tight ass with one hand and my other hand started at her hips and worked my way up under her top to feel her hard nipples through her black lacy bra and I pulled her left nipple and moved my mouth down pulling her top away with my teeth so I could get to her nipple with my mouth and when I did she pushed her chest into my face and moaned with joy with her nipple being teased between my teeth we were doing this for a few minutes when she asked me to stop and I looked up at her with her nipple still in my mouth and she said stop so we can move to the bed, well I proved that I didn't need to let her nipple escape my mouth for us to move to the bed I picked her up and she laughed as I walked us over to the bed and I sat down and her thighs were on the other side of my legs and her skirt was pushed up enough to see she wasn't wearing undies and I wanted her sweet honey but I needed to take her clothes off so I could see her in all her glory so I started by taking off her top and bra then I started taking of mine when she stopped me and said I want to do it so I let her take my top and bra off but she did it so slowly it was a torment once she was done she pushed me down onto my back and she started kissing my neck and slowly down to my tits and then she pulled my nipple into her mouth through her teeth and it felt like she had just pulled on my inner core and I moaned and run my hands through her hair and put one of my hands on the nape of her neck and gently pulled her hair and that just made her bite harder and I loved it she changes breasts and was working the other when I said I wanted to fuck her with my fingers and suck her tits at the same time and she stopped and stood up and said your wish is my command and she slowly pulled her skirt down to reveal her mound with a strip of hair trailing down and disappearing between her thighs then she got back on top with her legs spread on either side of me so I got to work. I slowly put my fingers In between her flaps and gently stroked her clit then I pushed one finger into her wet pussy and I turned my hand so my thumb was rubbing her clit while I fucked her with my finger and she moaned with pure delight then I took her nipple into my mouth again and worked it between my teeth one she was almost driven over the edge I pulled my finger out and told her to lie on her back she did what she was told but she complained that I had stopped but once she was on her back and I sucked her clit into my mouth she gasped and said oh my god and she moved her hips up so I could get more in my mouth I returned my finger to her throbbing wet pussy and I fucked her hard while I was sucking and nibbling on her clit but every time she was close to the edge I would slow down and tease her and she was getting frustrated that I wouldn't let her cum she said why won't you let me cum and I said you have to beg me and you have to say please so I speed up and she was close again and she said oh please let me cum I need you to make me cum I need you to push me over the edge so you can catch me on the way down so please let me cum so that what I did I drove her over the edge and she moaned as her orgasm took over her body and she shook with every mussel in her body and I lapped up her honey sweet juices like a kitten to cream.