I was really feeling down having this breakup with my boyfriend and feeling guilty having sex with his dad. I went out last night myself to a club to have a d rink and have a change of scenery. A woman approached me and started to chat me up, she noticed I was looking lonely and thought I need a company. So we talked about what happened and what my situation is.

Then I realized she was a lesbian, well a bi according to her but closer to a lesbian level. I realized this when she said "That's why I prefer women than men because they just break your heart, men." She said I have her for the night whole night if she I need her.

So at about 8pm, I thought I had too much of the club noise so I said I think I wan't to go home now. She said "I can come with you if you wan't" So I said "Okay, my husband is at home but I'm sure he wont mind."

So we got home I introduced her to my hubby. We carried on chatting and drinking the the lounge while my hubby was the the PC in his office.

Later on , as we were laughing from talking about past experience. She looked at me and started kissing me. I did like it so I kissed her back and our hands were all over each other. She then slowly run her hands from my thighs going up to my pus. And I do not wear undies if I go out just if because I get lucky...

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later on after we girl on girl cuddle we washed up and she left.

We've been texting each other since.