The fun continues Threesome

the second chapter of the fun 3 people can have.…

When we returned to their home after the day’s adventures we were all dirty and beat. Being gentlemen we let the wife have first use of the shower. The husband reaches into the refrigerator and I accept the drink he offers me. As we open the bottles, he begins to give me the "grand tour" of their home. The memories of our last encounter raced through my mind as we went through the various rooms. I found my cock straining in my jeans as I wonde… Read more

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Spanking BDSM

Something overheard.…

I wasn’t at that place ever as a paying guest. I had made contact with a beautiful girl who worked there, and she had invited me to curate some artwork on the walls. It was midday and we were standing in one of the orgy rooms, surrounded by big vinyl sofas, and discussing the artwork on the walls. As we’d walked up the stairs earlier I’d noticed some naked people disappearing into the ‘dungeon’, a room I never dealt with; too much flick… Read more

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Permission Granted Fiction

A generous wife and a hallpass....…

"And what about you, Ma'am, how do you like to be fucked?"

It's not a question you can ask every day, but....

They call it an expo, but really it's a junket - an unhealthy gathering of strong personalities swapping business cards, trading success stories and basically trying to out-pitch each other. If you were one with a wandering eye and a moral compass with a tendency to wander from true north, such events are the perfect opportunity to … Read more

Window Fact

Did an upward glance find us there?…

We'd meet in a bar, and fooled around, and now she wanted me to come to her place in the middle of the day. It was one of those tiny Paris apartments on the upper floor of an old apartment build. Narrow staircase, shared toilet in the stairwell, one room, shower in the corner, kitchenette next to that. "My mother owns the place", she announced. "she bought the place so I would have somewhere to live while I study". And it was something to brag … Read more

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Paris Fact

The new ideas and the old city of love.…

It was a meeting arrange through a dating app. She was a chubby girl, very sexy, and a little bit edgy. Her story came out quickly; she was in an open relationship she said, but it didn't take much reflection to see that she was fucking her boss. There was a vengeful quality to her pursuit of lovers. Nonchalantly she described her ideology, the ideology that justified her choices, "I am polyamorous, I am in a relationship with Mr X and we are bot… Read more

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Groomed Fact

Luscious lovely.…

I’d been out and about drinking in the city. I dropped by the cafe because the light was on and talking to the girl cleaning up was a buxom woman in a bright dress that obviously she was wearing a bikini underneath. Immediately I felt her interest. We chatted for a while and then decided to go for a beer. We went to a noisy city pub with a dj and a dance floor. We danced a little then sat at the edge of the dance floor. Before I knew it we were… Read more

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Sex First Time

Looking at your picture.…

I’d like to alternate sucking your nipples and kissing your neck while I stroke your inner thigh and pussy lips until you are wet and slippery enough to finger your hole while I tickle your arse cheeks with my free fingers. Then I’d like to run my tongue lightly around your pussy and anus. After that I’d lick and suck your sweet labia until I just can’t resist working my hard cock into you, starting by placing your pussy lips around my kn… Read more

The countdown BDSM

Start of a night for Sir and kitten…

Sir leads kitten from the bathroom by the freshly attached nipple clamps, he is freshly showered, dried by kitten and dressed in light clothing, kittens hands had been lingering and teasing, it had been too long since they had last played.

Attention kitten, comes the command, she stands, hands by sides, chest out eyes up, legs together, looking stunning, his dark Queen, Sirs adored kitten.

Sir takes his time fitting the wand harness, wand … Read more

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The Playlist Fiction

An innocent car ride....…

I step out of the shower, beads of water running down my body, glistening. I grab a fluffy white towel from the towel rack and wrap it around me.

My nerves have already begun. Deep breaths I tell myself.

I head into the motel bedroom my outfit for the night laid out on the bed. Slowly I start drying myself, my hair, my back, my breasts, down the stomach, between the legs(although it won't stay dry long), the length of my legs and my feet.
Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 4 Fact

Two weeks later on a rainy Sunday afternoon…

It was a rainy afternoon and there I was in my classroom preparing for the new term ahead. The rain was quite persistent so I worked as hard as I could so I could get home as quickly as possible. I was slightly startled by the knock on the classroom door. I was more surprised when I opened it to find Mary standing there in a raincoat. "Can I come in?" She asked. I ushered her in, my mind a swirl of confusion.
Mary sat on a chair. I sat opposite… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 3 Fact

