Written by Anonymous


Well it started in 2007 when I travelled to Australia and stayed with friends in Noosa for 3 months. I was 25 and looking for direction, but I was also shy and unsure of myself and who I wanted to be or become. As a result I spent 3 months walking around Noosa and the Noosa national park without really engaging with anyone or bettering myself or situation in any way.

One of my favourite walks was the track through Noosa national park that led to Alexandria bay, also known as the nudist beach and well known dogging area for mainly gay men. I was aroused and excited even taking the detour and passing men on the track. But I only was brave enough at the time to walk briefly in the nude well back off the beach and I didn't even have the confidence to walk past any other guys or couples naked. I remember one day I sat naked on the dunes and looked back into the scrub and I saw a naked guy looking at me. I was excited and rubbed my cock a bit for him but when he started to move towards me I quickly got up, dressed and headed back to the main track and found a place to jerk my sensitive shy cock to shoot my thick load all over the dry Aussie fauna!

Well anyway that was it for my adventures and I returned to NZ a few weeks later to continue my journey finding my direction in life. I found a direction as it turns out but did not get back to Noosa for a visit until 2015. When I did however I made a walk back to Alexandria bay top of my priorities to carry out my near miss from nearly 10 years ago. I am glad to say I didn't chicken out this time round and here is what happened!

I got to Alexandria bay but was still too nervous and inexperienced to get nude, but I did walk directly down the beach in my togs looking at who was around. I got 3/4 of the way down the beach and hadn't seen anyone of interested and was starting to get a bit disheartened. I turned around at that point and started to walk in the direction from which I had came. It was then I noticed an older man walking towards me, probably 200m away ( he must have been watching me as I walked in front of him). I had immediately noticed he was naked but it wasn't until he started getting closer that I realised how big his cock was. I was fixated on it as he approached and only briefly looked up to make eye contact as he walked past me. I carried walking for about 10 meters and then turned around to see him continuing walking without looking back.

At this point I turned 90° and started to head towards the dunes and Bush track beyond. As I approached the dunes I turned my head to the right and saw that the older man with a big cock was also heading to the dunes and Bush track about 100m ahead of me. I carried on walking into the Bush track area and then turned and starting walking forward again. I had lost sight of my older stud at this point but I keep walking with erotic anticipation building with every step. Then I saw him through the trees about 30m away and I was suddenly in a different world of detached horniness that put me on autopilot as I walked towards him.

Then he was there in front of me and he took the lead exactly how I needed him to. He asked me how I was and where I was from. I answered as best as I could in stuttered sentences while I stared like a total sissy slut at his big cock that was still flaccid, dangling gently from side to side (I am sure he knew what he was doing). He then asked me if I would like to walk with him to find a quiet spot. I nodded meekly as I followed him for about 1min until he further veered off the track to a nice private enclave. He then stopped and I was there in front of him.

It was time and in my dazed sissy slut state I got on my knees before him and put my hands on his hips as I took his big limp cock directly in my mouth. Even before I started sucking I felt him start to get bigger in my mouth. As I sucked he got bigger at a very fast rate and all of a sudden I had his monster rock hard cock in my mouth which I attempted to suck as best and deep as I could. Since I was unable to swallow his entire shaft I paid attention to his swollen knob and licked his delicious pre cum as it leaked onto my sissy young tongue. I wanted him to cum but he had other ideas, telling me he wanted to slide his cock into my young tender ass. He had backpack with him that I hadn't noticed until now and he began to take it off his shoulder as he told me to get ready for him.

I turned and leaned forward so I was on all fours with my ass in the air like the dirty slut I had always wanted to be. I felt him squirt lubes onto my ass as he spread my ass cheeks and loosened my tight virgin ass with his fingers for a minute or 2. Then I felt it, his fat cock head press against my lubed up as as he started to press into me. I relaxed and I felt him stretch me and his cock enter my ass with a painful bliss that blew my mind. He waited for me to accommodate his large knob and then pulled out giving me a brief horny relief before entering me again with my ass now ready to take his cock willinging like I wanted. He worked in slowly, deeper with each stroke as he continued to pour lubes onto his cock and my ass.

But then he started to increase his pace and force by which he fucked me. He started to call me his NZ bitch and that my ass was his now until he came. He held me tight as he pounded me, choking me and pulling my long hair. His balls were slapping hard against my ass as he pounded in hard one final time and I felt his cock twitch and pulsates inside me. I felt his hot seed fill me as his hard cock started to recede. As he pulled out he told me how he enjoyed making me his slut before he walked off leaving me there to recover.

I was amazed at how long his cum leaked from my ass for, not only as I walked back to my car but also later in the day when I was back at my friends house watching TV. I was worried about having unprotected gay sex but it turned out fine when I got tested a few weeks later. But that fulfilled that fantasy and I felt so dirty and degraded that I am still satisfied looking back on the experience without much pressing need to do it again.

Looking forward to my next trip to Noosa though, whenever that may be ;)