So yesterday hubby and I decided to do a bit of walking and not hopeful for dogging but the weather yesterday was a bit mild actually...

I wearing a light jacket and leggings with a thong just in case. Along the seashore on the tree line we set up a picnic sheet on the ground and opened had coffee from the thermos.

I had nothing under the my jacket and was teasing hubby a bit. We got horny so I gave my husband head. Then suddenly a guy appeared and walk towards us and said, Is it okay if I just watch? Spencer Park if known for dogging so probably this guy followed us.

My husband looked at me and said? fuck him? I said yeah why not, get the condom. So my husband said, better yet, join us. My hubby scotched over for him and to my surprise when he pulled down his pants. He was huge. I'd say he's about 8" easy and quite thick. He's a tall pakeha and a wee bit skinny. I gave them both head...

Then I said to the guy go behind me and hubby handed him a condom and it was small for his size. He did still wore it.

He was doing me doggy style while I was sucking hubby. He was thick that I felt full... After about 4-5 mins he asked if he can cum on my ass which I said that's fine. When he was about to cum he pulled out and I bent over more for him to spray his sperm all over my ass. He pulled off the condom and jacked himself off cumming quite an impressive amount and went all the was to my back.

Then he said "Oh, no..." then I said "What's wrong?" he said "Well, my cum dripped into your pussy but I was aiming for your ass". hubby looked and laughed and said yes "I think some went in". The guy then said, If you're worried about STI's don't worry I'm clean. He said "Maybe you did not clinched and your pussy was wide open when I came". This is probably because I bent over more for him and opened up in the process.

I squatted and finger swiped and yet there was definitely sperm in there. The guy then profusely apologized.

We sat down and talked more and got to know each other a bit better, not including the personal infos though. Then after a few chat, I gave him a hug an a wee peck on the lips and we departed ways