Well where do I begin? I'm a tennis trainer and I've being training Jesse for 2 months now and I must say she is pretty attractive my height long dark black hair with blonde streaks bright blue eyez blue as saphire nice looking firm soft breasts tight toned taned thighs sleek legs, her face is so soft and inocent looking and she;s got a tounge ring, I've got long fair blonde hair with green cat eyez names Holly by the way.

1day it was another bright sunny day Just trained one of my students I was wearing my white tennis outfit a lil short for me white cap hair tied up and boy was I hot and sweaty after that. While I was waiting for Jesse I keep thinking of if that she fancies me? she always gives me hints touches my shoulder, kiss on a cheek one time, bends over to the cooler knowing that I would look. I ain;t no lesbian but just the way Jesses looks I never came to a woman who has such a great body like hers I mean I never had a girl on girl experience not evena 3way sooooo mayb if she still gives me the signs I should go for it. should I?

10 mins later after my break she came and wow was she wearing hardly anything real tight short mini black skirt and a matching bikini top with a nice cleavage her skirt was so short I saw her hips and man was her stomach firm and gorgeous with a nice belly button ring she had on and her hair looked so soft when it was down when she always has it up.

Hey Holly u being waiting long? she said in a nice sweet as honey voice, nah not really nice to have a break after a good training.

Well hope ya not 2 tired love coz I am always up for a challenge, she winked at me after she said that, well then lets get started I said.

After a good game I went to her and demonstrate a good swing I went behind her and that the fact I have to touch her I held onto her thigh as I held her wrist to get to her a good swining position, why don;t u go a lil higher she whispered in my ear then gave it a lick, I backed away my head was spinning of confussion ummm Jesse I don;t think I;m comftable with this I mean I got nothing against u but I;m not gay, she giggled like a school girl when I said that oh holly I;m not either I just like having a bit of fun with girls once in a while and I must say it has being a while coz I think u are very attractive, she went to me closer and closer till we were upclose to each other, don;t u ever wanted to know what it;s like it;s just a lil different from being with a man she caresses my face as her soft lips were on my neck 4getting that I;m all sweaty but she dosen;t seem to care as she gently kisses my neck nibbling it a lil as she took off my hat and let my hair down her lips then moved from my neck to my cheek to my lips she had cherry lip gloss on her sweet soft tounge wraping round mine feeling her sexy tounge ring just made me so excited, luckily she was my last student and no one is here just us 2.

She lay me on a towel she layed out on the tennis court continued kissing my mouth as she caresses my thighs then she pressed her fingers on my clit outside of my panties I moaned a lil as we kiss, she then pulled the zip from the front down and sliped it off my shoulders I took off my sports bra exposing my breasts my nipples hard as giving away that I am horny as, she grabs one and puts it in her mouth sucking and flickering it with her peirced tounge making my panties even wetter sucking it nibbling it then she moved her mouth down to my stomach she then took off my black panties spreaded my pussy and started licking my clit rapidly feeling the metal ball going all over my clit makes me shiver I was moaning and screaming out ooo yeah mmmmm I never felt anything like it it was hard to desribe her wet soft tounge all over my pussy then she put 2 fingers inside me hitting my spot as she sucks on my clit so hard she caressed my breast with her other hand as her blue eyez looks into mine her tounge then flicks on my clit then sucks on it licks and sucks licks and sucks, she then rubs my clit as I start to tense up and feel like I;m gonna cum she rubs it sooo good and softly till I actually ejacluate cum on her face, I never felt so embarssed and I went bright red, awwwwwwww don;t be sorry sweet heart she said in her sweet voice that was just a compliment for me showing that I did a good job on u.

She undid her bikini top showing off her nice big firm knockers and took off her skirt she was not wearing underwear and she was very waxed, she placed her wet pussy above my head wanting me to give it to her, I gave it a lil lick, tasted kinda sweet like vanilla so I gave it another lick then another and another till I held her hips and licked all over her pussy flickering my tounge on her tiny sensitive clit, she rocked her hips back and forward as my tounge gose up and down on her going wet pussy hearing her moan as she rubs her lucious breasts, then I lick and stick my 2 fingers in her twat as pink twat getting her spot like how she got mine, never felt something so strange yet so exciting before so warm so wet so spongey, ahhhhh mmmm yeah baby go harder ya gonna make me cum, I sucked on her clit hard as my fingers fuck her tight pussy then I feel her getting more tensed and then her whole body shook as her warm sweet wet cum was all over me, tasted a lil salty yet sweet never had anything so tasty in my mouth before.

She lay nexted to me and cuddled up to me for a while well there Holly ya doing so far so good for ya first try u are indeed a natural I blushed as she kissed my cum soaked lips as her lips were soaked with my cum hmmmm never thought I taste that good.

She got up reached into her tennis bag and got out a real big clear glass double ended dildo must've being like 9 inches on each end, she kneeled infront of me and got me onto my knees show me how u suck cock baby she whispered so I grabed one end of the dildo and wrap my cum soaked mouth round the glass cock sucking it like it was real up and down with my tounge wraping round it;s big shaft,as I showed her my skills she was also showing me hers on the other end and boy didn;t she looked like a natural and fuck didn;t she turned me on as she deep throat that dildo.

She then placed 1 end of the dildo into her tight wet pussy then she put the other end into me after a moaning sigh of pleassure we then moved our hips in and out helping each other to make it go in and out of us fucking each other, the way she moved her body how her beautiful breasts bounced as I push the dilo in and out of her lucious pink twat watching her get real wet, I never thought making love to a girl a real hot girl could be such great fun, u like that baby she asked in a sexy moaning voice mmmm yeah mmmmmm I love how ya fucking me baby.

As my end was hitting my wet spot I felt the urge of cuming so I licked her fingers and let her rub my clit as I did for her, we then swang our hips harder as we rubed our clits harder and then our pussies squirterd and came all over us then we kept on fucking till we came again and again and again.

After a 1/2 hour of a good fuck she then removed the dildo, swaped ends and then we sucked and licked up the cum off it I licked hers she licked mine nothing has ever tasted so sweet as cum made by cock.

She then spread my legs and she placed her pussy on mine and next thing I know our clits were rubbing against each other and I never felt anything this intense and good before our moans and screams were loud enough for everyone outside the stadium to hear, mmmmmm baby this feels soooo good I moaned mmmmm yes baby ya pussy feels so good ooooo Holly ya so sexy, then we rubed ever harder and harder then My clit started to swell and gotten 10 times intense next thing I know we both stoped and my body started to twich a few times as I lay back in a wow releif.

She came up beside me we were in each others arms kissing her soft lips mmmmm so u enjoyed ya 1st experince she asked hmmmm by the look of how u made me cum I;ve never being better I said as I kiss her again well when ever u wanna do it again or even have a real cock to join us u let me know.

we both dried each other and got dress she then gave me a kiss on the cheek and a wink as she turned and walked out I watched her gorgeous body drift from mine.

Next day we do our training like nothing happened I guess she;s being paitient and waiting for a sign that I want more I reckon tomorrow I'll let her know ( wink )