The toilet and next day.…

There are 2 things about waiting for two minutes. First of all how long that time is. But more importantly how aware you are of the erection in your pants whilst waiting. In fact you feel as if people around you notice you have a boner and then gossip away. Yes that was my head space. Whether I waited 2 or 4 minutes I don't know. It was I had a need that required urgent scratching.
My next challenge was walking normally across a room filed with … Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 2 Fact

After the Zip…

So there I was standing in the staffroom kitchen colleagues around me enjoying a few drinks and a song. I also had a sultry married lady standing beside and my fly was open.
Mary leaned over, "keep talking and this will be good." So I took a sip of my beer and noted that nobody else could see what was happening behind the kitchen counter. I felt her hand brush and trace the outline of my cock. She then moved her hand to the top of underwear and… Read more

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You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 1 Fact

First job but a married Lady who you couldn't resist…

The year was 1991 and I had just got my first job after starving for 4 years at Uni. Life was pretty good, so I was surprised when I met Mary on our induction day. Mary was a married lady about 5.3. She had a slim body and a very conservative hair style. She seemed to rarely smile and was very shy. She was a proud mum of two kids and her husband was a bit of a dick.

As the weeks progressed I started to get to know her. She was 30 and had been … Read more

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Surprise Beach Encounter Other

First Fantasy…

It had been a long week for me, everything that could go wrong went wrong, my mind like a grenade just waiting to have the pin pulled.
Sitting staring at the TV but taking in 0% what do I want in life? what do I want to be? where do I want to be let's say, 5 Years Time? who the hell knows! Time for me to go and clear my head find a beautiful secluded spot down at the beach front, so I can kick back, crank up the sounds while I have a quiet one a… Read more

Kitty's Confessional Fiction

It had been a while since her last confession….…

Kitty hadn’t always been bad but it had been a while since her last confession….
As it was now December it was time for a little soul cleansing.
After a few deep breaths she headed into the depths of the church for her unburdening.
Taking a seat in the empty booth, a kindly voice behind the screen beside her prompted her to begin.
She began to recount her escapades of late – not going to church as regularly as she should, drinking, swea… Read more

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Every Song has to End Sometime Fiction

A musician and an opportunity taken - voyeurism, masturbation, straight sex…

I'm a songwriter. A really good one. That's not wishful thinking or having delusions of grandeur, it's the simple truth. Problem is, I'm not a very lucky one. There are other songwriters around that aren't nearly as good, but they're a whole lot luckier than me. Me? I waited in the departure hall, along with the luckless and talentless, hoping someone might let me in.

My wife is unluckier still. She was the woman who had married the unlucky so… Read more

Fantasy into Reality Threesome

The fun three people can have together . . .…

Chapter 1

After a nice meal in the home of this married couple, I find myself being asked to retire to the bedroom with them. I find their passion and love for each other to be incredibly erotic and comforting. I know that their decision to include me in their love making is a mutual desire, and will not cause any harm to their relationship. I am seen as an equal, who wishes to explore and learn about their most intimate of practices. This se… Read more

Mrs Robinson Part 2 First Time

Thing heat up…

I pulled my head back, scooped her into my arms and fell back onto the sofa. Now my arms were hooked under her legs. She was leaning down with all her weight, pressing her pussy toward my eager open mouth. But my powerful arms and shoulders held her above me. I began kissing and nibbling her inner thighs, slowly working my way toward the honeypot between her legs. I inched closer and closer, until finally my lips reached her opening.

I paused… Read more

Wedding Night Nerves Fiction

She needs two men...…

The wedding is over. The bride is still all made up and dressed in her lingerie & heels. She sits alone on the bed looking at her dress and gets nervous. She loves her man but it’s just dawned on her that she’ll only ever have one cock to suck and be fucked with. Monogamous sex forever. Unless he could be talked into sharing...

She stands and looks at herself in the mirror. She’s wearing new white bra, thong & suspenders with lace top st… Read more

Pimms O’clock Fiction

Was it the Pimms that made it happen?…

Dear diary,

Ok, I know that I haven't written in you since a half-hearted attempt at the age of 8 but I've just returned from an amazing holiday with Matt and I need to write it all down, every little detail, so I don't ever forget it.

