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Anonymous 10 months ago

Summer afternoon.

She wanted it bad, and she felt no hesitation.

I’d been working on the house for a few hours that day. The owner, an acquaintance who owned a bunch of houses, a property investor, had taken to living in this one even though it wasn’t finished. It was a nice house, and would end up being a real beaut....

Sub 1 year ago

A master story Pt 2

a subs version

I am excited to see that we are driving through the street lined with bars and restaurants, my Master pulls into the parking area and I put my dress back into place as I exit the car. I am still contemplating what tonight might bring as we walk up the st...

Séamus 1 year ago

The Reward

Hard work is its own reward..

Geez it’d been a hard day. I had gotten up at the crack of dawn with a grim determination to finish the retaining wall that ran along the side of the house on our small farm. I had wrestled with the posthole borer, hefted timber posts, poured bags of ce...

tpofun 1 year ago

The Op Shop

I felt my cock stirring at the unexpected sight on offer.

A couple of weeks ago, on the way back from work I went in to a charity shop on my way home. My partner and I had argued that morning and I didn't feel like seeing her right away. The shop was pretty deserted apart from a young man at the counter, who was...

Anonymous 1 year ago

So after chatting on tinder with a European girl she finally agreed to meet me. She was travelling New Zealand for 2 months. We had set a date and time to meet at a bar. First impressions of her was she was quietly spoken, shy, intelligent, very beautifu...