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Christine began to feel confused. One moment wanting to enjoy the freedom of being naked in the wild, to enjoy being seen by others, but the next moment an anxiety and guilt. She also kept thinking why she was getting these feelings.

Jay was feeling restless too. He felt at times that his wife was being turned on by the thoughts of being seen by others but he just wasn’t sure if she was attempting to please him. After all her upbringing in a conservative family prepared her to perform her “duties”. Church, obeying parents, making sure her husband is satisfied. He knew his wife was always sincere so it would be hard for her to pretend but may be she managed to do just that - to please her husband. So he decided to find out. He started planning a scenario. A daring one involving some risks. He thought the only way to find out would be to give her a chance to do this on her own when she is alone - well when her husband is not around.

So he planned it with a birthday present - a weekend holiday in a beach resort with its own semi secluded beach. Semi in the sense it is not accessible by land to anyone else but of course open to the sea. So when he told Christine they were going to a holiday for her birthday she was delighted. They reached the spot in Coromandel around noon and relaxed after a long drive. Then they decided to go to the beach and with the promise this was secluded Christine -after some hesitation - took her clothes off. They kissed and then Jay started with a massage. Slowly massaging the breasts along the sides. They then heard a motor boat and Christine stiffened up and reached for her clothes. Jay laughed and told her the boaties cant get close the beach and can’t see much of her and he said even if they could, so what?

This made Christine settled somewhat but Jay could feel her heart thumping. Christine again had mixed feelings - she was getting aroused once again and she was unsure what the reason was. She wondered why she was getting aroused. Was it because she was enjoying the thought of boaties being able to see her - although not that closely. Or was it because of Jay.

Jay said let’s just cuddle for a while. “I want to get our arousal up and up and up until we can’t hold any more”. Christine always liked this build up. She threw the clothes away and started to rub Jay’s balls very gently avoiding the penis. Jay was now feeling very hot and retaliated by gently sliding his fingers on Christine’s thighs almost touching the throbbing lips which now started getting wet. Then they both paused as they usually do and started kissing. After half an hour of this Jay said “Ok we have to make this extra special so let us take a break and let us each fantasise and get back to this in half an hour. I am just going for a walk but you stay here. I am going to imagine you being massaged by a stranger here. You imagine whatever turns you on. I will get back in half an hour” Christine said “ok I like this beach nice and quiet.” She was going to reach her blights but Jay grabbed them and said “ I want you to lie here absolutely naked when I get back.” Christine said “ok but leave the clothes bear me in case it gets cold I will wear it but the moment I hear you I will take them off”. Jay put her clothes near her and put on his shorts and went away.

Christine was left in silence. Her mind lingering on what Jay said. ‘Jay is imagining her being touched by others and what is going to turn me’.

Then she could hear a boat. Christine thought: ‘now Jay is not here. Should I put the clothes on again? No he may come sooner and may be disappointee if I had my clothes on because he wanted me to be absolutely naked’ . She could once again feel blood gushing below her navel the lips almost throbbing. Jay is not there though. She felt the urge to rub but wanted to wait to build up the tension. So she went for a quick dip in the water. It helped to cool the throbbing urge. Suddenly the boat in the distance stopped. Christine turned and looked. She could see a man on the boat with something that could be a pair of binoculars. ‘Is he watching me?’ One moment she froze. Then she remembered Jay saying ‘so what’. She began to feel a sense of freedom ‘so what’ let me be natural. ‘Let me enjoy the beauty of the nature and let others enjoy watching me - I guess I am attractive’ blood started flowing again in her. ‘My throbbing lips — what do they desire? To be watched - is that all? To be licked? Or more? From whom? Just Jay?’

Christine is unsure what her body wants. It is a painful heaven right now. She quietly lies down hoping it will ease.

In the meantime,...

Our friend Jay has been busy. He called his KS contact Rob who lives nearby and explains the situation and asks him to come to the spot as planned....

(From this pint on the story is mostly going to be in the present tense. No one not even know how this is going to end or continue. The readers particularly those in the interactive story group will have an influence in the future of Christine Jay and others on this story. To some extent these characters already reflect some of us in this group - yes real feelings and experience hidden here for making our future story together)

Christine could hear her own moaning. She is turning around to look at the boat -“ the man seems to be holding a camera - has it got a telescopic lens too - hard to see from here. Where has Jay gone?’

Suddenly there is a noise in the water. Someone is swimming close by. Christine instinctively lies down on the sand, turning away from the water, but with her eyes still able to watch the sea. ‘The boatie can’t see much of me’ but then the swimmer -appears to be a man - turns toward the beach. Christine is lying in a way so the man can only see her side and bare buttocks. She wonders whether to put on her clothes. Decides not to make any moves and pretends to sleep. The swimmer gets closer as the strokes gets louder. Christine can now hear the man walking towards her. She could feel someone near her. Then it sounded as if the man decided to sit next to Christine but not disturb her.

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