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Accidental Dogging

"What started out as an evening Wine......"
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It was spring a few years ago now.... Hubby and I packed a small light dinner and a bottle of wine. We drove to a fairly secluded beach, parked up and got out. There was a handful of cars there but no one in sight. We looked around and saw a track heading up a hill and thought it would be since to enjoy dinner and a wine with a view. We weren't disappointed either. About 15mins up, there was a perfect grass area with an amazing view of the bay. We ate dinner and poured a wine. Hubby drove so I basically had the whole bottle. Feeling a little frisky, I lay down and pulled him close to me for a kiss. We got a bit steamy and he started to stroke my breasts which worked me up even more. It was quite warm so I was wearing a loose mini skirt and singlet with no bra. A bit of time went by and I was getting incredibly horny. He slid his hands under my skirt to find I didnt have any underwear on. He suggested we head back to the car and shoot home and carry on, but I was too involved to stop. Well he didn't need to be told twice ! I grabbed his head and pulled it towards my very wet crotch. He obliged and went to town on me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some movement in the tree line, and looked straight over. There in the shadows were 2 fairly good looking men with their pants down having a furious wank. My first instinct was to get dressed and tell hubby but I didn't want him to stop, and besides, the thought of guys getting off and watching them work their cocks was a major turn on ! A few more minutes went by and I said to hubby, dont be alarmed, but there's 2 guys watching us having their own fun. It didnt faze him, in fact he said to call them over for a better look. I was shocked but it drove me crazy so I motioned them to come over. They made their way over and continued their punishment on themselves. Hubby turned and said Gday and turned back to enter my saturated pussy. He fucked me hard for a good 10 mins before unloaded inside me, and god it felt good. He whispered in my ear if I wanted more, which I did but I thought he meant from him. He got up and asked one of the guys if they were keen, and I didn't care. I needed more cock and I needed it NOW ! The guy who was sporting an impressive thick 9" cock, knelt down, took aim and plunged into my cum filled pussy, while the other guy knelt down and motioned for me to suck his cock. He gave me a solid pounding for another 10mins and blew a tidal wave of cum inside me spilling all over my thighs and blanket, as he did that, his mate blew his own deep into my throat which I happily swallowed. They dressed, thanked me and walked back down the track leaving me feel used, fulfilled and definitely slutty. Hubby took me home and jumped me as soon as we walked in the door adding to the pile of cum still leaking out of my used pussy. The sex was amazing and led to the start of our more promiscuous lifestyle
Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

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