Yes, there was one time, I worked in an office in Wellington quite a few years back, we were on the 12th floor of a building off Willis Street.

I used to work all sorts of hours there so had access to the building whenever I wanted.

One Friday night, after some drinks at work, my work mates and I went pubbing and clubbing in Courtenay Place. I was a little inebriated and saw a vision on the dance floor. I could only see her from behind but she moved so well, she was hot, glistening with sweat and her white top was almost see through at the back, no bra and her silky smooth muscles rippled across her back as she danced. I just looked for a bit, quite entranced, and was most surprised when she turned toward me. She was my old flatmates girlfriend. She saw me, bounced over and dragged me into the dancefloor with her.

As we danced she told me that she had split with her boyfriend couple of months back and asked if I was single, which I was. I was stunned almost speechless when she said "Good, because I've wanted to fuck your brains out for months, do you want to get out of here"

I didn't need asking twice.

My office was just down the road and the debris from work drinks was still in the boardroom, I suggested that we go back there and have a free drink or two while we got better acquainted. So we made out way up the street, kissing and fondling each other all the way there and up to the 12th floor in the lift.

The lady was wearing the shortest black skirt, and had amazing legs. She had been a marching girl and years of competition had left her deliciously toned. We went to the boardroom to get a drink, I didn't bother turning the lights on but when I turned around from the fridge, she was sitting on the 12 seater oval boardroom table, shirt hiked up to the top of her thighs, legs spread wide. She looked me right in the eyes and said 'what are you waiting for?'

Well that started a wild night. The table was polished enough that, when she was on her back, I could slide her into any position we wanted. We started off with her bent over the table and laughed as we looked down at the Wellington nightlife from the darkened office as while we shagged each other senseless. It seemed hilarious that we could see everyone, but no one could see what we were doing.

The night was awesome, the boardroom table, floor and chairs got a workout, and at one point I took her from behind as she was pressed against the 12th story window. Then my desk, a swivel chair, and the bosses office.

When we were both exhausted we went back to her place, slept for a couple of hours and then began round 2.

Later on Saturday afternoon I called back into the office to pick up my bag. Bloody hell, what a mess, loose change all over the floor (must have fallen out of my pockets at some point), chairs knocked over... Strange stains on the board table. Still...... the clean up was minor compared to the fun

We ended up living together for a couple of years, after that and had a few more adventures, but to this day I cannot look at one if those boardroom tables without smiling.

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