Let me set the scene for you, as a surprise Matt had arranged for our children to be looked after so we could spend a well-earned rest in a beautiful spot in the med. We were on our last day and had said hi a… Read more

Take Courage Pt 2 Fiction

The truth comes out…

This is a continuation of Take Courage, where James is deciding whether to tell his wife about his dalliance on the train with the delightful Leila. I try and write in a way that is as much about understanding the characters as it is about the exceptional sexual escapades they enjoy. Feedback welcomed, thanks for reading. RB


As I walked up the path to my driveway, Leila's words kept ringing in my ears.

"Please have courage, James."… Read more

Take Courage Fiction

Does he have the courage to take it further?…

30 degrees. Day after day. Relentless. Men with sweat-soaked backs, women with rivulets of sweat running between their swaying breasts. Slow trains, uncomfortable closeness, and the slow languid appreciation of people wearing not much at all.

I know nothing about pheromones, but I swear the air was heavy with them. It's like, without anyone actually being aware of it, they are constantly ready to fuck. Swollen with bloodlust.

I sat on the… Read more

A Christmas gift, but not for me Part 2 Threesome

A London Threesome FFM…

I woke with a raging thirst. I had forgotten how the British central heating systems work in winter - not content with taking the chill off, instead making it feel like a saharan heatwave. Add to that the fact that my head was pounding and waves of nausea were washing over me - roiling, sickly. I slowly collected my thoughts, which included trying to find out where I actually was. Plain, white room, white duvet, minimalist everything. Then it dri… Read more

A Christmas gift, but not for me Part 1 Threesome

Tis the season to be horny.....…

It's official: Sarah Cosgrove is the Grinch that stole Christmas. From me. Dressed in a Santa hat and nothing else, she took the one time of the year where I can be truly happy, and obliterated any semblance of joy. At a little after 1:30pm on Christmas Eve, I walked into our bedroom to see Sarah, on her knees with my mate Alex fucking her from behind, while she relieved my other mate Alan with her mouth. I was just in time to see Alex pull out a… Read more

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Always Ali Other

A train-ride to remember (Lesbian, Hetero, Romance)…

On the train between London and Brighton, you've got time to watch one of the world's biggest cities give way to country side, to dream about getting away for good one day, and to read your Sunday paper from cover to cover. But if you're the adventurous type, you might just find time to fuck with all the passion of two soul mates denied each other for too long. That's what happened to me, or should I say us not so long ago.

We'd not been getti… Read more

Shoe shop encounter Fiction

A message exchange led to creating this story. Thanks Kitty for collaborating.…

Kitty was the last customer for the day in the shoe store - she'd been attempting to visit all week but life kept throwing up diversions.
The manager smiled warmly and invited her to have a seat on the couch, while he went into the back room and selected the sexiest red stilettos.
He walked out clutching the box, unsure of her reaction. She was sitting there, long sexy legs crossed waiting.
When he reached her he asked her to remove the sandal… Read more

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An Evening to Remember Fact

Marie gets two…

Marie and I were in the back seat of the car. Her husband, Bob, was driving and my wife, Jane, in the front passenger seat, was paying her usual diligence to the road ahead.

“Bob, Pat’s got my boobs out.”

They were quality boobs, too, belonging to a slim, willowy body, set off by shoulder length hair, naturally blonde, slightly greying. But their crowning glory was her nipples, each of which grew long and hard at the slightest provoca… Read more

Zipless in Papakura Fact

Fucking before even saying hello.…

I selected the men who came around home to fuck Jane the teacher on a Friday or Saturday night - mmf, mmmf were the most common arrangements. She wasn’t much interested in that side of our little hobby, the organising. She set the age range, basically 40-50 like ourselves, medium build, and she said she preferred big dicks but it turned out that personality mattered most. Quelle surprise!

Why single men? We just found couples too m… Read more

The girls get acquainted Meetings

Sit back and enjoy the show…

Sitting back, I grab my bourbon, this looks like something I could enjoy. The girls are standing naked in front of me, Gayle in front, hands by her side. Christine behind, looking at me, grinning evilly, running her nails everywhere. So slow but so light, down the ribs, under the nipples where the skin is more sensitive, down her abdomen (I can almost see the muscles rippling at her touch)

I know how this works, it’s what I do when I have t… Read more

Another good morning Masturbation

Short and sweet…

It’s just light as I open my eyes. I can feel your warmth next to me. You’re still sleeping, turned towards me, almost exactly where you were when we finally fell asleep last night. I’m happy to wake up next to you ... this is still a novelty, and I like it. Lying on my back, watching the sun shift across the trees outside, I think about last night. As I do, my hand slowly slips down between my legs. My skin warm, smooth, my labia still a l… Read more

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