Yesterday the 2nd of the 1st month I decided to go to Sumner bcoz the weather great. Not so sunny and it's ward.

I booked an Uber for naughty a natu reason. I was wearing a loose singlet on top with no bra which my boobs and nipple peaks out even when I move a little and for lower was a short skirt with no pantie.

When he arrived, he was obviously shocked on my attire but remained professional. I placed a towel on the passenger seat before I sat and on the way he was really chatty and was really fun to talk to.

Then I reached down and started playing with myself, he noticed what I was doing and he just said I was gorgeous.

I lifted up my right leg on to the dashboard so I can show him what I was doing. Putting 2 fingers in my wet pussy. Then he said can I help? So I said yes and he reached over and played with my clit and fingered me. We got to Sumner and he parked on to the side and we carried on. I told him I can give you a handjob while you play with me. So I did and he offered sex but I declined.

I kissed him while he was playing with my pussy and I was jacking him off. I then told him "Make it hurt, put as many fingers as it xa fit", he pulled my seat lever and laid the chair down and got closer almost on top of me and kissed my wildly while fitting 4 fingers in and was moaning of pleasure and pain and gripping his shoulders.

I orgasmed 3 times within all those time, When he was almost about to cum I told him cum on my tummy so he climbed on top of me and jacked off till he squirted his sperm all over my tummy and squirted up to my boobs.

He laid back to the driver's chair and watched me play with his cum and fingered my pussy with his cum.

Then I wiped and said our goodbye and I gave him 1 last kiss and I went to the beach and he went his way.

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