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Swingers Stories

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The Noisy Motel Room

On a hot canterbury summer day....

Driving into town my excitement is high. Sir is waiting at the motel for me. It had been awhile since kitten has played and I need him. He had given me instructions that I was to follow otherwise there would be punishments. So there I was, driving 45 minu...


From her I drive into town, my car silent, my mind busy, knowing a stranger is lying waiting for me in a hotel room. I pull into the familiar motel parking lot, I switch the ignition off and sit. I send a message that I am here, I am nervous, nervous of t...


The dark fantasy him

an amazing hour

I lay on the bed, naked, alone. Nervous excitment washes over me, I am hard and ready, my mind replaying the plan. Oh shit she's here, i can hear heavy breathing, a hand on the door. The light is on but it will be gone, the door opens, then closes. I see...


She is excited as and arrive in the center of bars and restaurants in town. She has been quizzing me on what we are doing but I know she will love the surprise. We park up and she pulls her dress down as we get out of the car. I take her hand as we walk t...