Written by satisfyyou3


In the warm summer night, her hair flew loosely in the warm breeze. The Ducati was what she thought about, what she cared for, what made her feel exhilarated, what never let her down and satisfied her true excitement. She rode the powerful 800cc engine between her legs and she knew exactly how it made her feel. It was her boyfriend, Sam, her first love she was fleeting from, the betrayal of her heart with no other than her own best friend. The tears dried, in the wind, as the quiet thoughts reminded her again and again what she had given for their lives, what they had discussed for the future. She didn't want any more of this city. It was time for a new start.

As Jessica rode, the distance made her feel better. The thought of what lied ahead what was adventurous. She always had an inkling of something more, more of what she hadn’t had, yet she didn’t know of. She had travelled around the world, seen the great sights, soaked the culture, drank great wines and tasted the endless foods, yet something remained.

As she turned corner after corner of the Pacific rise, the ocean glistened in the full moon, it was another beautiful sight of many she had experienced. A silhouette appeared in the distance, was it a car. It was too late in the lonesome night as cars didn’t travel this route often. No trucks used this stretch as it was too desolate, too slow and dangerous around the corners. The silhouette grew to figure, a dark bike. It was coming up fast. 'Yes, it must be a powerful bike, almost as fast as mine’, she thought. She slowed down, waited for the figure to appear in the moonlight. A slim figure, clothed in full back leather and the light glistened over the silver slithers of the drapes. A woman!

As the woman tried to overtake her, rode within an earshot on the other side, they both leaning as the curves came and passed. Like a snake slithering, they competed, this was her excitement, she knew how powerful her bike was, what it was capable of, and she loved the thrill, the fun...More corners came and went, yet she didn’t give in. She knew this woman was true challenger.

A strewn branch came in her view and she throttled harder to pass the woman yet she was unable. So she made the choice to slow down and she slightly skidded on the moist surface, as the woman finally overtook her. This was the first time she had lost a challenge. It hounded her as she corrected herself and followed to catch up.

The woman had stopped in the road front, beside an old hay-shed. Her helmet was off, and her black silky hair slightly waved against the light wind. She sneaked a peek at Jessica and walked towards the shed. Jessica parked her bike and followed her. She wanted to know this woman. Who was her greatest challenger? The woman put her helmet down and was now looking at the moonlight and the ocean below. Jessica came up close behind her slowly and put her and on her shoulders to acknowledge her. As she turned around, the woman turned her face. It was beautiful almost perfect. She had long black hair, smooth tanned skin, flawless texture, seductive eyes and downing lips. Jessica couldn’t help but stare at the woman spoke and stated her name, Angel. She truly was angelic…as they both talked…about the race just passed, and she laughed. A warm feeling was caressing though Jessica, one she had not felt.

Angel too was mesmerised with Jessica, as she stared into Jessica eyes she was awakened. She knelt closer, as Jessica talked on and placed her hand onto Jessica. Jessica ceased talking, Angel moved in closer and held her face and lead a small kiss onto Jessica lips. It was enticing a soft yet moist kiss. She stopped and looked at Jessica, but Jessica didn’t flint. It lingered on and Jessica didn’t budge throughout; she almost let it happen, and then she realised what she had been feeling, what she had been missing, and a woman’s touch. Jessica reciprocated, first lips, so intently it was magical. Then tongues carolled against each other’s, the sweet salivary juices mixed into their mouths, their hearts raced, their nipples hardened and their loins started to ache. Soon hands caressed breasts. But their clothes were akin to skin and leather was a barrier. Jessica, Jessie, was too much into this, she unzipped Angels jacket, and to her surprise Angel was bare, her soft ample breasts were laid for her to touch, to caress to massage. She teased her nipples. Angel too could no longer stop. She started on Jessie’s jacket, then top. But the kissing only got more intense, lips, neck and ears. Her ears were soft. Jessie affectionately kissed at Angel’s ear lobes, as she continued to tease Angel’s nipples and breasts. She moved down to Angels skin-tight leather pants. She felt down to Angel’s crotch, felt her warm centre. Angel too now had eased off Jessica pants and began putting her fingers on Jessie’s inner thigh and her warm red fleshy lips. Each other’s loins continued to ache; their lips throbbed with sensuality, their inners moist with their juices.

They were now bare, their bodies entangled in lusciousness, their skin sparkled in the moonlight and the scene was angelic. Anyone watching them would have thought this as sight to remember, two bodies glistening and so pure, so beautiful. They lay entangled on the soft hay of the shed, still kissing, panting as they touched each other’s loins, their breasts and more. Jessica, slowly put her fingers and then hands inside Angel, Angel teased, moaned as Jessie when deeper, in and out…in and out…in and out in slow repetitions motions, slowly taking her turn to tease and entice. Angel did the same. Both women moaned in ecstasy, both couldn’t hold on, each shrieked at the huge caresses inside them. The moaning got more intense, both bodies thrashing in unison, their juices continued to increase till Angel couldn’t hold on, and she moaned out as loud as she could for the final time and released. Her juices flowed on. Jessica stopped and quickly went down and tasted her body. Angel really tasted sweet, almost like sweet raspberry. Jessie licked her on and kept tasting and cleaning her. It felt nice, felt homely what she needed. Yet she, herself, was not finished, and Angel knew this.

She got up and turned around, now the bodies laid opposite each other on top and bottom, as Jessie licked Angel and while Angel reciprocated until each other’s juices were spent.

They were tired, the hard work done to each other, tired at the energy spent, the juices cleaned. They laid in each other’s arms, looking at each other, and then gave each other small kisses. They laid there in the soft moonlight, the warm night as naked as they were born. A beautiful sight and knew each other’s desires were fulfilled. Jessica knew she had found what she always longed for, another woman’s touch, another woman’s feel, only how another woman could fulfil her inner feelings, her loneliness and her satisfaction. And she knew she was changed forever. For the angel who came to her had purified her and didn’t even ask for anything more in return but the night was young and so was Angel who still wanted more…