Written by Lena


My 30's were the best years of my life, sexually that is. I wasn't a lesbian but easily could have been, I was married with two children and a husband that new I was bi. He was pleased that I could explore my sexuality without it having any impact on our marriage, in fact it made it better. One evening I was at a restaurant/bar in Christchurch with my husband, I could see at the bar two girls often looking over at me, they appeared to be together but I wasn't sure. I was dressed nicely but nothing outwardly sexy, the only thing this night was at my husbands request I wasn't wearing a bra under a close fitting top. This time it was no bra and other times it would be no underwear, it turned him and me on and this time the two girls at the bar noticed. I am curvy but in an attractive way with larger breasts which have always been my best asset.

As a girl does I went to the toilet, for no other reason than to freshen up, I didn't need a pee. I was at the mirror when one of the two girls came in. Standing next to me she commented on how I looked and that she loved the top I was wearing. Always a sure sign of interest and of course being bi I new exactly how to respond. I told her I loved her lipstick and and that it made her lips look so kissable. I smiled at her and as leaving to go go back to my husband she asked if i would be interested in joining her and her friend. I told her I would love to and that I would join them soon. Back at the table I told my husband what had happened and asked if he would mind if stayed. Fifteen minutes later he was happy to leave me knowing that when I got home I would have a story tell, and I sure did. Being bi and married was always a fascination and with the right friends, sometimes I didn't hide it. These girls were already excited by me.

We chatted and got to know each other for a while until one of the girls suggested we go back to her flat for a private party. We got in a taxi with all three of us getting in to the back seat, me in the middle. We must have made the taxi driver's night, if not his whole career. As a tease the talk was suggestive and dirty, with the three of us kissing randomly. When we got to the flat and behind closed doors we each new that we will have the time of our lives. I guess I was the center of their attention and wasn't long before my top had been lifted over my head and my nipples being devoured. We were undressing completely when one of the girls stepped out of the room and came back with dildo's, a strap on, baby oil and a big black plastic sheet.

She laid the plastic sheet out taking a big area of the floor and suggested we should get on it. We first knelt facing each other just kissing, touching and exploring with our fingers. One of the girls asked if i minded baby oil, she must have known it had always been a huge turn on for me, the more oil the better. I stood up taking the bottle of oil and started to pour lots of it over my boobs and down my body, rubbing it in as i went, I bent over pouring it down my back over my bum hole running down over my clit on to them laying below me. It wasn't long before the each of us were drenched, oil of course make it a lot easier for fingers, dildos and hands to enter our bodies and we were no different. The scene must have looked like something from the dirtiest lesbian porn films, the each of us had dildos, hands or the strap on in every hole capable of taking it and we were all more than capable. We had orgasm after orgasm until we had cum that much we were exhausted. It was getting close to 2 in the morning and time for me to make my exit. The shower had room for two but no three but somehow we managed. This time passion had come back and we were just softly kissing while the hot water ran over us. My hair and even though I had showered I had this lovely smooth glow to my skin. Before dressing I combed my short hair back to a smooth slick look and got ready to leave for home but not before exchanging phone numbers. When I got home and in to our bedroom my husband said I looked beautifully fucked, which I confirmed how right he was. For the years after the other married girl and I had an ongoing bisexual relationship often meeting but ever only to fulfill our sexual desires.