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Spencer Park Beach fun

It was the first day that’s both the kids were back at school after the holidays.

We had been planning this for a couple of weeks.

With being new to Kiwiswingers we weren’t too sure what we were really after.

So to slowly break us in to the new lifestyle we decided on some live cam fun. Instead of the normal bedroom playtime we thought going to Spencer Park Beach could be a bit more exciting.

As we pulled up the car park was empty which was kind of a relief. Bex had on a loose shirt and little shorts. No underwear of course. All the way to the park I had been rubbing her wetness. By the time we parked she was soaking.

We grabbed our towel and headed left into the Sandhills.

It wasn’t long until we found a space that looked pretty secluded.

I grabbed my phone and hooked up a live cam. It wasn’t long until the phone started pinging as more people signed on too watch. This made her even wetter. I lifted her shirt and freed her big heavy breasts. They look so good in the sunlight.

Taking one then another into my mouth. Nibbling and sucking on her hard nipples.

She rubbed my hardness through my shorts. Freeing it so she could stroke it properly.

Dropping to her knees she took me deep In her mouth.

She always looks so good as she sucks down on my cock.

It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take more. Standing her up I ripped her shorts down. Lay her on the towel and buried my tongue in her soaking pussy.

She moaned and pinched her nipples. Taking the phone she filmed from her end as I devoured her sweetness.

Just as she was about to cum I heard a sharp intake of breath from her.

I looked up and she was looking directly at some random stroking his hard cock while watching.

“Please continue” he stammered

I moved up her body licking and kissing until our mouths met and she could taste herself.

Reaching down she grabbed my hard shaft and guided it straight into her waiting pussy. I turned to said random guy and asked if he would film.

He jumped at the chance. This left our hands free to roam each other’s body.

I brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Our bodies slapping together in the morning sun.

Again just before she came. I stopped.

Turned her on all fours facing the man and the camera and filled her from behind.

My hands on her hips. Really pounding into her.each thrust drove her forward. She moaned and I could feel her body getting closer and closer.

He moved in closer to get the look of pure joy on her face. The camera right in front of her.

This brought his hard cock closer.

“Suck him” I stated.

Without hesitation Bex reached out. Pulling him closer. His hard cock straight in her mouth. He started thrusting. The two of us working together driving in hard.

I couldn’t believe it. She was instantly wetter than ever. I was slipping out of her pussy. She had always been so reserved but having that extra cock in her flicked a switch. Her moans were muffled by his hard shaft down her throat as she gagged in him. Again I slipped from her pussy. There was only one thing for it. I pulled out and pressed my cock straight into her waiting ass. She backed up on me talons deeper. One hand on his leg for balance the other went straight between her legs rubbing her dripping pussy.

The phone started going crazy as more people logged in. This was the best idea ever.

Our camera man kept thrusting stating he was close to Cumming. “Where can I cum” he asked.

Before I could utter a word

“Coat my face “ Bex replied.

He pulled out and shot a lovely big white load over her face.

This drove me over the edge and I pumped once more hard into her ass. Cumming deep.

The feeling of so much cum made Bex cry out and she came all over her hand. Coating it.

She collapsed on the towel. I took the phone back. Thanked our very spent looking camera man. We got dressed and she headed back to the car. Cum dripping off her chin and out her ass.

As we climbed in the car Bex looked and me and said

“I love Spencer Park. Am looking forward to coming back here”

“Well,” I replied. “Boys are back at school on Thursday “

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