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Unicorn 1 month ago

Unintended consequences

When a pragmatic solution creates a whole new problem

Like the rest of us here, I’m on a swinging site because I love having great sex. Touch and physical pleasure are important to me, and a regular part of my life. I’m also single and have a job that can be quite demanding, so during lockdowns it...

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Redfish 1 month ago

A lazy morning off

How good can shower sex be?

Your flatmate hasn’t left for work yet. We have both been up and about having breakfast and you have even had a shower. I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to joining you in there, but now the job is done. You have been looki...

ChiwiTiger 1 month ago

A Curious Coffee Meet

You never know how far a first meet will go...

The dating site coffee meet was going well, professional caucasion guy, very vanilla, but with an enticing cheeky smile. Hearing his excitement about working on his bach in the Marlborough Sounds had me thinking of dust, and sweat... saltiness, cool breez...

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At 6am, as always my bladder woke me and while in the bathroom, I reflected on the night before, wondering if there would be any awkwardness. I splashed some water on my face, and looked at myself in the mirror. The man staring back at me had changed so...

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Rich 1 month ago

Their first 3some

Met with a couple for motel fun

Went to their motel and nervously knocked on the door, the guy opened it and said his wife was still getting ready as I was a little early. He and I sat down and we chatted over a cup of tea about what he would like to see and how I would work with...

Cinnamon_Skye 1 month ago

Afternoon Delight

Opportunity is everywhere

“I’m going for a walk, what’re you doing, we should meet up...” It was another gorgeous afternoon and the dog needed to stretch his legs yet again. I suggested the park about halfway between our houses and we both set off from opposite directions....

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Redfish 1 month ago

On Kapiti Coast

Morning sex on the beach

We’d spent the night camping on the beach. The surf is very quietly lapping against the shore. It’s early morning g in the summer, the light not yet with us. We’re lying tucked up in bed inside the tent. Curled, entwined together, spooning, naked. I re...

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Redfish 1 month ago

How best to apply sunscreen

Oral sex in the sun by the pool

One thing you wouldn't guess that turns me on? The smell of sunscreen. When I get a dose of that scent... I get a familiar glint in my eye, and you know what I’m thinking! I'd love to lay you down on a towel, face down outside by the pool on a sunny da...

Redfish 2 months ago

An afternoon in the vines

Joyful sex in the summer sun

It is summer. You’re joining me on holiday in Blenheim, a quick visit before you have to go away again. When we first meet, at the airport, after so long we hold each other in a warm embrace. I pull you close to me and close my eyes and remember the...

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chuie 2 months ago

The beauty of an orgasm

The fictional tale of Toni stressed after work takes to relax

Walking in the door of her house Toni made her way to her bedroom slowly taking her clothes off as she made her way there. Standing in front of the full length mirror in just her underwear she critiqued her appearance. Her body belied her 56years, yes the...

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Thebookthieves 2 months ago

Cassie Comes To Stay

Tabby & Karl Part 3

Time is an interesting concept - it speeds up when you want to sit and savour something, and it drags when you’re desperate for something you’re looking forward to. Tabby and I were now very different people. Three weeks on from being initiated...

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Thebookthieves 2 months ago

And So Begins The Swing

Tabby & Karl Part 2

We walked back to our hotel, Tabby’s arm linked in mine, closer than we had been for years. Several times one of us started to speak, but we seemed to be unable to find the words. Instead we walked in a companionable silence that was punctuated by the...

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Thebookthieves 2 months ago

Tabby & Karl Part 1

The journey into swinging

There’s one thing having your finger gliding through the swollen lips of a woman’s pussy, and hearing the soft gasp that comes with it, but it’s another thing altogether when that pussy is not your wife’s. And it’s yet another thing to have my wife sit...

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